Applicant Tracking System Software

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) track candidates and automate the hiring process. As an end-to-end recruitment management tool, ATS software streamlines the collection of candidate information, parses resumes, filters applicants by skill and experience level, and tracks the onboarding process. Compare ATS options, from comprehensive software solutions that offer ATS features to ATS add-ons that integrate into your current systems to find the best ATS solution for your company.

10 Features to Look for in an Applicant Tracking System

  1. The ability to create and automate job postings that integrate with job boards and social media platforms.
  2. Customizable email templates to communicate with candidates, as well as bulk emailing capabilities that allow for sequencing and automation of follow up.
  3. The ability to filter resumes by custom keyword or skill, and parse by data relevant to the position.
  4. The ability to rank candidates by fit for position.
  5. Diversity features that allow for unbiased recruitment and anonymization of resumes to keep the focus on skills and drive your organization’s DEI initiatives.
  6. Secure storage of applicant data.
  7. An easy-to-use dashboard that provides visibility into tracking of the applicant journey to help HR team members manage candidates and maintain the recruitment pipeline.
  8. Integration with internal systems so that team members can collaborate, share messages with notes and feedback, and calendar interviews with stakeholders.
  9. The ability to customize and automate offer letters as well as coordinate the onboarding process.
  10. Tools to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and report recruiting metrics.

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HR Partner

Employee Records. Recruitment. Vacation Tracking. Onboarding.

Rating: 5/5 - 4 reviews

Small Business Recruiting & Applicant Tracking System: Create and publish your jobs There’s no need for a separate Applicant Tracking System (ATS), because it’s included with HR Partner. We think even small businesses should have access to the right recruitment tools! Here you can: - Create your jobs and publish them onto your own job portal - link...
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When your people thrive, so do you. We thrive together.

Rating: 5/5 - 20 reviews

Applicant Tracking and Recruiting Software: Finding the right candidate for your business has never been easier with our advanced applicant tracking service. Our platform not only simplifies the recruitment process but also maximizes your reach by automatically posting job listings on hundreds of job boards. This means that your job...
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Select, Hire, Develop, Retain Top Talent

Rating: 5/5 - 30 reviews

Established in 2014, SelectionLink is a SHRM preferred provider offering AI-based HR Software and Services. SelectionLink provides organizations with essential tools for Selecting, Hiring, Retaining, and Developing exceptionally talented employees. SelectionLink is quickly emerging as a leader...

Applicant Tracking System: Hiring new employees often takes up a lot of time for HR and recruiting professionals. Between requisitions, approval processes, posting listings and tracking applicants, filling just one position may take hours. And when you have multiple jobs to fill, the process quickly becomes...
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LightWork Software

Empowering people to do and be more.

Rating: 5/5 - 3 reviews

LightWork Recruit and Onboarding: LightWork Recruit, powered by iRecruit, is an easy-to-use, powerful and flexible applicant tracking and recruiting software. LightWork Recruit's set-up and implementation are quick and easy. •Immediate ROI: LightWork Recruit pays for itself with branding, posting to major job boards, tax...
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HR Software with Heart. Focus on people, not processes.

With applicant data storage, custom automated offer letters, and more, BambooHR® ATS helps your business continue growing. The BambooHR ATS helps hiring managers, recruiters, and HR keep up with changes in the talent market, all while staying in sync with each other. With centralized storage for resumes and other candidate data, everyone involved in the hiring process can share their impressions about candidates with minimal disruption to their regular schedules. When it’s time to onboard new hires, the BambooHR ATS links directly with BambooHR Onboarding, helping managers and HR keep everything on track for a smooth transition.

iRecruit, Recruiting and Remote Onboarding Software

Applicant Tracking and Onboarding

Rating: 5/5 - 7 reviews

iRecruit TXT: iRecruit TXT allows customers to efficiently communicate with candidates via texting. Reach more candidates faster with texting.
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Lighthouse Compliance Solutions

Affirmative Action. Positive Results.

