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About Prestera FX, Inc.

Prestera FX is a consultancy that supports HR and business leaders who are transforming their workforce, making big changes to how they engage, manage and develop their people.

We offer a variety of services, including:

From high-level organizational needs assessments to process engineering to individual-level 360s and capability diagnostics, we excel at uncovering needs, enabling clients to prioritize, strategize and plan effectively.

From org design to performance improvement interventions, from program design to training, assessment and communication elements, we can help you architect the right solution for your needs.

We have a team of skilled artisans who can produce intuitive, functional, and professional-looking multimedia elearning modules, online assessments, classroom materials, online surveys, reports and dashboards, communication pieces, and more. From posters, brochures and other print pieces to interactive PDFs and websites , from infographics and animations and video, we have the end-to-end capabilities you need to build out your solution.

We often support our clients through the rollout and implementation of our solutions, helping them with change management, communications, coaching, and facilitation. We provide executive coaching services for individual leaders as well as team facilitation to get groups of leaders working together more effectively.

Just as we excel at front-end analysis, we leverage similar capabilities to evaluate the effectiveness of programs and interventions, helping you collect formative and summative feedback and funneling data into easy-to-use dashboards.

Products by Prestera FX, Inc.

By Prestera FX, Inc.

Leader 360 Why Leader 360 for... INDIVIDUALS Leader 360 is a self-paced, guided process for reflection, networking, self-assessment, 360 feedback, and development planning, designed to help you: - Unlock career aspirations - Leverage career networks - Develop self-awareness - Construct an action plan -... Read more »

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By Prestera FX, Inc.

Organizational Change Accelerating organizational change by operationalizing and enabling your strategy. Don’t leave success up to chance. We can help you assess leadership, process, culture, capability, capacity, alignment, and other organizational effectiveness gaps that may be holding your business back. Analysis... Read more »

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By Prestera FX, Inc.

Leadership Development Strengthening the current leadership team and their potential successors. In order assess and grow the capabilities of your leaders, it’s important to establish what good leadership looks like in your business. We work collaboratively with your senior leadership to develop a leadership... Read more »

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