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  • On-Line Personality Assessment

    Are you curious about your unique personality type? Or perhaps how others see you? If you want deeper insights, clear descriptions, and a view into your full spectrum of personality traits, then it’s time to discover your True Colors personality type. You’ll receive an in-depth, 25+ page... Read More
  • Conflict Management Workshop

    Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. But, gone unmanaged, it can lead to productivity slowdowns, loss of trust, and high turnover—stopping organizational progress in its tracks. Through a fun and engaging workshop that explores the nuances of conflict resolution, we help individuals become... Read More
  • Teaching & Learning Styles Workshop

    Knowledge of a student’s learning style is a powerful tool. When students don’t feel connected to their academic environment, they can quickly fall behind. Often this results in a substantial learning disadvantage and increased dropout rates. Just as everyone has a unique personality and... Read More

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  • True Colors® Employee Experience Survey By

    Organizations use our survey to learn more about their current working environment and how to enhance it. Read more

    The checklist below is a tool for self-monitoring your execution of True Colors’ 5 True Leadership Habits. Following this framework ensures you’re actively developing your team in meaningful ways. Read more
  • Can True Colors accurately predict certain outcomes, traits, or characteristics of individuals? By

    PROVING Reliability & Validity, Data Reliability, Construct Validity, and Disparate Impact based on statistical research by The Assessment Standards Institute (ASI) as measured by the EEOC 80% Guideline. Read more

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    • SpaceX
    • Verizon
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    • National Education Association
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    • Tennessee Education Association
    • University of Michigan
    • University of South Carolina
    • University of Texas

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