White Papers by Ulliance, Inc.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Employee Assistance Programs

    While most large companies provide an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to their workforce, many medium and small-sized companies are striving to provide benefits like the big guys. Read on to learn more about how an EAP can help you improve the mental health and overall well-being of...
  • Does Your Day Fly By: Try these 5 tips to improve your time management skills

    Are you overwhelmed by that growing to-do list, or by feeling like there are not enough hours in the day? While it may be difficult to trim your tasks completely, it is possible to make the most of the time you do have with effective time-management techniques. These five tips to improve your...
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance Toolkit

    This toolkit is intended to help employers that sponsor group health plans understand their compliance obligations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). It also provides sample resources to help employers comply with HIPAA’s documentation requirements for their...
  • Workplace Wellness Assessment Checklist

    Use this checklist to assess your workplace as well as to identify wellness program strengths and areas that need improvement.
  • Workplace Stress and Your Employee Assistance Program

    While many people enjoy their job, most experience job stress at some time during their working hours. For some, this stress can become severe and impact their health and well-being. Fortunately, there are ways to cope with workplace stress.
  • Workplace Wellness Plan Design – Legal Issues

    Employers that offer health benefits to their employees may decide to implement wellness plans as a way to help control health plan costs and encourage healthy lifestyles. However, there are a number of legal compliance issues that are involved with designing workplace wellness plans.
  • Healthy Holiday Eating Tips for your Wellness Program

    Healthful eating is just as important as fitness for maintaining employee wellness. But it can be challenging to incorporate such practices into your wellness program. Helping your employees stay happy and healthy will lead to a more engaged and productive workforce. Focus on overall employee...
  • HR Tips for Managing Remote Employees

    Do you offer the option for your employees to work remotely? If you do, we have put together a couple lists as a resources for you to refer to.
  • Life Advisor Wellness

    Our total well-being programs address a full spectrum of emotional and physical issues in relation to your employees improving their overall well-being and performance — both at home and at work. With our Life Advisor Wellness program we help you develop a custom wellness strategy that is...
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

    Maintaining a safe and productive workplace is a legal responsibility of all employers. Employees need accurate and practical information to identify, prevent and report forms of workplace harassment. Recent court decisions, guidelines and state laws make it essential for employers to provide...