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  • Mental Wellness Webinars

    Inspire lasting self-care habits To educate employees on the benefits of self-care, and using the latest mental health and wellness research - our series of 45-to-60-minute interactive Masterclasses support employees dealing with stress, anxiety, and more, empowering them with mental health... Read More
  • Group Classes

    Healthier ways for employees to manage stress Use movement and mindfulness through multiple modalities to relieve stress, focus energy, and enable employees to take on the rest of the day. 30 Minutes | 60 Minutes Read More
  • Individual Sessions

    Personalized for unique needs Stay safe, healthy and productive in body and mind. Live, online sessions delivered on your schedule, via our world-class teachers, and trainers on your phone, tablet, or computer. 30 Minutes | 60 Minutes Read More
White Papers by Namaste New York
  • It is very possible that what you need to do is absolutely nothing. By

    Allowing yourself a moment to sit in silence and take a deep breath can be really rejuvenating. Yes, of course we want to be productive but taking a few minutes to do this can actually make you more productive. Read more
  • Try this “Five Senses” Practice to Reduce Stress and Anxiety By

    Fear or Love? A choice that we make every day. Let’s grow from this difficult time and learn to choose love over fear. Read more
  • 4 Ways Online Yoga Can Reduce Pandemic Anxiety By

    Stress and anxiety seem to have become a part of our everyday lives during the pandemic. Have you had a conversation in your organization about how to handle this stress? Yoga can be used as a mind-body tool to help quiet your worried mind, shut off anxious responses, remind us of the kindness... Read more