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  • Leadr People Development

    Develop Leaders at Every Level of Your Organization. Leadership development pipeline is one of the biggest challenges organizations face. With Leadr, you can develop leaders at scale with consistent 1:1 meetings, clear goals, and regular feedback. Our people development software allows you to... Read More
  • Leadr Health

    Better Care for the Health of your Team and Their Family Members. Creating a healthy team culture means starting with healthy individuals. LeadrHealth offers individual and group health plans so you can better retain and develop your team. Your LeadrHealth team will help you consider your... Read More
  • Leadr CoreHR

    Spend Less Time on Paperwork and More Time With Your People. Engage, grow, and retain your staff with an all-in-one HR software platform. With LeadrHR, have engaging performance reviews, track PTO with ease, get birthday & work anniversary reminders, simplify your onboarding process, and more. Read More

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  • Employee Handbook Template By

    "The greatest gifts you can give your team are clarity, communication, and pulling people together around a shared mission." -Anne Sweeny, Former President of the Disney/ABC Television Group The best way to start providing clarity, communication, and purpose on your team? A solid employee... Read more
  • Performance Improvement Plan (PiP) Template By

    Many of us have no doubt experienced the ‘joy’ of trying to create a Performance Improvement Plan, or as they are commonly referred to, a "PiP". This is at best a very challenging endeavor for a manager who usually owns the entire process, and an unpleasant experience for the employee. We took... Read more
  • A New Manager’s Guide To Leadership By

    Congratulations! You’ve made the move from an individual contributor to a manager. It feels good, right? But this upgrade is more than just a change in title, it's a complete shift in your day-to-day responsibilities. It can be tough knowing where to start when you take on a new team. That's... Read more

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    • Menlo.Church
    • Connexus Church
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