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By Peopletrail

 Identity Checks

Identity verification is often the first step in the background screening process. Not only does a comprehensive identity check verify name, date of birth, and social security information, but it also uncovers aliases as well as address records that help to paint a full picture. This... Read more »

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By DISA Global Solutions

I-9 & E-Verify

DISA offers Employment Eligibility Verification as part of our product services. The following is how DISA conducts the employment eligibility verification process. Both the applicant and employer must complete and fill out Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification from the Department of... Read more »

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By Corporate Immigration Compliance Institute

The Form I-9 Employment Verification Form appears simple, yet the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has issued a 65-page handbook explaining how employers should go about executing it. Unsuspecting employers are often surprised to learn that failure to execute an I-9 properly can... Read more »

By AmericanChecked Inc.

I-9 and SSN Verifications

AmericanChecked can automte your company's I-9 compliance requirements. Read more »

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By Equifax Workforce Solutions

Offer Convenience With Remote I-9 Services: I-9 Anywhere enhances our I-9 HQ platform to help streamline Form I-9 completion to free up internal resources and help make employee verification and re-verification easier for all. Read more »

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By Paragon Compliance

Form I-9 Audit and Remediation New Hire Onboarding Data Prep and Processing: For Audit and Remediation preparation (gathering, organizing, preparing forms and supporting documents). Policy and Procedure Review and Assessment: We will complete an analysis of your existing policies and... Read more »

By Form i9 Compliance

Our advanced, web-based technology fully automates the completion, signature, storage and tracking of I-9 forms – making a totally paperless I-9 process possible. The Form I-9 Compliance partnership approach involves working with company representatives to understand current I-9 programs,... Read more »

By i9 Intelligence

Managing I9 forms and staying compliant with the law is riddled with a number of opportunities for mistakes. These mistakes may cost businesses thousands of dollars in ICE fines. Lookout Services developed and maintains the most comprehensive set of tools for businesses to avoid these... Read more »

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By Form i9 Compliance

No matter the industry, Form I-9 Compliance recognizes that remote hiring is becoming increasingly popular with the modern workforce. I-9 Connect will help to ease one of the challenges you face during the onboarding of your remote hires, employment eligibility verification and Form I-9... Read more »

By Form i9 Compliance

The Form I-9 and E-Verify landscape is constantly changing as federal, state and local government entities become more interested in protecting jobs for those that have a right to work in the United States. It’s impossible to be an expert in every field, there’s just too much to know. You’re an... Read more »

By Form i9 Compliance

The single most important step an employer can take to help ensure they protect themselves from potential fines and criminal charges is to identify and resolve errors, omissions and discrepancies on their I-9 Forms. Our expert auditors, which include former INS/DHS agents, will audit your I-9s... Read more »

By Form i9 Compliance

Integrations + API Connections -Applicant Tracking -Hiring -Screening -Onboarding -Human Resources Tracking The Form I-9 Compliance electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify application can be integrated with your new hire process. Read more »

By Equifax Workforce Solutions

I-9 HQ is an industry-leading electronic I-9 management platform designed with the needs of you and your people at the center. With I-9 HQ, you can provide a simpler, more efficient and timely I-9 process that is easier to use for both your HR teams and new hires. Read more »

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By Tracker I-9 Compliance

I-9 Resolve: Paper Form Conversion

Paper I-9s come with significant risks. Tracker I-9’s Resolve provides secure paper I-9 scanning, manual key entry, and error remediation support services for leading HR and legal teams across the U.S. Read more »

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By Occuscreen

Streamline your process and store critical information with an online portal to facilitate a compliant process. Guided step-by-step instructions provide employees with electronic options for capturing documentation. Read more »

By Infinity Background Check Services LLC

Verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States. Read more »

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By Justifacts Credential Verification, Inc.

