Products by HSD Metrics
  • Return to Work Self Assessment

    Prioritize workplace safety by implementing a COVID-19 self-assessment. This easy-to-implement tool provides your team with insight on employee symptoms and exposure. Employees complete the assessment daily before coming into work and will receive a notification indicating whether they should or... Read More
  • StayRight Retention and Strategic Pulse Interviews

    Strengthen your employee retention plan with comprehensive stay/pulse interviews with real time data insights. Stay interviews—sometimes known as pulse interviews—have risen to prominence as a key part of organizations’ retention strategies. HSD Metrics is an expert in applying a stay interview... Read More
  • ExitRight® Employee Exit Interview Outsourcing

    When you learn why people are leaving your company, you gain a valuable understanding of how your organization functions at every level. ExitRight® applies to every staff member from administrative personnel to top level management. Many exit interview companies rely on costly software, which... Read More
White Papers by HSD Metrics
  • Survey Design Fundamentals: Real-time date yields real-time action. By

    There is a growing recognition for the need to capture employee feedback in the workplace because highly engaged employees generate real business results. Read more
  • Exit Interview Process Q&A By

    We sat down with Deb Dwyer, Founder and President of HSD Metrics, to talk about how exit interviews have taken on new meaning and importance over the years. Over her 30+ years of human resource management and survey research, Deb has helped companies discover opportunities to improve their... Read more