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COBRA administration companies manage COBRA paperwork, administrative tasks, and maintain benefit compliance so your HR department can focus on business priorities.  
The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) mandates that eligible employees and their family members be notified and offered the ability to elect continued health insurance coverage after leaving employment. To ensure that both employee benefits and COBRA coverage are running smoothly, the details are often best handled by a company that specializes in COBRA administration. Third-party administrators help businesses avoid COBRA violations by ensuring beneficiaries are properly notified of qualifying events (such as divorce or termination of the covered employee) and their eligibility for continued benefits, as well as provide support throughout the eligibility timeline.  
If your organization has many employees, a high turnover rate, or prefers to outsource the administration of benefit compliance, consider a COBRA administration company to manage:

  • Required notices of termination of benefits
  • Notices of COBRA eligibility
  • COBRA enrollment
  • Election and payment deadlines
  • Changes to plan options and COBRA laws
  • Details regarding coverage timelines, and
  • Rules regarding costs and payments

Mistakes in the administration of COBRA could lead to IRS penalties or lawsuits from employees who incurred expenses due to loss of insurance coverage. Safeguard your business by choosing a COBRA administrator with in-depth knowledge of federal and state continuation laws to manage your COBRA compliance and obligations. 

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COBRA Administration and Direct Billing: Inspira can simplify COBRA, so you can help your employees maintain health care coverage. Our intuitive website and app make enrolling in COBRA and paying insurance premiums easy for former employees. In addition, direct billing simplifies payment collection and empowers employees to set up...
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myHR Partner, Inc.

Outsourced HR Solutions for Your Business

myHR Partner, Inc. offers impeccable COBRA administration services, aligning benefits management with flawless execution. Our track record, established in 2002, proves our commitment to providing COBRA services that are confidential, accurate, and timely. As a reliable third-party administrator, we manage any changes in your COBRA plan, ensuring your employees understand their options and guaranteeing legal compliance every step of the way beyond just payroll and benefits, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on your business growth and success.

Flores & Associates

FMLA Administration, Forms, Tools and Training

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Flores is a premier administrator of employer-sponsored reimbursement plans including Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) and Commuter Benefit Accounts (CBAs) as well as Life Balanced Lifestyle Spending Accounts and Student Loan...


Benefit Help Solutions

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COBRA Administration Services: Choosing the right vendor for COBRA administration services is extremely important, and something we do not take lightly. With compliance lawsuits on the rise and employers of all sizes subjected to harsh penalties and high risk(s), choosing the appropriate COBRA and benefits administration...
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Employee Benefits Administration Technology

Businessolver offers tailored COBRA Administration services, providing businesses a seamless integration of benefits services on a single platform. We empower organizations with comprehensive, automated solutions for benefits selection, reporting, analytics, and compliance with COBRA regulations. Our goal is to streamline your COBRA process, deliberately focusing on delivering a positive experience with a blend of human empathy and technology innovation.

COBRA Compliance: The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) requires employers to extend group health benefits to employees (and their families) who lose health benefits due to specific qualifying events. Let TASC Take the Burden Off Your Shoulders! We take care of the necessary communications,...
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BASIC COBRA : COBRA is the most commonly outsourced HR function. Since 1995, BASIC has developed the best practices for COBRA, ensuring consistent and reliable compliance. BASIC takes the majority of liability off of employers.
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COBRA Administration: COBRA Administration
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PrimePay's COBRA Administration services aim to simplify and streamline your compliance processes, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with the ever-changing state and federal regulations. Our cost-effective solutions are designed to alleviate administrative burdens while effectively managing COBRA-related risks. Benefit from our dedicated network of specialists, responsive claims management tools, and a user-friendly dashboard that provides comprehensive COBRA compliance services tailored for your organization.

Axcet HR Solutions stands as a specialist in COBRA Administration, known for seamlessly weaving compliance tasks with robust HR services. We take care of all required notices and manage enrollees, premium collections and notifications. Our clients don't have to worry about figuring out or explaining to anyone how to get COBRA insurance; we handle all of this and more for small and midsized firms, so they can focus on their core businesses. Partnering with Axcet brings true HR expertise towards affordable, hassle-free, and compliant COBRA practices.

