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  • COBRA Administration Services

    Choosing the right vendor for COBRA administration services is extremely important, and something we do not take lightly. With compliance lawsuits on the rise and employers of all sizes subjected to harsh penalties and high risk(s), choosing the appropriate COBRA and benefits administration... Read More
  • Open Enrollment Service

    It is a Federal requirement to notify all COBRA participants, retirees, and leave of absence employees of annual open enrollment. Each year when group health plans renew, CobraHelp notifies all plan enrolled participants who are in continuation coverage. This includes: COBRA qualified... Read More
  • Retiree Billing

    Most retired employees have questions regarding their premiums, and supplemental and/or alternative coverage – we are here to help! At CobraHelp we understand retiree billing and coverage are important aspects of any business – and we know it can be very time consuming. That is why CobraHelp... Read More

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  • The Comprehensive Guide: Cobra Open Enrollment By

    For most Benefits and Human Resource professionals there's a certain time of year that's unequivocally busier and more demanding then the rest: Open Enrollment season. From shopping and purchasing benefit packages to distributing, explaining, and enrolling employees, the to-do list can be... Read more
  • The Ultimate Guide to HR Outsourcing By

    Should your business outsource HR compliance functions? How do you know what type of TPA or system to use? Learn more in this comprehensive guide to outsourcing human resources. Read more