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The Stakeholder Management Group

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United Arab Emirates
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About The Stakeholder Management Group
  • A consulting firm focused on measuring and tracking your human resources' experience to ultimately improve business performance.

    With presence in London, Delaware, Dubai and Beirut, we offer a suite of solutions, powered by validated products, rooted in scientific and empirical evidence. All products have been crafted by mathematicians and practitioners in line with global best practices. The power of our products revolves around presenting scores in a single number based on proprietary algorithms allowing you to deep-dive into specific functions or markets once a challenge is identified.

    As a research-powered HR advisory firm, we offer a senior servicing team and a strong consultative approach allowing you to leverage on great thought leadership, transfer of know-how, and seamless integration of solutions. When interpreted with our relevant domain and market experience, employee research insights can be actioned and will prove more effective and impactful.
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Products by The Stakeholder Management Group
  • HC*Eng / HC*Sat / HC*AoC

    Are you wondering how best to manage your human capital in an increasingly zero-based budgeting and resource-scare environment? We are too! Yes, Employee Engagement (HC*Eng), Employee Satisfaction (HC*Sat), Employee Affective Organizational Commitment (HC*AOC), and ultimately HAPPINESS do... Read More
  • HCS*Opt

    Our proprietary product - SMG's Human Capital Selection Optimizer (HCS*Opt) - is a forward-looking, competency-centric, culture-focused, innovative approach for measurement of your employee recruitment and selection effort for tomorrow’s organization. Deeply rooted in evidence-based management... Read More
  • HCR*Gen

    Our proprietary product - SMG's Human Capital Retention Generator (HCR*Gen) - is a multi-faceted, data-driven, actionable measurement tool to predict employee turnover and improve your human capital retention ability. Rooted in empirical evidence, our HCR*Gen is a data-powered, perceptual,... Read More