Landmark Benefits streamlines COBRA administration, providing a comprehensive solution that ensures compliance with complex COBRA regulations while minimizing company time and expense. We offer meticulous handling of the various facets of COBRA management, from notification preparation and mailing, document tracking, to precise COBRA eligibility assessment and premium collection. Our team navigates the discontinuation of an employee's insurance coverage per Federal COBRA regulations providing you with the assurance of accurate, timely compliance with all necessary steps.

B3PA, in partnership with HR Service Inc, delivers meticulously managed COBRA Administration services for businesses seeking compliance solutions. Transitioning to our systematic and user-friendly platform simplifies benefits administration for both, employers and participants. With dedicated representation and reliable services, we ensure COBRA compliance is seamless, secure, and delivered with professional excellence.

OnePoint Human Capital Management simplifies COBRA administration with an all-inclusive service that handles all aspects to ensure complete compliance and streamlined communication. With powerful tracking and robust reporting features, our platform provides automated notifications to accurately track qualifying events and eligibility in real-time. Delegating the often intricate and time-consuming challenges of COBRA administration to OnePoint HCM not only reduces non-compliance risk but also guarantees faster, more accurate processing for the best operational efficiency.

Savers Administrative Services is a strategic business partner specializing in customized products and services for companies of all sizes, including expert COBRA Administration. Our comprehensive solutions encompass Section 125 Cafeteria Plans, FSA, DCA, HRA Plans, Payroll Administration, and Health Savings Account (HSA) Administration. Partnering with Savers Admin allows businesses to remain focused on their core strengths while we manage crucial COBRA responsibilities and compliance with precision and efficiency.


WEX, previously Discovery Benefits Inc., employs a robust platform for benefits and COBRA administration designed to function as an extension of your HR staff, providing indispensable time and cost savings. Our online accounts dedicated to COBRA administration offer members a streamlined and user-friendly experience, providing a stress-free COBRA management solution for both employers and employees. Emphasizing our commitment to efficiency and customer service, we ensure an effortless navigation through benefits accounts and grant access to comprehensive knowledge resources for all our users.

Sterling Health Services offers comprehensive COBRA Administration services, facilitating seamless transitions and compliance for employers and employees amidst changes in employment status. We manage all aspects of COBRA, from setup and takeover to qualifying event services to providing ongoing administration services while ensuring adherence to applicable grace periods. With optional services for carrier notification and open enrollment, Sterling goes the extra mile in managing complexities, making COBRA administration accurate, easy, and effective.

Web Benefits Design Corporation | Optavise provides streamlined COBRA Administration services that ensure regulatory compliance while simplifying the complexities surrounding COBRA for employers. Our integrated COBRA administration service eliminates the hassle of coordinating multiple vendors while reducing the risk of non-compliance. We expertly handle legislative monitoring, the development and delivery of required COBRA notices, enrollment changes management, and timely premium collection, and offer a dedicated COBRA Member Services call center for a comprehensive COBRA solution.

RedQuote Inc. revolutionizes COBRA administration with meticulous handling of all administrative tasks, comprehensive regulatory compliance, and personalized outreach to participants. We excel at managing COBRA notifications, open enrollments, billing, eligibility, and data management while ensuring HIPAA-compliant storage and handling of sensitive information. Our innovative service platform, combined with our commitment to customer support and advanced security measures, provides businesses with a reliable, efficient, and compliant way to navigate the intricacies of COBRA administration.

eflexgroup (TASC Online) simplifies the complexities of COBRA administration, offering a comprehensive solution focused on compliant premium collection, and record keeping. Our single-sign-on platform allows consolidating benefit plans and COBRA accounts, saving resources while offering the ability to manage collection of COBRA premiums and easy-to-use online forms and submissions. We prioritize accessibility, offering clients user-friendly online tools, mobile app, and knowledgeable professional support, ensuring our COBRA administration services optimize convenience and compliance.

