Products by Innovative HR Solutions, LLC
  • Comprehensive Survey

    The Comprehensive Survey provides a detailed analysis of your employees' satisfaction level, engagement and attitude towards the organization. Our clients have found that employees not only have questions, but they have answers as well. Top-performing organizations understand that employee... Read More
  • Check-Up Survey

    The Check-Up Survey is a targeted employee survey. This survey provides a quick snapshot of your employee's satisfaction level and attitude towards the organization. This product is very cost effective and can be typically launched within 5 days of the engagement. Typical reasons why companies... Read More
  • Pulse Survey

    The Pulse offers clients the ability to ask employees five statements along with one open-ended pre-set question. This survey provides a snapshot on how your employees perceive the effectiveness of the human resource programs, their satisfaction with these programs and their engagement to the... Read More
White Papers by Innovative HR Solutions, LLC
  • What is an HR Metric that is Useful Today and how Does this Metric Impact Fairness? By

    The Human Resource profession over the past several decades has become much more sophisticated by utilizing metrics to examine employee trends. Our profession has become better at anticipating future challenges and opportunities through the use of metrics that evaluate historical patterns and... Read more
  • What is HR’s Role in the Development of Work Metrics? By

    The Human Resource profession is now driven by metrics. Using metrics provides the professional with an excellent barometer of how satisfied and engaged employees are in the success of the business. Read more
  • Will Employee Engagement Continue to be a Metric of Choice? By

    Engagement is a familiar buzz word in Human Resources today and like other professions our terms and definitions are changing as our profession evolves. Terms like compensation have morphed into total rewards, personnel has changed to human capital management, and empowerment to engagement. What... Read more