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By Human Capital Solutions, Inc.

Healthcare organizations are constantly progressing and changing. There is an imminent need for companies to have new sources of growth, innovation, responses to change, and dynamic strategies. It is pivotal the right leaders are appointed to bring about these needs for success. In executive... Read more »

By Pierpoint International

Healthcare RPO Solutions

Get the Cure for Your Healthcare Talent Acquisition Needs Overcome healthcare talent shortages and match the increasing need for care to deliver favorable patient outcomes with a personalized talent acquisition solution. Read more »

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By Hire Image LLC

Provides sanction information on healthcare individuals. This search meets the requirements for screening by the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) Compliance Program with information from the following data sources: OIG, General Services Administration, Federal Drug Administration, Drug... Read more »

By Castle Connolly Medical Ltd.

* Personal and professional assistance in resolving any kind of healthcare issue, such as: - Finding the right doctor for specific conditions or treatments - Assistance with gaining timely access to a Top Doctor and top hospital or treatment center - Arranging for a second opinion, including all... Read more »

By Crescent City Recruitment Group

FOR CLIENTS: We search through hundreds of potential employees to find elite professionals who have what it takes to meet your highest standards. We conduct assessments and interviews to be certain that they are the right fit for your corporate culture. When we bring candidates to the table, our... Read more »

By HealthFitness

Our top priority is to engage your people with a variety of programming options, wherever and whenever works best for them — whether in person, at home or on the go. We build more than fitness centers and comprehensive programs; we build relationships, helping your people feel that they belong... Read more »

By Global Health Metrics, LLC

Get a handle on your health with a fast and free Health Risk Assessment, or HRA. The HRA shows how your lifestyle choices affect your health. See what you can do to be healthier and live a longer life. Read more »

By Solutran

The Healthy Savings program is supported by a consortium of partners whose mission is to Change the Way America Eats. Designed for employers to make it easier and more affordable for employees to buy healthy foods, Healthy Savings supports both financial and physical wellness for all employees... Read more »

By Helm

Helm is an employee connection platform. We ramp new hires to productivity faster and save people leaders over 20 hours per new hire. And ultimately help their employees feel like they belong — wherever they're working. Helm makes it easy to onboard new hires right in Slack. We facilitate... Read more »

By WellSpark Health

Help 364

The weight of a chronic disease can be a heavy burden and employees often suffer in silence, potentially costing more than just healthcare claims. Undue expense as a result of absenteeism, workers' compensation, and disability are some of the ways chronic diseases may impact... Read more »

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By HR365

SharePoint Ticketing System – Helpdesk 365  Ready to transform your customer support experience? Boost your team’s productivity and customer experience with SharePoint ticketing system. Our Helpdesk software is a fully automated helpdesk ticketing system that reduces manual work by automating... Read more »

By Andere Development, LLC

NOW ON AMAZON PRIME! This information-packed Tool-Kit contains FMLA and EEOC guides, samples of policy manuals for all 50 states, HR documents, sample forms, 121 job descriptions with development template and much more! Our Records Retention Guide will save you months of research and help you... Read more »

By Andere Development, LLC

Many employers believe OSHA will never affect their type of business. Anything OSHA considers a hazard will be fined under the General Duty Clause even if there is no actual ‘law’ written about that particular hazard. The 2015 employer record-keeping and reporting guidelines have increased... Read more »

By Andere Development, LLC

NOW ON AMAZON PRIME! The DOL reports 72% of employers are making regular payroll errors. Is your department struggling due to a lack of affordable training and resources? Do you need a Payroll Compliance Toolbox? Audit-Secure your payroll department with HelpDesk. Inside you will find a 55... Read more »

By CorpU

Expert Faculty: David Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Uncovering the why of work is what drives people to do their best; armed with a sense of purpose, employees perform better and demonstrate higher levels of engagement. The organization... Read more »

By HidrateSpark

HidrateSpark PRO, the world's smartest water bottle ever created. Available in stainless steel vacuum insulated material, keeping drinks cold up to 24 hours and lightweight, shatter and odor resistant Tritan ™ plastic. LED smart sensor “puck” glows to remind you when it’s time to drink and... Read more »

