White Papers by LightWork Software

  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) The Value of Planning

    Natural disasters, pandemics, accidents, and/or man-made disasters all are beyond our control. As a business owner, what is under your control is your organization’s ability to survive any of those occurrences. While having a backup of your company’s data is important, it doesn’t guarantee...
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Missing Time Punches

    Accurate employee time and attendance tracking is crucial to any company, especially when it comes to payroll. However, sometimes mistakes happen, and employees forget to clock-in or out of their shifts. This brief answers to frequently asked questions about missed employee time punches.
  • Increasing Morale through Talent Management

    Most morale improvement articles focus on the pleasure of tangible benefits. Employee loyalty programs. Company discounts. Book clubs, coffee mugs, stress balls. While these all have their merits, morale goes beyond what your employees can accumulate based on a points system. The immediate...