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  • On-Line Personality Assessment

    Are you curious about your unique personality type? Or perhaps how others see you? If you want deeper insights, clear descriptions, and a view into your full spectrum of personality traits, then it’s time to discover your True Colors personality type. You’ll receive an in-depth, 25+ page... Read More
  • Conflict Management Workshop

    Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. But, gone unmanaged, it can lead to productivity slowdowns, loss of trust, and high turnover—stopping organizational progress in its tracks. Through a fun and engaging workshop that explores the nuances of conflict resolution, we help individuals become... Read More
  • Teaching & Learning Styles Workshop

    Knowledge of a student’s learning style is a powerful tool. When students don’t feel connected to their academic environment, they can quickly fall behind. Often this results in a substantial learning disadvantage and increased dropout rates. Just as everyone has a unique personality and... Read More

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  • Can True Colors accurately predict certain outcomes, traits, or characteristics of individuals? By

    PROVING Reliability & Validity, Data Reliability, Construct Validity, and Disparate Impact based on statistical research by The Assessment Standards Institute (ASI) as measured by the EEOC 80% Guideline. Read more
  • Stay Interview Tips & Questions By

    The need to increase employee engagement and retention is high. We’ve crafted five tips and a list of possible questions. These will help you conduct successful stay interviews. Read more
  • How to Improve Emotional Intelligence, Increase College & Career Readiness By

    Discover why Emotional Intelligence (EI) is important right now in education and how the True Colors proprietary methodology improves EI and perfectly compliments social emotional learning practices. Read more

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