By HidrateSpark

HidrateSpark PRO 20oz tumbler, the world's smartest tumbler ever created. Available in stainless steel vacuum insulated material, keeping drinks cold up to 14 hours and hot up to 4 hours. LED smart sensor “puck” glows to remind you when it’s time to drink and tracks your liquid intake by syncing... Read more »


What You’ll Learn Learn to communicate with clarity and certainty, interact with a natural and composed demeanor, and convey complex material directly and simply. Discover ways to project confidence and enthusiasm while building credibility. Explore techniques to overcome adverse situations and... Read more »

By Lausanne Business Solutions

Will your team succeed? Now more than ever, teams must optimize their performance in order to continue to progress in today’s competitive environment. In order to do this, your team must become a high performaning team. At Lausanne Business Solutions, our consultants leverage their expertise in... Read more »

By DeGarmo

High Potentials

Identifying future leaders within your organization is a necessary practice in today’s workplace. However, many companies often rely primarily on subjective measures to identify their HiPos, and HiPos can fall short of achieving their full potential due to a lack of information about how to help... Read more »

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By Pierpoint International

High Volume Hiring

Fast Ramp and Scale with High-Volume Hiring RPO Solutions Get the right talent at volume in the right timeframe to support rapid growth, reach new markets, or meet seasonal demands. Read more »

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By Western Governors University

WGU has been different since the very beginning. We were designed in 1995 by 19 U.S. governors whose driving goal was to break the mold of traditional higher education and come out on the other side with something new, something innovative: something that harnesses technology to teach in new... Read more »

By ESI Employee Assistance Group EAP

Higher Education EAP

Higher ED EAP was designed in recognition that the educational and campus environment is a unique workplace with unique challenges. It offers all our core benefits, while also providing tools and resources that address issues faced by Higher Ed faculty, staff and the campus at large. Read more »

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By DCI Consulting


Addressing Pay Equity and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at higher education institutions: Across the country, students, faculty and the public are urging universities to examine their practices for equity across race and gender. Higher education institutions need to prioritize these issues. Our... Read more »

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By HighMatch

The HighMatch Aptitude Test is a configurable pre-employment assessment that measures logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and other qualities related to general intelligence including rapid problem-solving, spatial visualization, and vocabulary. Aptitudes determine how quickly employees can... Read more »

By HighMatch

Skill assessment tests are a critical part of any pre-employment assessment, providing an unbiased measurement of a candidate’s ability to perform or understand a duty that is expected of them. Our core suite of skill assessment tests are written by expert technical writers with 20+ years of... Read more »

By HighMatch

Our team of industrial and organizational (I/O) psychologists has developed our personality assessment test over the course of the last 15 years. Our personality assessment provides you with actionable insights that help you predict a candidate’s performance in a role before you hire them.... Read more »

By KeenAlignment

Paving the way for workforce alignment and a constructive corporate culture is instrumental in fulfilling the mission of the enterprise. Our highly effective Constructive Culture Kickstarter program is the platform for implementing a “Best Place to Work” corporate culture and elevates your... Read more »


The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires protection of identifiable health information, otherwise known as Protected Health Information (PHI). To remain compliant, employers must have in place certain safeguards, policies, and procedures to protect the security of... Read more »

By mHealthCoach

The COVID-19 Employee Screening Solution is for organizations to safeguard the health and safety of employees, facilities, and visitors. The system proactively manages the safety of all. We're on a mission to help bring the labor force back to life You can safely resume your businesses by... Read more »

By HireMax

Prepare, Attract, Hire & Retain PAHR (we call it the Boston pronunciation of PAR) is a 4 step process that we developed to help organizations improve their hiring processes and increase their hiring and retention success. Since 1991 our services and assessment options have been constantly... Read more »

By Paycom

Find, hire and onboard the best employees with Paycom’s Talent Acquisition tools. Talent and skill shortages have created a highly competitive landscape. To find employees who can effectively execute your vision and power your business, you need every edge you can get. Let Paycom help you win... Read more »


When you need additional help to grow your workforce, you don't always have the time and resources to source, interview and select contract recruiters. That’s why so many companies opt to use companies like ContractRecruiter. Unfortunately, traditional staffing agencies don’t always deliver the... Read more »

