Products by Connective Leadership Institute
  • CLI Certification Seminar

    October 7-10, 2019 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Pasadena, CA The Connective Leadership Institute’s Certification Seminar addresses the need for effective leadership in our increasingly interconnected world, where diverse individuals and organizations - often with conflicting agendas - must live and work... Read More
  • Achieving Styles™ Individual Leadership Inventory (ASI)

    The Individual Achieving Styles Inventory (ASI) measures the behaviors that individuals characteristically use to accomplish their goals. It identifies and measures the frequency with which an individual calls upon each of the nine behaviors in the Connective Leadership Model. When taken... Read More
  • Aspirational Achieving Styles™ Individual Leadership Inventory (A-ASI)

    The Aspirational Individual Achieving Styles™ Inventory (A-ASI) measures the behaviors that individuals aspire to use in the future to accomplish their goals. Used in conjunction with the ASI, the Aspirational ASI (A-ASI) enables individuals to compare their current goal-oriented or achieving... Read More
White Papers by Connective Leadership Institute
  • Female Leadership Styles in the 2lst-Century Workplace By

    This paper describes an integrative leadership model, "connective leadership," which combines the traditional masculine American ego-ideal with additional female role behaviors more appropriate for an interdependent world. Read more
  • Connective Leadership: What Business Needs to Learn From Academe By

    For the past decade, academe has taken seriously - sometimes too seriously - the admonition to operate more like for-profit businesses. Despite some excesses, the overall result has been a salutary tightening of academe's financial ship. Yet, no organization lives by finance alone. Without... Read more