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By ioPredict, Inc.

Office Skills Testing measures the most critical skills and abilities required in today’s administrative and clerical positions. Ensure that your employees have a working knowledge of the following software applications so they can hit the ground running: Software skills tests: Microsoft®... Read more »

By Cura HR

Assess efficacy of the function and compliance risks. Set-up HR for carve-outs; define and manage integration or action plans to elevate the function. Read more »

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By MadCap Software

Doc-To-Help gives policy writers, HR managers, and administrative staff the ability to easily write, manage, and publish documentation to any format or device, all the while continuing to us Microsoft Word. With Doc-To-Help, the process of creating policies and procedures, corporate intranets,... Read more »

By MadCap Software

Meet MadCap Flare Whether you need to create technical documentation for online Help, software and API documentation, policy & procedure manuals, illustrated parts catalogs or maintenance manuals, knowledge bases or user guides, MadCap Flare is powerful software for technical documentation that... Read more »

By MadCap Software

MadCap Mimic is an easy-to-use software simulation and multimedia tool that lets you create fully interactive movies, e-learning videos, simulations, presentations and tutorials of software or systems. Read more »

By by Adaptive Immersion

Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners  Occupational Assessment

General Job Description: Perform any combination of light cleaning duties to maintain private households or commercial establishments, such as hotels and hospitals, in a clean and orderly manner, which may include making beds, replenishing linens, cleaning rooms and halls, and vacuuming. Key... Read more »

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By Powtoon

All companies have rules, some are just better at communicating them. While immensely important, compliance and guidelines materials can be some of the driest and colorless necessities of HR. Bring them to life with these video templates! Teach about company-wide guidelines and regulations in a... Read more »

By Emerson Human Capital Consulting

We help organizations capture the benefit of their change initiatives. We don’t care what you’re launching – a new technology, product, service, organization, market strategy, operating model – we’ll help you achieve the intended benefit sooner. We get your people on board fast, and ready to... Read more »

By HomeServices Relocation

Managed Cap Programs

A Managed Cap is a relocation benefit program that sets a maximum limit on the total amount that an organization will spend on an employee for relocation expenses. It takes job level, relocation distance and family needs into consideration and can be structured as a line-item list with caps –... Read more »

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By Infopro Learning, Inc.

Our model for transforming Learning and Development organizations from a cost center to a profit center by managing the end-to-end execution of an entire L&D organization. Our learning outsourcing model was specifically built for global organizations looking for an end-to-end L&D service... Read more »

By Alterity

Managed Learning Services- Customized Learning Solutions

Harness the Power of a Strategic Partnership to Cultivate a Culture of Learning Experience seamless onboarding and integration processes that set the stage for success, resulting in heightened employee satisfaction and reduced turnover rates. Unlock increased efficiency, productivity, and... Read more »

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By Goliath Cyber Security Group

A Comprehensive Threat Detection and Remediation Service.... - 24/7 Security Monitoring and Analysis - Real-Time Threat Detection and Prevention - Remediation - End-to-End Visibility Read more »

By PeopleShare

We focus on managing your temporary workforce’s end-to-end processes from pre-hire to post-hire and everything in-between. An experienced MSP Program Manager is assigned to your business to support the everyday needs, of your hiring managers. We are a true extension of your talent acquisition team. Read more »

By Merritt Business Solutions

Managed Services Provider - Merritt Business Solutions becomes the single-point-of-contact for our clients to streamline the management of their Payroll and HR Services. Through a master services agreement, we manage all vendor relationships according to customized service level agreements. We... Read more »

By SeeKing HR

This service is best for an organization looking to augment its existing staff or assist with long-term projects. Read more »

By Innovative Methods Consulting LLC

Managed Support

Do you find yourself inundated with a multitude of system administration responsibilities? Perhaps the demands of actively managing your Oracle Service Requests have become increasingly challenging due to time constraints. Or there might be specific issues that have proven to be particularly... Read more »

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By by Adaptive Immersion

Management & Leadership Industry Assessment

General Job Description: Responsible for overseeing and coordinating activities within organization(s). Key Traits Measured • Dependability: Tendency to be punctual, responsible, and reliable by following through and completing tasks with a sense of duty, and consistently perform work... Read more »

