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HR Unlimited, Inc.

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Rating: 5/5 - 34 reviews

HR Unlimited, Inc. provides dynamic Salary Survey completion and benchmarking with our Compensation Planning Solutions that fuse creativity with compliance underpinned by market-driven data insights. With our expert services—including benchmarking and best practices, third-party survey design, and comprehensive data analysis—we empower clients to make informed compensation decisions that attract, retain, and motivate employees. Our holistic approach ensures your compensation strategies are not only competitive but are also seamlessly integrated into broader human resource frameworks for sustained business success.


Beyond Compliance

Rating: 5/5 - 134 reviews

Salary Survey : OutSolve offers expert staff to develop salary administration programs and pay structures that provide management with the necessary tools and information to effectively manage employee pay. Services include: Benchmarking Jobs to Market Rates: base salary, incentives, and total...
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Culpepper and Associates, Inc.

Compensation Surveys and Services

Rating: 5/5 - 2 reviews

Culpepper Compensation Surveys: Culpepper Compensation Surveys provide market data that organizations need to attract, engage, and retain talent. Thousands of organizations use our survey market data to benchmark their global compensation programs. Our compensation surveys are designed to meet the needs of organizations of...
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HR and Affirmative Action Software & Consulting Services

Rating: 5/5 - 4 reviews

Berkshire Associates provides innovative salary surveys and compensation benchmarking through personalized pay equity solutions tailored to each organization's vision and values, with a focus on driving diverse, fair, and consistent compensation practices. We offer custom analysis services, ranging from wage gap analysis to market analysis to ensure your compensation strategies align with current regulations and uphold your company values. Expert consulting services ensure robust pay equity and risk limitation.


The Power of the Team

Trüpp offers comprehensive salary benchmarks with compensation consulting services that bring clarity to the complex pay landscape, facilitating informed pay decisions, competitor benchmarks, and equitable practices. We focus on a customized approach, understanding each organization's unique culture, industry, and regional considerations while delivering data-driven compensation solutions built on sound practices that fit your business goals. We provide actionable reports linked to budgetary decisions and company growth and offer pay equity assessments, job descriptions, and plan design to ensure your overall compensation strategy aligns with market trends and legal guidelines.


Compensation Intelligence Tools

Rating: 5/5 - 11 reviews

OpenComp delivers exceptional compensation intelligence solutions, empowering organizations with unparalleled market data to make informed salary and benefit decisions. Our comprehensive platform streamlines market data benchmarking, pay strategy configuration, and merit cycle management, providing valuable insights for HR leaders, recruiters, and candidates. Experience accurate auto-benchmarking with features like pay range creation, DEI analysis, and smoother merit and bonus cycles, focusing on achieving pay equity and operational efficiency across your organization.

At Compensation Resources, we address the challenges tied to evaluating unique or industry-specific roles with tailored, custom salary surveys designed to glean necessary compensation insights. We collaborate with peer organizations, employing various methodologies like online surveys, mail, and fax to gather data while strictly maintaining confidentiality with coded results. Our detailed and custom surveys allow businesses to understand and define competitive compensation structures for specialized positions, ensuring market relevance and attractiveness.

Astron Solutions LLC

Unique, Affordable, Friendly HR & Compensation Consulting

Astron Solutions LLC specializes in producing custom total salary surveys—compensation surveys specifically designed to meet your organization's needs, enhance understanding of your team, and ultimately foster a more productive work environment. We value data integrity and confidentiality, and we implement stringent measures to ensure anonymity and legal compliance during our survey process. Our insightful, detailed reports offer not just summaries but also valuable analysis on data submission and application to aid you in comprehending and effectively utilizing the information for strategic compensation planning.

LightWork Software

Empowering people to do and be more.

Rating: 5/5 - 3 reviews

LightWork Software uniquely approaches salary benchmarking by offering expert insights into compensation strategies specifically designed to attract and retain top-tier talent. Our extensive content encompasses an array of strategies, such as market compensation, market plus, and market minus, curated to fit various organizational structures and financial objectives. Leveraging our platform's offerings, like LightWork® Recruit and Onboarding, your business can streamline the talent acquisition process, ensuring you remain competitive in the ever-evolving labor sector with optimally-aligned compensation packages.

MorganHR / SimplyMerit

Simplifying Compensation!

Rating: 5/5 - 1 review

At MorganHR, we leverage deep understanding of salary surveys to provide comprehensive, data-driven insights that help organizations optimize their compensation plans. Utilizing robust methodologies, we assist in survey submissions, participation, and validation, offering a thorough analysis to inform equitable, competitive pay structures. Our salary survey services ultimately serve to increase talent attraction and retention, enhance employee engagement, promote consistent pay policies, and define a compensation philosophy that promotes workforce motivation, engagement, and business success.

Cura HR

Elevate Your HR

Cura HR provides a keen focus on developing robust compensation strategies encompassing complete salary surveys, market benchmarking, job architecture establishment, and pay equity analysis. We excel at designing tailored incentive plans, conducting pay equity analysis, and generating total rewards statements to ensure your compensation package is both equitable and competitive. Our thorough approach to salary surveys and dedication to managing compensation compliance initiatives guarantee that you make strategic, data-driven decisions to attract and retain the best talent.

Compdata Surveys delivers a vast array of US salary surveys, offering extensive compensation data and total rewards practices that enhance your ability to develop competitive pay structures across various industries. With detailed insights from over 2,600 organizations, our surveys – US Benchmark Pro, Benefits USA, and Executive Compensation are tailored to provide crucial benchmarks for executive and general staff across multiple pay markets. Our easy participation and extensive catalog, backed by seasoned compensation professionals, ensure that your company benefits from the most comprehensive and reliable compensation data.

HR Source Staffing

Human Resource Staffing and Placement

HR Source Staffing offers strategic salary compensation consulting services, prioritizing a work-life balance approach in designing and implementing compensation programs. Our specialists cover various aspects of compensation, such as base pay, bonuses, incentives, and employee recognition, complemented by benefits like vacation time, remote work opportunities, health, welfare, and tuition reimbursement. Our breadth of experience and current knowledge of evolving market trends enable us to provide tailored solutions for both temporary and permanent compensation and benefit strategies for your company, ensuring competitiveness and achieving your intended objectives.

Salary Surveys/Market/Wage Structure Analysis : Whether it is one job or fifty, we can provide relevant labor market data for your organization. All data is derived from reliable, statistically sound sources, or obtained through custom surveys that are designed, disseminated and analyzed by us. We can tell you where your job(s) are in...
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NFP Compensation Consultants

The Executive Compensation Consultants

Rating: 5/5 - 1 review

NFP Compensation Consultants are your strategic partners in developing competitive pay structures with comprehensive salary surveys and up-to-date compensation surveys specializing in the energy industry. Our surveys cover everything from administrative support to executive C-suite roles across midstream and upstream segments, offering insights into actual and target total direct compensation. By participating in our surveys, you not only gain access to the latest benchmarks but also position your organization to attract, motivate, and retain top talent, helping you achieve your company's goals and objectives.

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