Products by ioPredict, Inc.

  • Multiple-Choice Hiring Exams (Online)

    Following is a partial listing of our stock library of off-the-shelf multiple-choice tests developed specifically for the following positions: Account Clerk Administrative Analyst Administrative Assistant I/II Administrative Clerk Administrative Specialist Administrative Technician Case Manager... Read More
  • Job Analysis and Test Validation Services

    ioPredict has unique expertise in conducting job analysis and test validation studies for high stakes hiring and certification examinations to ensure they are in compliance with all relevant federal laws, regulations, and guidelines as well as relevant professional standards, which provides... Read More
  • Microsoft Office Skills Testing

    Office Skills Testing measures the most critical skills and abilities required in today‚Äôs administrative and clerical positions. Ensure that your employees have a working knowledge of the following software applications so they can hit the ground running: Software skills tests: Microsoft®... Read More