I-9 Verification and E-Verify

Justifacts has developed a paperless, electronic I-9 system that creates and stores the Form I-9. As an Employer Agent for E-verify, Justifacts processes E-Verify requests for registered employers. When used in conjunction with each other, the electronic I-9 system and E-Verify agent access... Read more »

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By McCambley Consulting

Have remote employees? I can verify I-9's for those employees who may not report physically to your building. This service is local to Raleigh, NC area. Read more »

By Data Screening


DataScreening Solution: •The Employer (You) places a request online for a designated agent and DataScreening replies with the contact information of an agent within miles of the remote hire’s location. •You login to DataScreening website to initiate the I9 process electronically. This prompts an... Read more »

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By PeopleKeys

Introduction to Behavioral Analysis (IBA) is an accredited online training course that provides you with everything you need to start or add value to your own counseling, coaching or consulting business. This course provides: An overview of DISC personality system and how it relates to... Read more »

By Coaching Out Of The Box®

This program is designed to prepare coaches who will be applying for an International Coach Federation (ICF) Credential. As part of receiving an ICF Credential coaches will be required to successfully complete the ICF Credentialing exam(CE).* This prep class will present several questions... Read more »

By iRecruit, Recruiting and Remote Onboarding Software

iConnect Employee Onboarding

iConnect allows you to take control of the mountain of new hire paperwork and manage it online in your secure iRecruit database. Connect to your new hires using iConnect. iConnect takes the pain out of onboarding by offering a paperless solution that is integrated with your applicant tracking... Read more »

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By Identatronics Inc

A PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) card is a typical ID card made with 100% PVC. Cards are used for Identification, Access Control, Credit/Debit, Membership, and much more. Standard size for PVC cards is 2-1/8" x 3-3/8", and thickness for most applications is 30mil. Identatronics stocks a variety of... Read more »

By Certn

Certn’s AI-powered ID Verification (OneID) allows businesses to establish the real identity of their candidates by verifying government-issued IDs instantly. Certn’s advanced technologies are proven to detect false identities while providing a seamless ID verification process and deterring... Read more »

By Idealist

Idealist Job & Internship Board

Join the world’s largest social-impact job board. With 1.3 million monthly visits, Idealist is the ultimate platform for reaching experienced and mission-driven professionals. We're the best at what we do, and a fraction of the cost of major job boards. You'll receive highly qualified... Read more »

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By Commercial Investigations LLC

Origin is a powerful multi-level validation of a subject's vital information, and a search of state and county criminal record databases. Origin establishes an excellent investigative starting point. SSN & ADDRESS INFORMATION inquiry is a powerful investigative tool that verifies the validity of... Read more »


The cornerstone of a comprehensive and compliant criminal record research program is a thorough search in every jurisdiction where the candidate has lived. However, most applications only ask for a current address, and it is not known how long the candidate lived there. Other concerns for an... Read more »

By DISA Global Solutions

Identity Checks

If a potential employee misleads about their basic identity details, there may be more misrepresentations to uncover. That’s why we recommend identity checks as the foundation of any background screen. The information GHRR obtains from identity checks provides essential data that we can use to... Read more »

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By AdminiSMART

AdminiSMART is an appointed General Agent for the top Identity Theft solution in the world. You can help your employees protect themselves against the nightmare of 600 hours (on average) of headaches trying to repair the damage. How? Put in a voluntary payroll deduction program -- or take... Read more »

By Intelldata

We can diagnose whether the information in your databases are associated with a real person or not. Read more »

By Sterling

Background checks in the US are dependent on candidates providing accurate and complete identity information. Candidates may either intentionally or accidentally provide inaccurate identity information. This makes verifying candidate-provided data an important first step in the hiring... Read more »

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Identity Verification is a great way to check that the legal name, date of birth, and address that applicants apply with are accurate. It’s the first step in hiring with confidence. Identity Verification is necessary because millions of identities are stolen across the United States each year.... Read more »

By IDOL courses

Finding a Corporate Training Vendor you can trust isn't easy! You know you need to create custom training for your audience. You've looked around at other vendors to meet your learning and development needs. But you either have to pay 3x your budget for one training program. Hire a lone... Read more »