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By Paramount Potentials

Management & Leadership Training Programs We deliver a thirteen-module supervisory training program (which can be reduced and tailored to fit your needs), a six-module mid-level management course, and a three-module executive level leadership development program which have repeatedly been... Read more »

By Lausanne Business Solutions

Regardless of a company’s overarching strategy, successful organizations need management that engages their people, effectively lead their teams, and drive the best results. Today’s managers execute in an ever changing landscape where they face new challenges every day. Therefore, it is crucial... Read more »

By RishiKesh Consultancy Services

We bring 2 decades rich experience in HCM Area to locate one of the best fit People, Process, Solution in the area of Automation Do Connect with us for any of your area concern. We assure We March Better... Read more »

By The Center for Respectful Leadership

Gregg Ward Group consultants take a “systems approach” to organizational consulting, based on the practices of analyzing organizations as a collection of interconnected systems and processes and changing these holistically to meet client goals and expectations. We start by doing a “pulse check”... Read more »

By myHR Partner, Inc.

Empower your leadership with myHR Partner's unique blend of empathy, tailored HR guidance, and expert insights. We connect and align with your managers, transforming HR challenges into opportunities and improvements. Our management support extends from guiding everyday conversations to... Read more »

By Contract Trainers, Inc.

Nobody told them that being a good supervisor would be easy. In fact, in some organizations, nobody tells them anything about being a supervisor. Avoid the problems of the new supervisor not knowing what to do and who to ask. Provide your first-line supervisors or potential supervisors with... Read more »

By WILL Interactive

Management Gaps explores the challenges of being a leader in a workforce that may span four distinct generations. Common myths and misperceptions are addressed and users are invited to assess their own knowledge and attitudes as they manage the diverse employees of Pencil Pushers, Inc. Read more »

By McAleer Gray, LLC

Our Management Search services provide companies with leadership placement in mid-management corporate roles (under the Vice-President level), such as Directors, General Managers, and Senior Managers for companies of various sizes. We can fill multiple positions for similar roles in the fields... Read more »

By Speak by Design

Management team presentation coaching and training ensures that the team delivers the most compelling message and vision to your investors and other stakeholders. Today, leaders are faced with challenges they have never seen before. They have to be excellent at handling crises, uncertainty,... Read more »

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By Resource Associates, Inc.

Our team is comprised of leading professionals in industrial & organizational psychology and human resources who have developed effective job-specific personality and aptitude testing solutions, most of which are valid & reliable predictors of job candidate potential. Our online personality... Read more »

By L&SA - Leadership & Sales Academy

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? People who are in management position and need to coach their team to success. OBJECTIVES OF THE SEMINAR YOU WILL UNDERSTAND: Who you are and what is your team profile. What you can do to build the right team, and manage them to success. What strengths and limitations you... Read more »

By People Element

Manager 360

Built with a busy manager in mind, Manager 360 empowers managers to understand how they are perceived like never before, and equip them with the right tools to grow, engage, inspire, and lead. In addition to being an easy way to gather feedback from direct reports, supervisors, and peers,... Read more »

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By Dirkse Counseling and Consulting, Inc.

Put the tools of the professional mediator into the hands of any employee who is responsible for the cooperative work of others. Organizational leaders can quickly learn Managerial Mediation to negotiate productive work relationships and find solutions to business problems caused by conflict... Read more »

By Alterity

Manager Development Program

You recognize raw talent when you see it. But raw talent needs finessing, and confidence needs building. Our management development program helps grow the leaders and managers of tomorrow. Your employees will define and develop the key skills and competencies they need to be successful leaders... Read more »

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By Churchill Leadership Group Inc

Set Up Your Managers For Success -Manager Capability to Fit Your Need -Consistent Expectations and Skill-Sets -Higher Talent Attraction & Retention -Faster Results – Less Headache Manager Effectiveness Active Learning Journeys include: 1) Manager Effectiveness 1.0: For brand new managers,... Read more »

By People Element

Manager Effectiveness Surveys

Managers have a critical impact on engagement and retention in the workplace. At their best, good managers know how to support their employees and keep them engaged, while continuing to grow and improve themselves. On the flipside, less than great managers have the potential to hinder... Read more »

