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  • Email Search and Alert

    Email Monitoring at Your Fingertips We know the importance of when and how you become aware of threats to your coworkers and companies. Email Search and Alert enables you to detect and dissuade threats before they become real. Examples include: - Current problems associated with... Read More
  • Research and Analytics

    Our research and data analytics experts use advanced statistical analysis, experimental design, and research development. Our investigations use complex sample designs that answer multiple questions. For impact research, we plan “but-for” analyses to determine changes that result from policies... Read More
  • Expert Witness & Consulting

    Our experts provide expert witness and consulting to support cases. We provide an independent evaluation using defensible statistical, econometric, financial, and business practices. Read More
White Papers by Analytic Focus
  • Insurance Fraud and Bid Collusion By

    Examining one bank loan can’t disclose structural discrimination by a lender. After a toxic groundwater spill, the sale price of one house can’t be used to find diminution in value for the area adjacent to the spill. The losses get swallowed up in the variation inherent in the activity. In... Read more
  • Detecting Threats - The rise in importance of when and how HR professionals become aware of threats By

    As never before HR professionals face significant challenges associated with employee generated communications, especially email. The ability to know what is being transmitted is critical for every organization given all the liability, safety, performance, and intellectual property concerns.... Read more
  • A Successful HR Analytics Team By

    HR Analytics is essential for planning in and beyond the COVID-19 crisis – and for good reason. You’re awash with projections from many sources about what the future holds for the national economy, for employment, and for changes in how people work. But, what about your business? A... Read more