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By DeGarmo

 Leadership Potential Assessment

The research is clear: Your organization’s success depends largely on the strength of your current leaders, and the individuals you are preparing to lead in the future. How are you equipping your company to meet this challenge? Whether you need to screen candidates for current leadership roles... Read more »

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By Chrysalis Training Solutions, LLC

Chrysalis Training Solutions' Leadership Skills for Supervisors program is tailored for emerging leaders and supervisors. This training equips participants with the essential skills needed to effectively lead teams and drive results. Through interactive sessions, supervisors learn key concepts... Read more »

By Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions

Urine drug testing detects recent drug use and is the only specimen type approved for federally mandated testing. Businesses rely on laboratory-based urine testing for its cost-effectiveness and ability to screen for a wide variety of illicit and prescription drugs. Read more »

By Velocity Badge and Label

Visitor badges and labels developed to work effortlessly with your Brother® QL-700 and QL-800 series printers and visitor management software. Customizable to fit your security and identification needs, these excellent quality badges and labels are guaranteed to work effortlessly with visitor... Read more »

By Velocity Badge and Label

Custom printed labels for your DYMO® LabelWriter® series printers. These direct thermal labels are guaranteed to work effortlessly with your printer, providing the high quality print results you depend on using materials and construction specifically for DYMO® LabelWriter® printers. We can... Read more »

By Velocity Badge and Label

Visitor badges and labels guaranteed to work with your Zebra direct thermal desktop printer. Whether you’re looking for gorgeous custom graphics on top quality materials or prefer one of our ready-to-ship plain labels or badges, we guaranteed our products work effortlessly and reliably with your... Read more »

By America's Back Office

Labor laws are always changing, tasking human resource administrators and other staff with additional burdens. Let the expert team at America’s Back Office take this off your plate. We’ll keep you current and compliant in a dynamic and sometimes confusing regulatory environment. Our team is... Read more »

By SHRMStore

State and Federal Labor Law Posters available for purchase from J.J. Keller by ordering through the SHRMStore, J.J. Keller’s State and Federal Labor Law Posters. These Labor Law Posters come with J.J. Keller’s Annual Update Service that ensures you receive an updated poster if a required change... Read more »

By Daglex, S.A.

We are officially authorized by the Guatemalan Ministry of Labor to recruit for positions outside of Guatemala. Read more »

By Greyrock Group, LLC

THE GREYROCK GROUP DIFFERENCE Your management team keeps your business going day in and day out; having to deal with union negotiations may seem like a huge extra burden. Greyrock Group can help. Working closely with your company representatives, our experienced facilitator will help assess... Read more »

By G&A Partners

Stay Compliant and Up-to-Date with Federal & Local Laws Let's look at one federal agency for perspective. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) enforces more than 180 federal laws, which impact more than 10 million employers and 125 million workers. ADA, COBRA, EEO, FLSA, FMLA, HIPAA, OSHA, ACA –... Read more »

By Union Avoidance Group

We understand that effective labor relations are crucial to the success of your organization. That's why we offer a comprehensive Labor Relations service that can assist you with all aspects of your current labor and union relations issues. Our experienced team of consultants is skilled in... Read more »

By KrollConsultants. Global Salary Survey. 180+ Countries

Reliable up-to-date global labor union and collective bargaining data, to mitigate the risk of falling into employment traps around the world. Such traps could lead to labor unrest, charges, sanctions, and in some countries – public shaming. • More than 180 Countries, Remote and Difficult... Read more »

By Tullis Worldwide Protection

TWP has worked with large and small companies throughout the United States pre-and post union dispute and work stoppages. TWP Agents have a true understanding of relationships between companies and their union. TWP provides videography and security assistance during these troubling times. TWP... Read more »

By ErgoFit Consulting

We offer ergonomic tools to improve employee safety, wellbeing and company profit through consultation, training and products. Group training sessions or 1:1 consultations focused on reducing injury and discomfort among lab personnel in a variety of settings including, but not limited to... Read more »

By by Adaptive Immersion

Laborers and Freight, Stock, & Material Movers Occupational Assessment

General Job Description: Manually move freight, stock, luggage, or other materials, or perform other general labor, which includes all manual laborers not elsewhere classified. Key Traits Measured • Dependability: Tendency to be punctual by arriving on time for shifts, completing tasks on time,... Read more »