By IDOL courses

Turn your expertise and workshops into digital course products. IDOL courses is a professional creative agency helping clients create, make, and sell digital course products. STRATEGY Validate your course idea and pinpoint the transformation for your students DESIGN Instructional materials... Read more »

By IDOL courses

Ready to become an IDOL? Grab my hand, put your learning cap on, and prepare to get in depth how-to for everything instructional design and online learning. No matter where you're starting or what you want to focus on today, there is a program, course or workbook that was designed especially... Read more »

By IDOL courses

IDOL courses Talent Pool is an exclusive network of available, vetted, and top-notch contract instructional designers, eLearning developers, and LMS administrators in the United States. Companies, freelancers, non-profit organizations, and digital course creators rely on IDOL Talent Pool for all... Read more »

By Verification Professional

One of the many features you will have with Verification Professional is knowing when someone has run a verification on you. The System makes verification easy and gives you power over your data. Read more »

By OutSolve

Illinois Pay Data Report

SB 1480 was signed into law, and later amended by SB 1487 in 2021. The law requires Illinois employers with 100 or more employees to obtain an Equal Pay Registration Certificate among other requirements. The most challenging of employer obligations is the submission of employee pay data. Before... Read more »

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By Compliance Training Group

​This e-learning course lasts approximately one hour, and includes slide-based instruction, animated video scenarios, interactive decision-making exercises, and a final test. Participants in this course will comply with training requirements of Illinois SB75, having undergone an annual sexual... Read more »

By EmailOpen

Crop and resize your images, use aspect ratios to ensure images are the same width and height, add round corners, frames, text, stickers, and apply filters. Read more »

By Results Training Group

There is nothing more invigorating than live events to bring your biggest brand advocates together for one cohesive message. With experience in managing event content for groups in the hundreds up to the thousands, we’ve learned that every brand deserves to thoughtfully articulate their message... Read more »

By Jackson Lewis P.C.

Working in tandem with our labor and employment attorneys, our Immigration team provides comprehensive services to address clients’ needs quickly and effectively in both the compliance and immigration benefits areas. We provide innovative, cost-effective immigration guidance to employers,... Read more »

By Leap Academy

IMPACT is the complete digital platform with built-in training and expert coaching for quickly, reliably, and profitably engaging employees in change and improvement. Read more »

By Paradigm Learning

With the changing needs of a multi-generational workforce, leadership development has become more necessary than ever. Leaders in today's complex business environment need to do more than just manage. They need to take initiative and lead – and in the right direction. Impact5: The Business of... Read more »

By Emerson Human Capital Consulting

Don't gamble with Technology Change. You don't want to be lucky; you want to be smart. Smart means considering all the elements driving success, particularly the one responsible for flipping the switch: your users. Their performance is critical. The problem with a technology implementation is... Read more »

By Orange Grove Consulting

Our consultants are experts in change. We can help you build change management processes within your implementation approach. Using research-based approaches, we help you create buy-in, understand and overcome resistance, adapt changes and foster engagement around the new ways of... Read more »

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By ClearCourse Consulting

Implementation Support

Successfully completing a project on time, on budget and with good quality takes careful planning and capable and available resources. Many organizations do not have enough resources to draw upon to support large projects such as migrations, upgrades, implementations or process improvement... Read more »

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By ExecOnline

Implementing Winning Strategies, a 3-week leadership development program, delivers participants the ability to gain greater command of their company’s needs and the skill to identify and execute new growth opportunities in a fast-moving and competitive landscape. The key to organizational... Read more »

By’s end-to-end recruitment platform packages artificial intelligence and intelligent automation, enabling enterprises to streamline the entire recruitment journey. Powered by AI,’s self-service platform allows enterprises to screen whether a candidate best fits the job... Read more »

By Retreat & Learn

An array of workshops and retreats are offered throughout the year. Retreat to South Hatton, a private estate on the Wicomico River, to experience inspiring views and a tranquil setting to renew, recharge, and learn. Virtual events are interactive and engaging. Read more »