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By Unapologetic Power, LLC

Six month or 12 month experience - Two LIVE Classes Per Week - Bonus Video Training Instant access to the 'Stop Shilting on Yourself™" course - Coaching with Allyson Roberts. Tag Allyson inside the private, very active Facebook group or upgrade to have bi-weekly 1:1 sessions - 24/7 Daily Acces... Read more »

By Thomas & Company

For nearly three decades, Thomas & Company has helped our clients achieve outstanding results and savings by managing unemployment claims and taxes. IMPLEMENTATION A project manager, supported by our data integrity team, will work with your team to develop an implementation project plan and... Read more »

By NRI Relocation, Inc.

NRI Relocation is a full service U.S. Corporate Relocation provider dedicated to high-touch Personal Service for employee and client experiences. Our U.S. service menu has market competitive offerings ranging from U.S. departure services, U.S. destination services, and client management... Read more »

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By Paragon Relocation

Paragon provides a full suite of domestic relocation services, including policy and program design, cost estimates, departure and destination services, financial services, including cash management, supply chain management and program management. Paragon Relocation works with large and small... Read more »

By AECC Mobility

When it comes to the reimbursement of incurred expenses, we provide employees with web based and mobile tools to simplify reimbursement requests. A multitude of tasks and responsibilities burden the mobile workforce; it is our role at AECC to alleviate that burden. We deliver prompt, effective... Read more »

By Norris McLaughlin Immigration Law Group

Aliens seeking admission to the United States (U.S.) as immigrants follow one of two paths depending on their residence at the time of application. Aliens living abroad apply for an immigrant visa at a consular office of the Department of State. Once issued a visa, they may enter the U.S. and... Read more »

By Sterling Lexicon

Our U.S. domestic clients turn to us for assistance when moving employees state-to-state or across the country. We listen to what they need, and design exceptional domestic programs from the services we’ve detailed below. Aside from being top-notch listeners, we’re experts on policy review and... Read more »

By Signature Relocation

U.S. Relocation Solutions

Whether you have an employee relocating from city-to-city or coast-to-coast, our experienced counselors guide each transferee through their policy options and help them make the decisions that will result in a successful relocation. We partner with the finest providers of real estate, housing,... Read more »

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By UC Advantage Inc.

UC Advantage produces industry-leading unemployment cost-control programs that yield greater returns for employers than in-house claims administration, and at less expense. Unemployment cost control is all we do, which means employers can depend on UCA for a suite of services, systems, and... Read more »

By uFlexReward

Digitize. Consolidate. Communicate. Real-time reward data on everyone’s desktop. A digital real-time system available to all employees at any time. - Instantly accessible at any point when an employee might want to plan to buy a house, start a family and check pay (and the full range of... Read more »

By Unemployment Tracker

UI Steward has decades of experience in the UI Claims and Cost Management industry along with expertise in how to implement and improve the business practices that allow employers to be more effective at managing this cost. Our consulting experts work with your organization to determine what... Read more »

By Unemployment Tracker

UI SIDES (Unemployment Insurance State Information Data Exchange System) is a web based information exchange system developed to allow true electronic communication between State Unemployment Agencies and Employers/TPA’s (Third Party Administrators/Software Companies). Some of the benefits... Read more »

By KrollConsultants. Global Salary Survey. 180+ Countries

Comprehensive, accurate and high-quality salary survey for the UK. • Covers most industries, including niche Industries • All job families and employee levels • Local national and expatriate positions • Statutory and non-statutory employee benefits, perquisites and allowances • Employment... Read more »


UKG Dimensions, provides a global workforce management solution that is developed on a unified and highly configurable platform, enabling enterprise organizations to meet their unique industry needs while gaining the operational insights needed to elevate their greatest driver of success their... Read more »


UKG Pro delivers unique, culture-driven solutions for midsize to large enterprise companies to support their people through the major and everyday moments they experience while a part of your organization. From paying your people to supporting them, connecting to developing them, and everything... Read more »


Designed for smaller, leaner HR teams, UKG Ready enables organizations to create more connected, relevant, and meaningful work experiences for their people by enabling them to empower employees, ensure they have the right people at the right time, and communicate efficiently and effectively. Read more »

By Moscow Ballet

Moscow Ballet presents Christmas Seasons, a classic collection of treats and treasures to enjoy at home for the holidays. Make it a party with Christmas Seasons party gift baskets or holiday chocolates from our third-generation confection artist. Coffee enthusiasts will enjoy our delightful... Read more »

By ArmadaCare

Ultimate Health supplemental insurance plan, includes: - $50,000 or $100,000 aggregated family coverage for eligible medical, dental, and vision expenses, and items not typically covered under primary plans, like LASIK and massage therapy.* - TopDoc Connect, a specialty matching service that... Read more »

By Tracy Inc.

