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  • Facilitator Led Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Training

    All our diversity courses are grounded in the principles of appreciating differences and leveraging the value of different cultural perspectives in approaching work and solving problems. Courses feature: -Exploration of the concepts of “diversity disconnects” and stereotyping through case... Read More
  • Facilitator Led Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

    Participants in our dynamic, interactive harassment prevention courses will learn the full range of harassment issues and practice useful tools to eliminate it in the workplace. Courses feature: -An intensive look at the cause of harassment (relevant factors in the workplace), the case (the... Read More
  • Facilitator Led Police Training Program

    Diversity/Equity/Inclusion -An exploration of the issues that police officers face daily, especially when dealing with different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, and facets of the LGBTQIA+ community. -Guided exploration of what officers need to learn about these communities and the issues... Read More
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  • A Guide to Holding Crucial Conversations By

    Heading to a family event where you know there may be uncomfortable arguments about today’s political divide? You expect there’ll be people taking sides and throwing horrible insults around. You’d love to just stay home, but you have to go. How can you handle this situation? Read more
  • Why Do Powerful Men Do Such Demeaning Things to Women? By

    Every day, we hear about powerful men who could have sex with willing partners “eight days a week,” as the Beatles song goes, so why do these men impose their will on people who would run the other way if they could? The answers are complicated, as many psychologists will tell you. However,... Read more
  • "Who Does That?" DEI & Harassment Prevention Training By

    Learn more about how "Who Does That?" can provide your organization with engaging, quick animated trainings to address challenging issues in the workplace. Read more
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  • Gov. Cuomo & Others Could Have Avoided Scandal with Proper Training Posted

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