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By Manager on Call

Our number one service is the Manager on Call, a personal and flexible executive level service for the everyday manager at a fraction of the cost. A Manager on Call is an accredited executive coach, human resources professional and leadership trainer with a track record as an experienced... Read more »

By E3 Solutions

TRANSFORM YOUR TEAM DYNAMICS. Seeing high rates of turnover? Frustrated by disengaged employees? Refresh your work culture by providing a comprehensive learning platform to accelerate essential skills for leaders at all levels. The Manager Resource Center (MRC) is uniquely rooted in neuroscience... Read more »

By Bravely

At Bravely, manager learning and development combines engaging live training with the personal support of a coach to not only learn new skills but to apply those skills at work. Our courses, in the areas that managers most commonly need to improve, are all reinforced with our world-class 1:1... Read more »

By Threat Assessment Group Inc

The options below can be deployed to provide live training at your more populous locations, while managers and supervisors at smaller locations or who are unable to attend live sessions may take the lessons online. Managing a Safe and Respectful Workplace, 2020 Edition (facilitated training for... Read more »

By Southwestern Consulting

A high-impact personal and professional development program designed to help managers grow themselves and their teams. We know leading a team can be challenging. The Manager’s Edge program has proven successful in helping managers grow and lead high-performing, cohesive teams of successful,... Read more »

By HR Reliance

Let’s face it . . . managing people is hard! The need for training is greater than ever before, as managers are feeling unequipped to lead increasingly diverse and complex teams. In order to have a workplace that encourages employees to thrive, managers need to have the right skills and... Read more »

By Traliant

Managing Difficult Employees

Create a safer workplace and a team that works together seamlessly: entrust your managers with the insights and actions that help them handle disruption and cultivate a better culture. The course covers: -How to identify and address problem behaviors -How to conduct professional, constructive... Read more »

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By Blue Beyond Consulting, Inc.

The Managing Distributed Teams Workshop is designed for the modern-day manager. Grounded in Blue Beyond’s Deep Trust and High Expectations™ model, this workshop provides managers with practical tools to build and maintain connection among their team, regardless of their location, so they feel... Read more »

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By Addison Solutions Academy

Performance management establishes objectives for employees, tracks their achievement toward those objectives, and delivers constructive feedback. Progress toward objectives should be assessed regularly, and employees should receive constant feedback. Positive and constructive feedback should be... Read more »

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By G&A Partners

G&A can create, implement, and maintain a workplace safety program that protects your employees and your business Read more »

By Fair Measures, Inc.

Managing for Excellence, for both new and seasoned managers, is designed to address one of the most critical skill sets needed to develop staff performance while minimizing legal risk. This half-day program on performance feedback provides a host of best-practice tools to support managers at all... Read more »

By Addison Solutions Academy

When employees and supervisors collaborate to manage upward, a positive atmosphere can be created in which all workforce members feel appreciated, respected, and supported. Many business professionals face a big challenge at work: aligning our priorities with our supervisors'. Knowing our... Read more »

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By Chrysalis Training Solutions, LLC

Chrysalis Training Solutions' Managing Virtual Employees program equips managers with the skills and strategies needed to effectively lead remote teams. Through comprehensive training modules, participants learn how to foster collaboration, maintain productivity, and ensure engagement among... Read more »

By Fair Measures, Inc.

Managing Within the Law leads to lower employee turnover, and therefore higher customer satisfaction, which in turn drives profits. Good managers determine if people stay or go. This program teaches managers to live the company’s values, build consistency and trust across managers’ teams,... Read more »

By Paragon Home Resources

Paragon Home Resources can help with managing your current home and getting repairs done when needed. Our services allow seniors and others to remain in their homes for as long as possible. We can also assist with managing a home that is vacated during the sales process. Our services include... Read more »

By E3 Recruiting

E3 Recruiting is a full service recruiting firm near Charlotte, NC. We serve companies large and small all across the United States in all industries. We consider ourselves the match-maker of our client company’s hard to fill positions with the “right” candidate, fitting not only the... Read more »