UltraTime Enterprise is the web-based time and attendance solution suite from Tracy Inc. The system is developed with a modular design, so you can get everything you need without having to purchase modules that you will not use. We offer a range of time entry methods including physical time... Read more »

By Off Duty Officers, Inc.

Unarmed guards act as your first line of defense against angry customers, criminals or unwanted trespassers. The presence of unarmed guards is often all it takes to deter thieves and vandals from attempting to destroy your property or cause a scene. If an incident does occur, unarmed security... Read more »

By WILL Interactive

Explore this important topic in an interactive movie that is engaging, entertaining, and effective. Your people deserve training that reflects the realities and pace of their modern workplace. In thirty minutes of seat time, Unconscious Bias not only introduces the basic concepts of... Read more »

By Traliant

Unconscious Bias Training in the Workplace

Unconscious bias affects decisions and can lead to ignoring individuals and their opinions. Aid your employees in tackling their blind spots and encourage inclusive thinking to create respectful teams. Through awareness and reflection, employees learn to assess and shape their behavior and... Read more »

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By Diversity Builder, Inc.

This course may be facilitated by live interactive webinar or onsite. Biases are inevitable. Acting on them is not. Implicit or Unconscious Bias Training helps companies raise awareness of bias and its potential negative impacts. Next the training helps employees address and resolve bias. Our... Read more »

By SHIFT HR Compliance Training, LLC

Unconscious Bias: Shifting From Awareness To Action

How do our brains process bias? How and when are we most susceptible to bias thinking? What are the impacts of bias behavior? What strategies can we implement to lessen the impact of bias in our everyday interactions? Research has shown that it is easy to spot bias in others. It’s much more... Read more »

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By IntroVentions

Under the Influence Workplace is an evidence-based online intervention course for employees who have violated the Employer’s alcohol policy either through a workplace incident or have tested positive for alcohol during work hours. Confidential drinking profile includes tailored summary of... Read more »

By Addison Solutions Academy

In today's modern workplace, individuals must have a solid grounding in problem-solving fundamentals. The process of identifying and finding solutions to problems in the workplace is referred to as problem-solving. Understanding the fundamental problem and developing new solutions are necessary... Read more »

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By Fair Measures, Inc.

For Non-Managerial Staff – Register Now Harassment, discrimination and workplace bullying impact productivity, employee retention and morale. In this fast paced webinar designed for non-managerial staff, we bring in your organization’s values, as well as the values of the participants, to go... Read more »

By CorpU

Expert Faculty: David Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Understanding Talent Management introduces you to the idea that talent matters and, as a leader and manager of talent, what you can do to set the stage for getting the very best from... Read more »

By Andere Development, LLC

Employers want to keep their employees safe and well. Reducing the number of workplace injuries is a top goal, as well as, for the Federal and State Departments of Labor. Auditors personally visit many employers annually to review records and determine when increases in coverage are appropriate.... Read more »

By Choice Parenting LLC

Are your employees starting their search for quality childcare? We offer fun, informative, and affordable group classes with interactive discussions or seminars to help your employees find quality childcare. During this workshop, we will discuss the benefits, challenges, and feasibility of... Read more »

By UC Alternative

Unemployment Claims & Cost Management

In some states, the State Unemployment Tax Rate (SUI) has gone up 40%, or more. Now is the time to implement greater cost control measures for unemployment. Our program minimizes both costs and time. We determine if you are at your lowest possible rate for your industry and state. Then, we... Read more »

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By Personnel Planners

Supervisor Training, Pre-Termination Guidance, Claims Processing, Hearing Preparation, Hearing Representation, Ruling Appeals, Charge Auditing, Record Maintenance, Online Reporting & More. Read more »

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By Axcet HR Solutions

Axcet HR serves as an unemployment benefits provider, helping clients carve a path through complex unemployment claims. Unemployment benefits are designed to help former employees who lose their jobs and meet certain eligibility requirements. The value of those benefits is undeniable when the... Read more »