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By HireClub

We get it, sometimes layoffs happen. No one is to blame, it’s just that the world can be an unpredictable place and companies are sometimes forced to make some tough decisions. If you’re reading this, then we know you’re a leader who cares about your employees and we want to help you support... Read more »

By MorganHR


Compensation Talent Search: Once your program is set, take advantage of our HireComp offering to make sure you have the ability to keep it going year after year. We’ll work side-by-side with you to identify your talent needs and search for the right candidate to help you maintain and evolve... Read more »

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By Silverwood Associates

SILVERWOOD ASSOCIATES INTRODUCES “Hire Right the First Time” Low Cost, On-line, Easy to Use Measures traits and skills for success in your role Customization is easy and free Identify- Develop- Retain Talent Pre-assembled Profiles are available for industries such as: •General Employee... Read more »

By Hirezon Corporation

Higher Ed Job Aggregator to list all Higher Educations Jobs for applicants to apply. Read more »

By Talent Authority

Hiring and Selection

Many assessment solutions require a significant one-time fee and staff time commitment coupled with an commitment to use and annually license a platform. Other assessments require an investment of time and staff resources to become an expert on deciphering the results and then keeping current... Read more »

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By DCI Consulting


If you are considering a significant increase in workforce, it’s crucial to review and evaluate your process. Project Scope: DCI consultants provide analytics and EEO guidance identifying potential adverse impact on categories such as race/ethnicity, sex, and age. When making significant... Read more »

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By At Ease Solutions, LLC

Found a talented college student or recent college graduate who is on a student visa pursuing practical training or academic training? At Ease works with your team to ensure compliance with employment verification as well as with any special payroll withholding needs. At Ease can assist with... Read more »

By myHR Partner, Inc.

It’s no secret that your most valuable resources are your employees. Therefore, it’s crucial that the hiring for your organization is done exceptionally well, paving the way for your success. That’s where we come in. We’re a group of passionate hiring experts who blend into your culture and... Read more »

By Fingercheck

Hire the Best People Make the hiring process more efficient by tracking all job postings, applicants, résumés and interviews in one place. Read more »

By PCI Talent Assessment Solutions

Our customized hiring solutions for Individual Contributors through C-Suite Executives are grounded in science and highly predictive of job performance and advancement potential. We offer a flexible approach to designing assessments that can include online tests and surveys, telephone... Read more »

By AppleOne Employment Services

From gaining budget approval, to marketing your opportunity, interviewing, and making the offer, these tools will help you achieve your staffing goals. Read more »


Onboarding is a snap when all of the new-hire forms are available online and the new employee is guided step-by-step through the automated forms completion process. Employee data is entered only once, after which it is stored in the system and used to automatically populate corresponding fields... Read more »

By HiringThing

For companies looking for enterprise-level hiring functionality. -Unlimited Active Jobs -Dedicated Account Manager -Guided Setup -Custom Workflow Design -Custom Training and Onboarding -Audit Log -Workflow Integration -Roles and Permissions Manager -USPS Address Validation -Applicant Distance... Read more »

By HiringThing

For recruiting teams & growing companies that need more complete hiring solutions. -Up to 10 Active Jobs -Message Templates -Bulk Resume Imports -Offer Letters -Onboarding Documents -Unlimited Users -Online Job Posting -Applicant Tracking -Job Boards -Premium Support -Form Builder™ -Applicant... Read more »

By HiringThing

For larger companies with sophisticated and robust hiring needs. -Up to 30 Active Jobs -Workflow Integration -Roles and Permissions Manager -USPS Address Validation -Applicant Distance Search -Message Templates -Bulk Resume Imports -Offer Letters -Onboarding Documents -Unlimited Users -Online... Read more »

By HiringThing

For small companies looking for an easy, intuitive solution to manage their hiring process. -Up to 5 Active Jobs -Unlimited Users -Online Job Posting -Applicant Tracking -Job Boards -Premium Support -Form Builder™ -Applicant Tagging All plans include: unlimited users, reports and analytics,... Read more »

By Strategic Benefits Advisors

SBA's data analysis strategies, combined with our deep understanding of employee benefits, uniquely qualify SBA to organize, analyze, research and resolve data issues. If you are undertaking a new system implementation or conversion from an old system, data issues can derail even the... Read more »