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  • Competency Fit Index® Assessments

    DeGarmo's Competency Fit Index® Assessments quickly identify an individual's strengths and motivations, as well as their overall fit for the job.Through an innovative rank ordering assessment methodology, test-takers provide information about their experience performing important role-related... Read More
  • Work Style Fit Index® Assessments

    DeGarmo's Work Style Fit Index® Assessments quickly identify an individual's key personality characteristics, and how well suited they are for the job. Understanding how people are likely to behave in a variety of work situations can help you make better informed and more confident selection,... Read More
  • Culture Fit Index® Assessments

    DeGarmo’s Culture Fit Index® Assessments quickly identify how well an individual’s work values align with those of your organization. Culture fit drives organizational commitment and employee engagement. Are you hiring people who align with your organization’s core beliefs? If not, your values,... Read More

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  • When Employees Keep Looking: Factors That Impact the Job Search – Turnover Relationship By

    Have you ever searched for available jobs, even though you were employed at the time? If so, you are not alone – employed individuals are currently the largest population of job seekers. Learn more about why employees seek other jobs and what organizations can do to foster a positive environment. Read more
  • Everyone is hiring right now, what is your talent strategy? By

    Everyone is hiring and companies need an efficient, standardized way to assess incoming candidates. Learn more about how preemployment screening can help you hire the best fit, the first time. Read more
  • Using DeGarmo’s Fit Index® Assessments for Telecommunication Solutions By

    DeGarmo’s assessments drive sales performance and operational efficiency for telecoms. Read more

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