By Employers Edge, LLC

Employers Edge delivers the highest quality and most effective unemployment cost control services to employers nationwide. Our experts have saved money for thousands of employers like you. Whether your enterprise is a small local operation or a Fortune 500 company with a national presence,... Read more »

By Personnel Planners

Supervisor Training, Pre-Termination Guidance, Claims Processing, Hearing Preparation, Hearing Representation, Ruling Appeals, Charge Auditing, Record Maintenance, Online Reporting & More. Read more »

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By AdminiSMART

The unemployment tax rate is the only tax rate that YOU can control. From the rising consequences of non-compliance to the erroneous actions made daily by the state, why wouldn’t you want to ensure that you are paying the lowest rate possible? We meticulously monitor tax and claim accuracy... Read more »

By Equifax Workforce Solutions

Reduce your workload and the total cost of managing unemployment claims with one of the nation’s leading providers. Read more »

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By G&A Partners

Successfully Navigate Terminations & Unemployment Benefits Letting an employee go is difficult for all parties involved. It can be difficult on a personal level, and it requires tedious paperwork and the painstaking processes associated with unemployment insurance (UI) claims. We can’t help you... Read more »

By Employers Edge, LLC

Utilizing Employers Edge's unemployment tax consulting services at the time of a transaction ensures customers meet all statutory reporting and compliance requirements, minimize or prevent (where possible) the carry-forward of any predecessor liabilities and pursue strategies allowed by law to... Read more »

By Employers Edge, LLC

Finding the hidden treasure. Defending you against unqualified unemployment claims is just the beginning. In addition to the ongoing tax and auditing services included with our core unemployment claims management services, Employers Edge also offers a menu of advanced unemployment tax planning... Read more »

By Unemployment Tracker

Want to get the power to effectively manage your unemployment claims and costs, but don’t want to build your own software application or let someone else be responsible for housing your data? We have a solution for you. Unemployment Tracker is now available in an enterprise version that allows... Read more »

By Unemployment Tracker

Managing Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims is no easy task. It’s an ever-changing, never-ending process. It is time-consuming, complicated, and expensive, but controlling these costs is a critical part of ensuring your business’ financial wellbeing. Failing to stay on top of this complex... Read more »

By Unemployment Tracker

The Unemployment Tracker UI Claim Software tool is designed to provide busy employers like you with an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for managing your unemployment claims in-house. Now you can put your own UI claims expertise to work because we are putting all of the tools for... Read more »

By UnifyWork

UnifyWork created the first equitable workforce intelligence platform. Our patented skill-based technology provides real-time data on job market supply and demand to help regions unleash the potential of their workforce and foster economic growth. This technology creates a faster, more... Read more »

By Union Avoidance Group

Introducing our comprehensive Union Avoidance service, designed to evaluate your organization's workforce and identify potential threats from labor unions. Our team of experienced consultants will conduct a thorough analysis of both internal and external factors that could impact the likelihood... Read more »

By Union Avoidance Group

Union Avoidance: this course goes into detail all the basics your organization needs in order to make unions a non issue in your workplace. Some of the topics cover the history of unions, labor law, union card signing techniques, union communication methods, indicators of a work environment ripe... Read more »


We make benefits feel like benefits. With 50+ different benefit accounts on one configurable platform. Our Universal Benefit Account offers more than 50 different benefits with one user experience, one card, and one app all from one vendor. When legislation changes, we only have to change one... Read more »

By Eric Currie Speaking and Workshops

Are you ready to embark on an expedition that will redefine your life? Join 'Unleash Your B.O.L.D. Impact,' a dynamic training class that empowers individuals to break free from constraints, reduce overwhelm, take risks, and embrace change to create a life of purpose, productivity, and... Read more »

By Alliance Background LLC

Unsurpassed Value

Alliance Background is focused on supporting the needs of HR Professionals. Alliance serves as a trusted advisor to our clients and strives to earn the trust of our customers every day. Integrity is the foundation of everything we do, honesty, trust, and transparency is ingrained in our company... Read more »

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By Safe Haven Dialogues LLC

UNTIL YOU WALK IN MY SHOES: A Reframing Methodology to Overcome Systemic Discrimination

UNTIL YOU WALK IN MY SHOES: A Reframing Methodology to Overcome Systemic Discrimination, has two sections. The first section describes the Framework and Process of the Reframing Methodology, and the second section consists of 18 cases in which the Reframing Methodology is implemented. The... Read more »

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