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  • The WOS Framework

    Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS) is a leading 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to developing the skills of untapped talent from historically underrepresented communities through partnerships with organizations dedicated to diversifying their workforce. The WOS model is unique among U.S.... Read More
  • Outsource Centers & Managed Services

    Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS) offers high-quality front- and back-office services including off-site and on-site options that can provide Managed Services such as Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics, CyberSecurity, IT Help Desk, Quality Assurance Testing, Shared Services, and Call... Read More
  • Ascent PDI

    The Ascent Professional Development Immersion program teaches motivated employees the interpersonal skills they need to thrive in the modern workplace. Investing in employees’ soft skills leads to better financial, professional, and personal outcomes for employees and companies alike. Ascent PDI... Read More

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  • Success Story: Michael Jones, Parsons By

    With the help and support of WOS and NSITE, Michael Jones was given the opportunity to begin his professional career with Parsons, an American technology-focused defense, intelligence, security, and infrastructure engineering firm. Read more
  • Success Story: Eleazar Espinoza, Turner By

    Mid-summer of 2021, Eleazar Espinoza stumbled across an online application for a position to train as an associate at Workforce Opportunity Services. After being out of work for some time due to several medical conditions, Espinoza decided it was time to head back into the workforce. Read more
  • Veterans Initiative By

    STEP: Service Technician Training Read more

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