Products by Innovative HR Solutions, LLC
  • Comprehensive Survey

    The Comprehensive Survey provides a detailed analysis of your employees' satisfaction level, engagement and attitude towards the organization. Our clients have found that employees not only have questions, but they have answers as well. Top-performing organizations understand that employee... Read More
  • Check-Up Survey

    The Check-Up Survey is a targeted employee survey. This survey provides a quick snapshot of your employee's satisfaction level and attitude towards the organization. This product is very cost effective and can be typically launched within 5 days of the engagement. Typical reasons why companies... Read More
  • Pulse Survey

    The Pulse offers clients the ability to ask employees five statements along with one open-ended pre-set question. This survey provides a snapshot on how your employees perceive the effectiveness of the human resource programs, their satisfaction with these programs and their engagement to the... Read More
White Papers by Innovative HR Solutions, LLC
  • What are the Top Five HR Challenges that Leaders are Managing Due to COVID? By

    As a result of the on-going pandemic leaders of many organizations are struggling to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of their employees. Based upon survey data, outlined below are five challenges that managers are facing today along with recommendations to address these demands. Read more
  • What are the Four Key Traits Exhibited by Engaged Employees Today? By

    Top-performing organizations understand that employee engagement with the business is a key driver of success. Engaged employees are team players, productive and customer focused. Engaged employees care about the future of the company and are willing to invest time, energy and effort to support... Read more
  • How Business can Thrive During a Global Pandemic By

    Your business is based upon relationships with your customers, vendors and employees. Keeping in touch with these three stakeholders is particularly important to ensure your business survives the current economic downturn as a result of the global pandemic. By creating a plan to ensure that you... Read more