Rating: 5/5 - 8 reviews

Rapid Applicant (ATS): Rapid Applicant is a powerful hiring management solution uniquely suited to the needs, demands and budgets of any size organization. Rapid Applicant arms your organization with a web-based hiring solution that efficiently manages candidate data, ensures compliance with employment regulations and...
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Payroll, HR, and Benefits Solutions

Inova Payroll delivers a powerful Applicant Tracking System intricately designed to simplify hiring operations. Its ATS provides a unified solution from resume parsing to bi-directional texting, seamlessly managing every step of recruitment. It integrates analytics and a dynamic dashboard that keeps you informed, making it an essential tool for handling various hiring scenarios, including new hires, rehires, and internal transfers.

Cornerstone Recruiting: Cornerstone Recruiting Suite helps you to solve your hiring challenges. It is an end to end solution that helps you find, select, engage and onboard internal and external candidates. We provide a modern engaging experience not only for external candidates but for internal employees, recruiters...
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i9Everywhere - a PointHR company

Proceed with Confidence

Applicant Tracking: More than just excellent software, an effective recruiting solution must provide outstanding integrated services and stellar customer care. PointHR has combined our award winning assessment and screening solutions with sophisticated, intuitive and cost-effective recruitment and hiring solutions...
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Innovative Methods Consulting LLC

Harnessing the Power of Oracle HCM Cloud Technology

Rating: 5/5 - 5 reviews

Innovative Methods Consulting (IMC) is an Oracle Fusion Applications consulting company specializing in Human Capital Management (HCM) implementation that drive business value for its clients. Our services and implementation toolset, along with our standard reporting package allows our clients...


Comprehensive HRIS Platform | ATS

Rating: 5/5 - 4 reviews

EvolveHR offers a robust HRIS technology platform that covers everything from applicant tracking to time and attendance, payroll, and reporting to enable businesses to concentrate on their core operations. Our end-to-end HR Information Systems (HRIS) streamline applicant tracking, HR strategy, employee training, and federal and state compliance. By adopting EvolvHR's seamless and efficient HR management services, businesses enhance their recruitment processes and foster a thriving work environment.


HR Software | Streamlining the offer-to-onboarding path

Simplify job postings, applicant screening, and candidate management with WorkBright's centralized digital ATS. Create a custom-branded, mobile-friendly applicant portal, centralize applicant data and filter candidates to make your hiring process more efficient and accurate.


Rating: 5/5 - 5 reviews

Applicant Tracking System: Optimize your recruiting process with JazzHR's applicant tracking system. Build custom workflows for each job opening to stay organized and focused. Stay informed with a real-time stream of the latest activities related to the candidate. Keep your process moving and your team focused by...
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BASIC's end-to-end Human Capital Management (HCM) solution specializes in applicant tracking and onboarding, performance tracking, and HR and benefit administration. Leveraging advanced technology, we streamline the hiring process with custom application building, electronic onboarding tasks and document management, ensuring seamless and comprehensive HR management. Together with our user-focused portals for employees, managers, and administrators, BASIC HCM delivers a complete payroll, timekeeping, and HR solution, catering to the dynamic needs of businesses across the country.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): Build your best team With G&A’s applicant tracking system (ATS) and Onboarding application, you can efficiently and effectively build your best team by sourcing, tracking, and interacting with candidates throughout the hiring process.
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With a focus on sophisticated technology integration, DataCheck Inc. offers Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and HRIS integration services that are both robust and seamless. Streamlining the pre-employment background check process, the ATS integration streamlines background checks from identity verification to credit reports within your HRIS, enhancing the efficiency and ease of the hiring process. Trusted by industries ranging from healthcare to finance and retail, we are committed to ensuring compliant, comprehensive, and efficient hiring workflows for businesses of every size.

Bullhorn Inc. is a forefront provider of a comprehensive Applicant Tracking System (ATS) designed to streamline operations and enhance the competitive advantage of staffing agencies, it centralizes the management of candidates, jobs, shifts, and tasks to streamline the recruitment process and improve team productivity. Their user-friendly platform delivers clear workflows and centralized management, promoting recruiter efficiency and resulting in faster placements and increased margins. Furthermore, Bullhorn ATS brings all candidate information into one intuitive system, supporting recruiters in fostering strong candidate relations for higher engagement and retention.

