10/25/21- SHRM- TLB

Products by Corvirtus

  • Pre-Employment Skills and Personality Assessments

    Pre-Employment skills testing and assessments are only useful if the results are easily understood and bought into by those who will be using them everyday. Our assessment results provide you with the most critical information in a timely manner to ensure you make a quality hiring decision. Our... Read More
  • CorvirtusHire™ – Applicant Tracking Software By Corvirtus

    Our customizable and mobile-optimized applicant tracking system is user-friendly and intuitive for both candidates and hiring managers, and is designed to allow you to quickly recruit, screen, and select quality candidates who will perform beyond expectations, fit your culture, and stay for the... Read More
  • Structured Interview Guides and Processes

    Interviews are the heart of your hiring process. They are also a major time investment. Even if you have consistent steps for interviewing, and some guidelines for questions, building a standardized interview process using structured interview guides that everyone embraces can provide four times... Read More

Content by Corvirtus

  • Becoming an Authentic Leader - Arriving at your destination - Part III By

    You've almost arrived at your destination. What's missing to sustain authentic leadership? Read more
  • Path to Authentic Leadership - Part II By

    Continuing on the path to leading through your values. Read more
  • The Path to Authentic Leadership Starts with a Choice - Part One By

    Authenticity lets us be true to ourselves and our team. Why is it so hard? Read more

Clients of Corvirtus

    • Spirit Airlines
    • Cottage Health
    • Peet's Coffee and Tea
    • Raising Cane's
    • Belle Cares (At-Home Healthcare)
    • Texas Roadhouse
    • Avelo Airlines
    • Hawaiian Airlines
    • Sunny Vista Living Center (Senior Living, Residential Care)
    • Hudson's Bay
    • Nando's PERi-PERi
    • Taylor Bank

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