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Unlock the future of hiring excellence with Quintela, your trusted partner in structured interviews. Elevate your hiring process to new heights with interview templates, designed to streamline your company-wide recruitment efforts.

Join the ranks of numerous successful companies that have benefited from Quintela's expertise in making smarter hiring decisions, saving precious hours on interview preparation.

Our Interview Guide Builder is your secret weapon, providing a solid foundation for crafting tailored interview questions. Customize your interview outline effortlessly, empowering you to reduce bias and ensure every hire is driven by their potential.

Products by Quintela | Structured Interviews

By Quintela | Structured Interviews

Interview Guide Builder

Managing interview content can be time-consuming and inefficient. Now you can create competency-based interview guides in minutes! Competency-based interviews significantly improve your hiring decisions as well as ensure that you are conducting standardized and legal interviews. This Interview... Read more »

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By Quintela | Structured Interviews

Competency Management System

With the help of Quintela’s proprietary online system, your company can leverage our extensive library to define the exact skill sets that are needed to succeed in a variety of jobs, and then incorporate those competencies into your hiring, development and performance management programs. What... Read more »

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By Quintela | Structured Interviews

HR Assessment Technology

Assessments have become a valuable talent management tool throughout the entire employee experience. Unfortunately, this also creates a significant challenge for talent management professionals who have to jump from one assessment platform to another. What if you could manage all of your... Read more »

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