White Papers by Blue Beyond Consulting, Inc.

  • Guide to Onboarding Remote Employees

    Between the realities of telecommuting and the global nature of many businesses today, the demand for leaders who can manage teams effectively across distances isn’t the exception – it’s the new rule. If you find yourself in this situation, this guide will help you create an effective and...
  • The Secret to High-Performing Teams

    Understanding when (and how) to invest in your team. Companies with highly engaged employees are proven to increase profits and boost productivity—and the most successful ones do this by creating (and nurturing) high-performing, high-trust teams. So, what’s the secret?
  • Best Practices for Merger and Acquisition Communication

    If you are a leader in an organization preparing for a merger or acquisition (or M&A), this guide is intended to help you think through the elements of a successful, holistic communications approach and plan — whether you’re the company being acquired or doing the acquiring.
  • Self Assessment for a High Performing Team

    Whether you’re a low-, medium-, or high-performing team right now, you can always look for ways to grow and improve. This workbook contains some key attributes of high-performing teams — take a look. How would you rate your team and how can you improve?
  • Strategic Planning in Higher Education

    Successful strategic planning efforts in higher education settings requires bringing together highly diverse stakeholder interests in a collaborative, but efficient, process designed to create both insight and buy-in to the collective vision, mission, goals and priorities for the institution. We...
  • Improving Employee Engagement

    Four keys to a successful employee experience-focused approach.
  • Employee Survey Action Planning Tool

    How To Get The Most Out of Your Employee Survey Results You have taken the steps to measure employee engagement in your organization, but what happens after employees share their input is what really matters when it comes to building long-term trust and engagement. Now that you have your...
  • Company Meeting Planning Guide

    A well-orchestrated experience is just as important as killer content. Whether you are planning a meeting of 10 or 10,000 there are critical things to think through, plan, and execute. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, this guide will walk you through some of the key elements in...
  • 3 Steps To Creating Brand Evangelists

    True internal brand alignment requires a culture where employees feel an emotional connection to the brand and are empowered to embody the company’s values and bring the brand to life. The benefits of branding are important for any size business today. Central to long-term profitability and...