WellSky Personal Care offers a comprehensive Applicant Tracking System, aiding in the recruitment, management, and retention of top caregiver talent for home care agencies. The software's sophisticated tracking, screening, and training tools streamline the hiring process and foster a safe work environment for all staff. By minimizing administrative tasks for caregivers, WellSky empowers them to focus more on delivering high-quality private-duty home care.

Talentdrop ATS combines the power of collaborative hiring with AI automation to find, screen, and hire the best candidates. Streamline your hiring process with AI-driven candidate screening, interview scheduling, and job description creation. Reduce dependence on expensive recruiters or job boards by tapping into a community-sourced talent pool to connect with exceptional candidates faster and spend less time on the hiring process.

Give strategic direction to talent recruiting with best practice consulting and Cyber Recruiter™ from Visibility Software. Our ATS streamlines your hiring processes to help you select and onboard the best talent quickly and efficiently. Automate tedious processes to post jobs faster, find better-qualified candidates and produce consistently better hiring outcomes. Visibility Software focuses on simplifying the entire process for HR and creates a more positive experience in welcoming new hires to your team.

AkkenCloud presents an innovative, cloud-based applicant tracking system, focusing on accelerating and simplifying the recruitment process from job posting to candidate selection. Offering mobile optimization, keyword optimized job listings, and a thorough candidate assessment framework, it ensures recruiters stay connected and make informed decisions swiftly. Built to scale seamlessly with your business growth, AkkenCloud emphasizes efficiency, collaboration, and data-driven recruitment, making it a viable tool for businesses of all sizes.

ATS OnDemand

Innovative Applicant Tracking

Rating: 4.5/5 - 4 reviews

Reports & Analytics: Build a report or select from 21 report templates to capture recruitment and system data.
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CIC Screening integrates robust Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with a commitment to helping businesses recruit the best teams, monitor goals, and foster new skills among upcoming leaders. Recognizing the need for compliance and accurate documentation, this ATS system ensures businesses can navigate the complex hiring landscape more efficiently. Apart from contributing to workforce development, the platform seamlessly integrates with proprietary systems and other ATSs, thereby championing versatility, reduced data entry, and improved workforce efficiency.

ExactHire Full Service Hiring: ExactHire Full Service Hiring augments the hiring efforts of an organization by taking on the time-consuming tasks of the hiring process and delivering qualified, best-fit job candidates to the internal hiring team final consideration. This managed service includes: - Write and post job ads -...
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OnePoint Recruitment & Applicant Tracking Solutions: Recruit and hire top talent faster. In a competitive labor market, companies need powerful recruitment applicant tracking solutions to attract and hire qualified candidates quickly. OnePoint recruitment and applicant tracking system simplifies the recruitment process. Boost the effectiveness...
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ASL Consulting's Talent Acquisition platform's end-to-end Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is designed to streamline the entire recruitment process, from job postings and candidate screenings to interviews and job offer management. With a comprehensive database that integrates seamlessly with onboarding and HRMS modules, this platform ensures ultimate accuracy and efficiency throughout the recruiting journey. Customizable recruitment workflows, social media integration, and automated data transfer capabilities make ASL Consulting's ATS a smart choice for businesses seeking to enhance talent acquisition processes.

Arcoro, formerly known as BirdDogHR's cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS), streamlines recruitment efforts with comprehensive job distribution, efficient candidate management, and compliance reporting. The solution is designed to create a centralized, automated recruitment process, helping attract high-potential employees in today's competitive market. Further boosting its functionality, BirdDogHR is integrated with Arcoro Onboarding, ensuring a smooth, professional, and efficient transition for freshly hired talents.

Conrep, Inc.'s fully-featured Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is intuitive, enhancing the productivity of your sales and recruiting teams. With key features such as requisition management, job posting automation, and custom workflows, Conrep reduces hiring time and ensures engagement with the right candidates. Furthermore, its seamless integrations with resume boards, bulk-mailing tools, and self-service candidate portals allow for an enhanced recruitment process, making it a comprehensive solution for all your ATS needs.

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