Products by HighMatch

  • HighMatch Personality Assessment

    Our team of industrial and organizational (I/O) psychologists has developed our personality assessment test over the course of the last 15 years. Our personality assessment provides you with actionable insights that help you predict a candidate’s performance in a role before you hire them.... Read More
  • HighMatch Aptitude Test

    The HighMatch Aptitude Test is a configurable pre-employment assessment that measures logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and other qualities related to general intelligence including rapid problem-solving, spatial visualization, and vocabulary. Aptitudes determine how quickly employees can... Read More
  • HighMatch Hard Skills Tests

    Skill assessment tests are a critical part of any pre-employment assessment, providing an unbiased measurement of a candidate’s ability to perform or understand a duty that is expected of them. Our core suite of skill assessment tests are written by expert technical writers with 20+ years of... Read More

Content by HighMatch

  • HighMatch Screen: Match High-Quality Candidates to Multiple Roles By

    HighMatch Screen helps organizations look past the resume and the role, and instead focus on the innate qualities candidates bring to the table. Those qualities get matched to science-backed, personalized job profiles created for multiple roles within the organization. The result is a ranked... Read more
  • Sample Job Fit Report By

    A platform is only as good as the reports that come out of it. This is a sample of our job fit report, and is written specifically with hiring managers in mind. These user-friendly reports provide actionable insights on every candidate. Delivered as separate PDF’s following completion, these... Read more
  • The True Cost of Retention and Turnover By

    Bad hires can have a ripple effect across your organization, impacting revenue and profitability, causing delays in mission-critical projects and rupturing team dynamics. Get additional facts around the true cost of turnover, and learn how the right pre-employment assessment can, in many cases,... Read more