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HR Unlimited, Inc.

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Rating: 5/5 - 34 reviews

HR Unlimited, Inc. (HRU) is a premier consulting firm that specializes in affirmative action outsourcing services, EEOC complaint resolution, Compensation Administration, and interim HR outsourcing. HR Unlimited’s proven strategies have streamlined the process of Affirmative Action Plan...

Culpepper and Associates, Inc.

Compensation Surveys and Services

Rating: 5/5 - 2 reviews

Culpepper and Associates is a leading provider and trusted source of compensation survey data and consulting services. Culpepper Compensation Surveys provide market data that organizations need to attract, engage, and retain talent. Thousands of organizations rely on Culpepper market data to...


The Power of the Team

As a provider of human resource solutions designed to enhance the employee experience while streamlining employee management and compliance activities, Trupp HR is reinventing HR from the ground up with a progressive and relevant approach that scales with the evolving needs of today’s business...


Compensation Intelligence Tools

Rating: 5/5 - 11 reviews

OpenComp empowers high-growth companies to get compensation right and pay employees fairly. With trusted market data, planning, analytics, and professional consultation in one complete platform, OpenComp greatly simplifies compensation planning. We’re on a mission to give companies...

Cura HR

Elevate Your HR

Cura HR is redefining the role of human resources in shaping vibrant businesses. We’re success enablers that take a modern, inclusive and thoughtful approach to HR. Through company immersion and our decades of experience, we swiftly build business acumen for each of our clients. This enables us...

ABA Technologies, Inc.

Improving Lives Through the Science of Behavior

Contact: [email protected] [email protected] | Sarah Ayers, PR & Comm. Manager ABA Technologies, Inc. is a behavior-based learning and development company. We help organizations improve performance by identifying and changing key behaviors. Rooted in the science of behavior, we...

Salary Administration: The need for formalized base pay management is imperative to a company’s operational efficiency. Salary administration (also referred to as base pay administration), provides structure to compensation initiatives through competitive benchmarking, developing salary structure, and drafting salary...
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Transition Services Inc.

Transition Services, Inc. Let's Reimagine Severance Together

Letting go of valued employees should never be approached from a “one size fits all” perspective. TSI’s thoughtfully designed programs ensure the smoothest possible transition for employees and employers. We offer customized Severance Management Programs, Severance Analysis & Design plans, SUB...

Astron Solutions LLC

Unique, Affordable, Friendly HR & Compensation Consulting

Astron Solutions is a human resources and compensation consulting firm dedicated to the delivery of high-quality consulting services and supportive technology. Our focus is two-fold: Develop and implement programs that impact an organization's two most important HR concerns: rising HR costs...

Zayla Partners

Executive Compensation Consulting

Long-Term Incentives: Whether stock-based or cash-based, a long-term incentive plan (LTIP) is an important part of your total compensation strategy. Zayla helps you figure out how to reward top performance over several years, LTIP encourages retention of key staff members and aligns your team’s performance with your...
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Corporate Compensation Partners, LLC

Compensation Management Consulting

Rating: 5/5 - 18 reviews

Fresh Thinking. Customized Approaches. Solutions that Fit. A regional compensation management consulting firm located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Corporate Compensation Partners, LLC provides compensation strategy, design, and implementation services to our clients. Our consultants have...

Payment Processing Solutions - RewardSTACK™: Customizable Payment Processing Solutions Find the right payment solution to meet your corporate goals and start rewarding customer loyalty by matching their ordering preferences. At ADR, we help companies scale and manage rewards programs with our global platform, which is easily customizable...
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The Pontifex Consulting Group helps organizations re-design their Human Resources systems to attract, motivate and retain a high-quality workforce. We strive to help our clients bridge the gap between objectives and desired outcomes. The Pontifex Consulting Group offers a wide variety of...

The VisionLink Advisory Group

Overcome Obstacles and Accelerate Opportunities

Incentive Plan Design: The foundation of a performance-centered pay strategy is effective value-sharing. Since 1996, VisionLink has built incentive plans for hundreds of companies in virtually every industry. We know what works..and what doesn't. We advocate for a value-sharing approach that has a single,...
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The Executive Compensation Consultants

Rating: 5/5 - 1 review

Incentive Plan Design: Incentive or bonus programs are an increasingly important part of an employee’s total compensation package. We design programs that align with your organization’s culture and motivate your employees to drive your organization’s results and strategic goals. Incentive plans are a powerful tool to...
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