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About HPN Worldwide, Inc.

Since 1983, HPN has helped over 1,000 organizations to improve health, the use and quality of care, medical outcomes, benefit utilization, lost work time, productivity, savings and costs.

HPN has pioneered cross-cutting, integrated population health planning models, resources and systems that for many groups we serve have lead to rapid, ongoing meaningful successes.

What's made the difference for groups experiencing better immediate and ongoing results?

Empower all with the right skills and resources to improve the use and quality of care, and to avoid needless delays in care and treatment, medical errors, risks, catastrophic and other expenses. Then shift to those that improve earlier detection, prevention, wellbeing and other strengths.

Design drives results. The top HPN clients see engagement rates rocket to 95%-100%. Within the first 3-12 months, bottom-line savings and other results are seen - group after group, year after year. The best results are seen with groups optimizing the mix of support, actions, and timing - valued research and time-tested experience available to every group we serve.

Products by HPN Worldwide, Inc.

By HPN Worldwide, Inc.

Health, Care & Wellbeing Websites We provide custom websites and support to employers, unions, hospitals, health systems, communities and other groups for success with health, care, safety, wellbeing, growth and other goals shared by each organization, their leaders and population - employees, members, families, patients and... Read more »

By HPN Worldwide, Inc.

Population Health & Wellbeing Management System (WMS) HPN provides each new group with a HIPAA compliant website of their own, often within 5 days of signing up, depending on initial needs and customization desired. At the core of each site is our proprietary population health and WMS web platform which is suite of tools and capabilities that are... Read more »

By HPN Worldwide, Inc.

Dashboard Solutions Our health, wellness screening, learning, reward and other dashboards can help optimize interests, engagement and success with goals of each user and the organization including a wide range of customization options. The dashboard system uses behavioral science and cutting edge user experience... Read more »

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Helping Employers Optimize Health, Wellbeing and Results

Helping Employers Optimize Health, Wellbeing and Results

Helping Employers Optimize Health, Wellbeing and Results

By HPN Worldwide, Inc.

HPN Worldwide - Manage HR TOP 10 Corporate Wellness Solution Providers - 2020.
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