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  • Listen

    A great survey not only asks great questions, but it asks them in a beautiful and engaging way. We want the survey to match your company's unique voice and culture. CAPABILITIES - Leverage our recommended employee survey questions and our survey question review to help you match your survey... Read More
  • Discover

    Get results immediately with simple, interactive dashboards CAPABILITIES - Provide immediate results for your leaders with custom, interactive dashboards - Display key drivers of performance and engagement so that leaders know what to work on and how it's impacting their business - Set user... Read More
  • Thrive

    Communicate results and improvement initiatives immediately to employees CAPABILITIES - Provide every leader with a custom Power Point presentation so that they can share results with their teams - Share results with employees by giving them their own individual report, so that they have... Read More
White Papers by Perceptyx, Inc.
  • The Engagement Hack - Essential Best Practices for Managers By

    Engagement is a product of the entire employee experience; management practices can make or break that experience at any time. This free white paper summarizes best practices for managers to increase engagement and boost productivity among all employees. In the paper, you’ll find... Read more
  • Using Employee Survey Questions to Support a People Analytics Practice By

    Are your employee surveys giving you the information you need to take meaningful action in improving your organization? If the answer is no, you’re not asking the right questions. Employee survey questions can generate insights for addressing your business’ biggest challenges—but only if you... Read more
  • Continuous Listening - A Guide to Developing the Right Listening Strategy for Your Organization By

    When aligned to business objectives, the right questions at the right times can help you collect data critical to business performance. A continuous listening strategy can help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business—but only if it’s designed to capture the right information. So,... Read more