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By LaborSoft, Inc

LaborSoft puts YOU in control of your employee information with automated workflows and customized modules that allow you to achieve operational goals faster and with fewer incidents so you can keep your company in full compliance with industry regulations. But what we also have is the expertise... Read more »

By American Time and Labor Company

As your business grows, so does the challenge of managing all the administration responsibilities that comes with it. Working with American Time and Labor Company, those administration responsibilities become significantly reduced. Our service offering is a full-service bundle of products and... Read more »

By Nessel

Lactation Chairs

The first and only chair designed *just* for pumping Moms. Being a working, breastfeeding mom is hard. The Nessel Lactation Chair makes it easier. Ergonomically Designed. Creates proper back support and stability for an optimal pumping session. Cleans Quickly and Easily. Made with medical... Read more »

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By Kin by Medela

Lactation Equipment and Supplies

Medela breast pumps are preferred by hospitals and clinicians—and are the brand moms choose most. Options include our hospital-grade Symphony PLUS® Breast Pump, the #1 multi-user breast pump used in hospitals, and Freestyle Hands-free, our in-bra wearable personal use pump for mobile employees.... Read more »

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By Nessel

Lactation Pods

Lactation Pod perfection: Light and Airy. Built for Privacy. Feels like Calm. You pick the size. We provide the peacefulness. Designed to not only meet your needs but to elevate the pumping experience for breastfeeding employees. Our Lactation Pods come in 3 different sizes to accommodate... Read more »

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By Nessel

Lactation Stations

Introducing the first all-in-one solution for pumping employees. The easiest way to transform any room into a clean and comfortable lactation room. With the following features, Lactation Stations are the quickest, most affordable way to create safe, supportive and sanitary mother's rooms: -- a... Read more »

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By Language Testing International, Inc.

From Fortune 500 corporations to small and mid-size companies, Language Testing International® (LTI), a Samsung company, works with corporate clients to test prospective candidates and current employees for language proficiency and to help assess what level of proficiency is needed for different... Read more »

By Language Testing International, Inc.

Measuring language proficiency is a complex process that necessitates the use of valid and reliable language testing tools. Language assessments take various forms depending on the skill or proficiency level being tested. With ACTFL assessments, you can accurately measure your prospective... Read more »

By Talentate HR Tech

Language Tests Talentate Language Tests in 7 Languages Talentate Language Tests aim to determine the candidates’ proficiencies of a specific language. It replaces the paper-based tests and provides the facility to assess in a fully digital platform. In today's business world where communication... Read more »

By Lanteria

Solution for talent management & HR that creates a collaborative environment where employees & line managers can cooperate. Lanteria HR manages all HR tasks in a company with 7 basic modules: Core HR, Time & Attendance, Recruiting, Performance, Learning management, Self Service Portal and Report... Read more »

By pc/nametag

As a leader in lanyards, we pride ourselves in delivering innovative and one-of-kind lanyard designs. From our proprietary no-twist lanyard clips to our eco-conscious line of lanyards, you are sure to find the perfect fit. Read more »

By Purchasing Power

Traditional financing options are failing your employees, and they are turning to you for help. The right voluntary benefits not only protect their financial future, but also help your employees meet their current financial needs. That’s why Purchasing Power pioneered the industry leading... Read more »

By Epiphany Coaches Inc

Epiphany has designed and delivered over 100 scalable coaching programs for organizations that require coaching for many leaders at once. We provide end-to-end management for all of our large-scale programs including: on-boarding materials, electronic coach selection, program launch calls,... Read more »

By Boot Camp Digital

•Access to full library of individual course topics •Master Certifications, Launch Yourself, and Launchest are not included •Starts with a free 5-day trial •You can cancel at any time •Six-month subscription is available (one month free) •12-month subscription is available (two months free) •All... Read more »

By Tilt365

Level up your coaching skills and help clients or leaders solve their own problems by learning the laser-focused coaching method. Breakthrough results happen when you stay out of the story and coach the person’s mindset and thinking instead of solving the problem for them. Learn the coaching... Read more »

By Launch 360 LLC- 360 Feedback Surveys

Launch 360 Assessment- 360 Feedback

The Launch 360 Leadership Assessment Tool changes the way organizations can administer and use a 360 coaching tool. It is designed to work with any size organization looking for the ability to immediately use a tool to help support leaders. The Launch 360 Leadership Assessment survey eliminates... Read more »

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By ExecOnline

Successful managers get things done. Being a key player in your organization means you have more responsibility and are tied to driving impact in the business. Learn the art of management that sets you apart. ExecOnline’s first-time manager development program sets new managers up for success by... Read more »

