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  • The Do's & Don'ts of Providing Feedback

    Professional and positive feedback builds confidence, promotes commitment, and provides motivation for employees. Read more about how to provide perfect feedback for your employees!
  • Why Using a Feature-Rich Learning Management System Matters

    Corporations need a feature-rich Learning Management System that enriches the learning environment with a vibrant online ecosystem. Investing in this type of LMS enables training departments to train entire branches, departments, local offices, franchisees, and more, and transfer knowledge...
  • Stay Aware of These Cybersecurity Tactics

    In today's day and age, there are so many ways for cyberattackers to infiltrate companies and take them down from the inside. In the below infographic, we discuss the four most common types of tactics used and how to avoid them to keep your business safe.
  • Organize & Streamline Recruiting with Paperless Onboarding

    Let new hires complete their paperwork online and streamline the onboarding process.
  • Accommodate Remote Employees with Ease

    Provide a highly flexible platform that tracks time for companies with single or multiple locations and easily accommodates remote employees.
  • Tips for Promoting a Positive Work Culture

    Learn more about promoting a positive work culture in this infographic.
  • Engage Your Employees With Surveys

    LightWork Performance provides a user-friendly platform that allows employees to communicate with ease. Allowing employees to voice their idea, concerns, and suggestions gives employees a sense of value and appreciation.
  • Why Use Journals For Employee Communication?

    Does your performance management system have journals?\nJournals are a great way to communicate with your employees. Here are some tips for using journals as part of your performance management process!
  • 3 Benefits of Geotagging

    Have employees on the go? Geotagging is excellent for employees who clock in when they reach their work destination, be it a worksite, another city, state, or country, the office, or even the coffee shop! This helps managers make sure employees are clocking in at their agreed-upon place of work,...
  • Why Should You Invest in Employee Learning?

    For small and medium-sized businesses, a Learning Management System facilitates development without excessive costs and loss of productivity. For large enterprises, it makes it possible to train entire branches, departments, local offices, franchisees, and resellers, and transfer knowledge...
  • How to Predict Problems and Ensure Business Outcomes

    The terms "Managed Services" and "Professional Services" are used often as more and more businesses digitally transform. As your company grows, how do you tell which works better for you? Read the infographic to determine how digital services can ensure your organization's success.
  • 9 Ways to Use Performance Management to Retain Employees

    Many corporations are no stranger to The Great Resignation as the United States experienced a 20-year high in its “Quit Rate” in November of 2021. Avoiding a similar outcome in your company is not an easy feat, but one that should at least be attempted. By giving them a sense of value and...
  • Keys to Recruiting Throughout the Great Resignation

    Employee turnover is at an all-time high, thanks to the Great Resignation. Employees are demanding to be valued and appreciated, and they want their salaries and benefits to reflect that. Many companies are now scrambling to hire after the nation’s “quit rate” reached a 20-year high in November...
  • Offer Flexibility to Transform Employee Experience

    Companies across the United States are experiencing what has been dubbed the “Great Resignation.” Employees are seeking workplaces that value them and offer flexibility throughout their employment, as well as listen to their needs and wants. An issue that many businesses face is the variety of...
  • Improve Employee Retention with Ongoing Education

    Providing your employees the training they need to improve and broaden their skill set is more important than ever. By supporting and enabling employees to succeed, high employee turnover and seasonal variability will decrease. Additionally, training employees during onboarding and ongoing...
  • The Benefits and Challenges of Digitalization for Field Services

    Digital transformations are affecting every industry and every aspect of business, including Field Services. It can be used to solve traditional problems and challenges, with many benefits. When companies are complacent to the waves of digital transformation as they sweep through their...
  • Learn How to Identify Your Employees' Potential for Growth with a 9 Box Grid

    LightWork’s 9 Box Grid visually displays employees based on their current performance and future potential to help build a path for professional growth, both giving the employee a vision for the future and the company a guide for succession planning. Learn more about how it works in the infographic.
  • Five Benefits of Paperless Electronic Onboarding

    During a difficult two years, many companies chose to make the switch to remotely onboarding of new hires due to the Coronavirus.
  • Compensation Strategies to Attract and Retain Top Talent

    Salary can be a key factor for a candidate when conducting a job search and accepting an offer. Understanding compensation strategies and developing one for your organization can lead to successful recruitment of top talent, and improved employee retention.
  • How to Manage Employee Time Entry and Compliance

    The number of remote and hybrid work environments are growing due to COVID-19 and in part to the digital transformation allowing flexibility. This has created a huge opportunity for business owners to hire talent from across the globe, defying the obstacles that occur with in-office positions,...
  • The State of Performance Management 2021 - Infographic

    In 2021, LightWork Software sponsored an HR Research State of the Industry Report \"The State of Performance Management 2021\". This infographic provides some key takeaways from the full report.
  • Is Your Employee Harassment Prevention Training in Compliance?

    Organizations of all sizes face significant cultural difficulties when their workforce is touched by offensive or harassing behaviors. According to an article by NPR, a whopping 81 percent of women report they have been the subject of sexual harassment in the workplace and that number goes even...
  • Keys to Successful Learning Management Solutions

    An LMS tracks a company’s training and education progress to ensure the workforce and business are in compliance with laws, regulations, and licenses. Employee skills enhancement is also critical to an organization’s growth and attaining its goals and objectives. In this article discover key...
  • Why Every Organization Should Have an Employee Recruitment Strategy

    The goal of employee recruitment is to hire the best and brightest candidate for any given role that is vacant in your organization. Sounds clear-cut. But is it? How does recruitment strategy play a part in the success of an organization? Discover why a strategy is important and how to take the...
  • Well-Rounded Timekeeping: Are You Compliant?

    Tracking employee time and ensuring your organization’s payroll is accurate is what time clocks do. Sometimes, however, employers have rounding or grace period policies that change an employee’s clock-in or clock-out time. It is common for employers to allow slight adjustments so that...