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  • Talent Acquisition

    Eightfold’s AI power finds the people most likely to succeed in a job based on their skills and potential, identifying great people often missed by legacy keyword-based screening. The Talent Intelligence Platform, powered by AI, instantly reviews millions of candidate profiles using dozens of... Read More
  • Talent Diversity

    Eliminate bias with audited, purpose-built models. The right intent, right data, right features, and right algorithms ensure the elimination of bias in your organization. Hide all evidence of personal characteristics so hiring managers cannot see age, gender, ethnicity, geography, or other... Read More
  • Talent Management

    Recommend the next step an employee should take to pursue a desired career goal, such as a job transfer, a certification, or a specific skill. Give employees a career path & help them reach their goals. 87% of employers say that a strategic internal mobility program would increase their... Read More

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  • The Rise of the Talent Intelligence Platform by Josh Bersin By

    In this new category-defining report, Josh Bersin talks about the rise of the Talent Intelligence Platform and what it means for enterprises. It outlines the challenges that companies face matching people to the right roles and how a Talent Intelligence Platform is the backbone of true... Read more
  • The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to AI in Human Resources By

    The old ways of addressing talent challenges in many companies have not worked, and will not work for the future of work. These human-resources practices have not left companies prepared for remote work, highly diverse workforces, and the continually changing nature of the work itself. Now is... Read more
  • The Ultimate Guide To Talent Management in The Age of AI By

    If you’re reading this guide, chances are your talent processes aren’t working as well as you want them to. Your employees are quitting too often, you can’t hire fast enough to fill roles, or you can’t properly review all the applications you receive. Maybe top candidates are rejecting your... Read more

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