CPI-HR leverages a strategic approach to deliver cost-effective, efficient COBRA administration that mitigates risk and saves administrative budget for companies. With our proprietary system, Smart COBRA, we manage online portals for COBRA-eligible employees, beneficiaries' notifications, billing, and collection services along with thorough reporting, effectively freeing up your HR team. Additionally, we offer 24/7 online access for employees and a dedicated Account Management team, providing unparalleled support and ensuring comprehensive COBRA compliance and administration.

McGriff's state-of-the-art COBRA administration services, ensure a seamless transition during employee life events involving a change in health plan coverage status. We meticulously manage all elements, from dispatching notifications and collection forms to handling premiums to open enrollment communications, delivering a full-spectrum solution for businesses. Offering robust compliance and administrative support, McGriff equips employers with the tools and assistance needed to navigate COBRA regulations with confidence and ease.

Administrators Advisory Group excels in delivering comprehensive COBRA Administration services marked by meticulous implementation and compliance adherence, always putting your company's needs and regulatory requirements at the forefront. Our expansive suite of services extends beyond COBRA Administration into unparalleled HR support, benefits plan administration, and effective training solutions. Choosing us means choosing complete, high-caliber solutions tailored to your unique business needs, crafted to navigate regulatory complexities and boost operational efficiency.

COBRA Administration: Workterra has been providing COBRA administration services since 1987, the year after the law was passed. Our dedicated team of benefits experts will alleviate this complex administrative burden and ensure compliance. Managing a COBRA program takes valuable time away from focusing on your...
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COBRA Administration: COBRA administration isn’t easy. Although COBRA has been federal law for more than 30 years, the law remains a challenge for many employers. While the basic rules of COBRA may seem straight-forward, it’s a complex law with many nuances that present unique administrative obstacles for...
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HR Service, Inc. is a robust HR and compliance service provider that offers comprehensive COBRA administration as part of its ERISA eSolutions package. The firm excels in generating customized annual employee notices, which includes COBRA, ensuring your business remains compliant. As a COBRA Administration Provider, HR Service, Inc. streamlines your obligations, thus reducing the time, cost, and risk associated with regulatory COBRA compliance.

Kushner & Company brings to the forefront decades of expertise in COBRA administration, ensuring a seamless continuation of group health coverage for participants whenever life-altering events occur. We embrace handling all aspects of COBRA events, from initial qualification through payment and termination, with strict adherence to IRS, Department of Labor provisions, and state-specific mini-COBRA laws. By taking on the complexities of COBRA compliance, Kushner & Company enables clients to focus on their core functions, turning potential regulatory headaches into satisfaction-guaranteed benefits services.

Arrow Benefits Group offers robust COBRA Administration services, backed by extensive compliance support and consultation. Our holistic approach provides COBRA administration education and procedure evaluation, while also offering aid in legal guidance, employee training, ERISA Compliance, and even HIPAA-related matters. As a one-stop solution for all things compliance, we merge strategy, knowledge, and regulatory expertise to deliver efficient and reliable COBRA services to our clients.

Benefit Design Specialists, Inc. streamlines COBRA Administration by providing robust, full-service, online solutions, taking on responsibility for all the notices and premium collections. As your partner, we curtail employer involvement to simply notifying us about new hires and terminations. Aside from COBRA, we offer a diversified range of services, including benefits consulting, Section 125 cafeteria plan design, personalized claims assistance, welfare plan document aid, and HR assistance, delivering an efficient, all-inclusive benefit management system under one roof.

BusinessPlans, Inc. offers a hyper-efficient COBRA administration service, 'myCobraPlan', to streamline your business HR responsibilities and reduce in-house workload. We prioritize compliance, delivering every notice with proof of mail and offering real-time COBRA tracking through our intuitive online portal. Rely on our decades of outstanding customer service to ensure your organization and its employees are taken care of, meeting all COBRA regulations effortlessly.

Cobra Solutions, with two decades of experience, pioneers the employee benefits software sector by providing reliable COBRA administration solutions. Our flagship product, COBRA Administration Manager, coupled with our comprehensive web-based COBRA solutions offers a seamless experience for Single-Company or TPA administration. We strive to innovate and incorporate our clients' feedback to further our mission of relieving the administrative burden of COBRA while ensuring 100% success.

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