White Papers by Innovative HR Solutions, LLC

  • What is HR’s Role in the Development of Work Metrics?

    The Human Resource profession is now driven by metrics. Using metrics provides the professional with an excellent barometer of how satisfied and engaged employees are in the success of the business.
  • Will Employee Engagement Continue to be a Metric of Choice?

    Engagement is a familiar buzz word in Human Resources today and like other professions our terms and definitions are changing as our profession evolves. Terms like compensation have morphed into total rewards, personnel has changed to human capital management, and empowerment to engagement. What...
  • How can we Make Processes at Work Simpler and More Efficient?

    As we start to look forward to the New Year now maybe a good time to review the established processes at work to see if tasks can be modified or eliminated altogether. Process improvement focuses on streamlining established procedures, reducing costs and improving efficiency. There are...
  • Is the Employee Engagement Survey an HR Program or Company Responsibility?

    As a result of our firm’s type of work we interact with clients across the country from many industries. One common theme that we hear over-and-over again is how I can make the survey process not just an HR initiative but rather a program to enhance the employee’s engagement with the company?...