By Remington Advisors LLC

Law Firm Administrative Management & Staff Benchmark Compensation Survey (AMST) - Conducted for over 25 years - Designed for large law firms that are local, regional, national and global in scope - Survey group members have from 100 to over 2000 attorneys - Benchmark compensation survey... Read more »

By Remington Advisors LLC

Executive, Senior Management & Non-Equity Attorney Benchmark Compensation Survey (EXSM) - Conducted for over 25 years - Designed for large law firms that are local, regional, national and global in scope - Survey group members have from 100 to over 2000 attorneys - Benchmark compensation survey... Read more »

By Squadron Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Your law firm needs top legal talent to compete. Squadron can help. We provide White Glove recruiting and retention solutions so you can focus on practicing law. Working with Squadron means all-inclusive and personalized service, perfect for taking your firm to the next level. Our customized... Read more »

By LawLogix, a division of Hyland

Cloud-based immigration case management software that offers an efficient and accurate way to manage your caseload and provide online access to your clients. Read more »

By LawLogix, a division of Hyland

So secure and efficient, Guardian creates perfectly prepared electronic I-9s for every employee – and with fewer errors. It even migrates existing paper I-9s and stores them all in the cloud for fast access. Create a perfectly compliant electronic I-9, every time, for every employee. Plus, no... Read more »

By Paycom

Lead the way by automating processes with Paycom’s HR Management tools. As generational shifts and technology change the nature of the workforce and the workplace, business leaders look to HR to capitalize on these disruptions. However, transitioning the HR department into a talent- and... Read more »

By Prestera FX, Inc.

Why Leader 360 for... INDIVIDUALS Leader 360 is a self-paced, guided process for reflection, networking, self-assessment, 360 feedback, and development planning, designed to help you: - Unlock career aspirations - Leverage career networks - Develop self-awareness - Construct an action plan -... Read more »

By Churchill Leadership Group Inc

Build Coaching Capability to Deliver Strategic Initiatives -Accelerate Employee Growth -Individualize Development -Speed Up Trust & Engagement -Improve Strategy Execution Empower Your Leaders To Become "Leader Coaches." More and more organizations realize that building an internal coaching... Read more »

By Unifai

Mission Control for Growth Minded Leaders No more guessing on what is holding your team back. Unifai is the diagnostic tool that surfaces insights, team feedback, and analytics around where you should focus as a leader. AUTOMATED FEEDBACK LOOPS Automate feedback loops from your direct reports... Read more »

By ThinkHuman

This is ThinkHuman’s flagship program, designed to support people leaders in developing themselves and their teams, leading to more personal, team, and organizational success. As a key part of this program, each participant will design their own specific program goal, feeding the motivation needed... Read more »

By Moementum, Inc.

The crux of leadership lies in cultivating relationships. Period. Lots of other stuff matters but not as much. People know their company through their supervisor, which means your leaders should be focused on creating connection, empathy and trust while killing gossip, entitlement and... Read more »

By AdventHealth

Creating a Healthy Culture Equip your wellness team with the training and tools needed to garner leadership buy-in and increase employee engagement. Your leadership team should be on the front line of your new health culture. They are responsible for sustaining employee engagement, and that... Read more »

By Idea Learning

Leadership & Management Development

At the core of any successful business is a strong leadership team. Idea Learning designs leadership programs tailored to your organizational culture, strategy, and unique learner needs. Some programs we’ve built include: -A series of two-hour sessions for supervisors in a union environment -A... Read more »

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By Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH)

This practice helps organizations improve the accountability of their senior leaders and teams, bridging the gap between expectation and current performance. Read more »

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By AllenComm

Leadership and Organizational Development

Your organization needs leaders who remain true to their personal values, can promote change while remaining adaptable, and are accountable for business objectives. We can help you make good managers into great leaders. For example: -A scenario based, critical thinking curriculum designed... Read more »

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By Kaplan Leadership and Professional Development

Kaplan’s Leadership and Professional Development programs enhance the technical competence and behavioral confidence of your biggest asset – your people. Empowering them to make better decisions and drive commercial performance. Our team of Technical and Behavioral Specialists will work with you... Read more »

By CareerMP

Achieve deep awareness and targeted development through assessment. The key to development is gaining deeper insight into the employees' capabilities, weaknesses, and risks and engaging in meaningful development activities. CMP selects from an extensive library of self-insight and validated... Read more »