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About Talent Edge Group

Talent Edge Group is a global talent management and leadership development company. We help organizations thrive by partnering with them to develop high performing leaders and teams and create a culture of engagement where employees stay and are empowered to do their best work and reach their potential.

Our solutions include:

► Customized Leadership Development through our Level UP Programs, designed to meet the needs of leaders at every level including emerging leaders, front-line, mid-level, and senior leaders.

► Manager & Team Training – we design custom training events that provide management skills training and help teams leverage their collective strengths to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Our events are highly interactive, and application focused. We offer live, instructor-led, virtual, and in-person training to meet every need.

► Executive | Leadership coaching – our team of certified executive coaches help leaders grow in their EQ and interpersonal skills to boost leadership effectiveness and achieve greater business results.

► Succession Planning – we work with leaders to assess their existing talent pool and identify critical positions and high potential talent at every level in the organization and create a plan and roadmap for succession planning.

► Talent Selection & Development – we help companies save thousands of dollars through a patented job benchmarking process that helps them avoid the cost of a bad hire and significantly reduces turnover. Our assessments are bias-free and meet EEOC and OFCCP requirements.

► Assessments – we offer a broad array of assessments including 360 feedback, pre-hire, personality, motivators, team dynamics, competencies, job fit, employee engagement, business acumen and stress quotient.

All assessments are EEOC and OFCCP compliant and come in different versions including: individual contributor, management, executive, sales, comparison reports between two employees, and team versions.

► Organizational Health – we offer a customized 360 diagnostic tool to assess organizational development priorities such as employee engagement, leadership effectiveness, customer satisfaction, culture, and sales effectiveness.

► Employee Engagement – we use a science-based engagement profile to help leaders uncover what matters most to each individual and understand how to draw out the best in their people.

► Talent Edge LearnTM LMS – Our innovative, AI powered learning management system makes learning “stickable” and fun for leaders and saves time and stress for HR and LD teams by streamlining the reporting and tracking and efficacy of their employee’s learning journey. Integrates seamlessly with most other LMS/HRIS systems.


Prioritized Leader Profile | DISC | 12 Driving Forces | TriEQ | TriDNA | Clifton StrengthsTM | Stress Quotient | Selling Skills Index |Employee Engagement |Team Member Style | Communication Style | Conflict Style | Leadership Style | Change Leadership

Leadership Skills Training:

Frontline Manager Fundamentals | Creative Problem Solving | Critical Thinking | Influencing Others | Delegating | Effective Listening | Emotional Intelligence | Communicating Effectively | Leading Others through Change | Managing Up | Resilience | Executive Presence | Executive Presentations | Building a culture of trust | Managing a Remote Workforce | Managing Across Generations | Respectful Workplace

Products by Talent Edge Group

By Talent Edge Group

Executive Coaching Our certified executive coaches provide a safe, structured, and high trust environment in which to offer support for the individual. The coach helps a leader understand their current competencies, see how they are perceived by others, and focus on identifying and clarifying current goals as well... Read more »

By Talent Edge Group

Emotional Intelligence Training Talent Edge Group offers programs specifically designed to improve EQ, including six to twelve month Executive Coaching engagements for leaders and half to full day training classes for leadership teams. Talent Edge Group uses the TriMetrix®EQ profile to measure a leader’s emotional... Read more »

By Talent Edge Group

Leadership Training Through our Level Up training programs, we expand the skills of leaders at every level from front-line and first-time supervisors to mid-level managers and directors up to senior executives and the C-suite. Our Level Up Supervisor Essentials program is designed for emerging and front-line... Read more »

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Content by Talent Edge Group

Frontline Leader Development Program

Frontline Leader Development Program

Frontline Leader Development Program

By Talent Edge Group

Our Level UP leadership development programs are designed to build new skills and mindsets for leaders to help them grow in leadership effectiveness and prepares them to advance to the next level. We have programs for emerging and frontline leaders, mid-level and senior leaders. Each program...
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Testimonial - Leadership Development Program

Testimonial - Leadership Development Program

Testimonial - Leadership Development Program

By Talent Edge Group

Client testimonial on buildout of leadership development program.
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Buildout of a Custom Leadership Development Program

Buildout of a Custom Leadership Development Program

Buildout of a Custom Leadership Development Program

By Talent Edge Group

Developed a custom leadership development program that addressed the needs of leaders at every level and also designed a corporate university that addressed the learning and development needs of 700 employees across 4 locations.
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Clients of Talent Edge Group

  • Starkey Hearing
  • Frontier Energy
  • Sleep Number
  • Bellisio Foods
  • US Bank
  • Caterpillar
  • Cedar Fair Entertainment
  • Ameriprise Financial
  • University of St. Thomas
  • Unitron Hearing
  • Manufacturers Alliance
  • IWCO
  • MarCor
  • Digital River

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