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  • Leave of Absence Management

    Reshape the employee absence management experience Strengthen the link between employee needs and organizational performance with one integrated solution to manage leaves of absence, intermittent absences, and accommodations. Without the proper handling, an employee's protected leave can turn... Read More
  • Employee Processes

    Your employees’ experience with onboarding and offboarding is one of the most impactful, but also the most manual of HR processes. From collecting and processing documents to providing or closing out account access and benefits actions, it’s easy to spend a lot of time and resources on each... Read More
  • The Pulpstream Platform

    Discover a new way to digitize, deploy, and automate processes to shape the future of your business. As customer expectations for responsiveness, communication, and flexibility increase, it isn’t enough to keep doing the same thing. Pulpstream helps your business stay ahead of the curve by... Read More

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  • Optimize Business Process Management with a No-Code Platform By

    Accelerate Process Digitization with No Code Platforms. Future-proof your business with an intuitive no-code business process digitization platform. Read more
  • Why No Code is the best approach to digital transformation By

    Are you ready to use digitization to redesign and reinvigorate your business processes? Streamline workflows, access data from anywhere, and save time and money. Digital transformation is simple when you use a no-code approach. Download our guide to get started! Read more
  • Modernize Incident and Claims Processes By

    IS YOUR INCIDENT MANAGEMENT PROCESS DESIGNED FOR THE DIGITAL AGE? Ready to use digitization to get rid of manual touchpoints and optimize your business processes? Ready to throw away your disconnected systems and leave paper-driven processes behind? Change how work gets done and transform... Read more