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By Tulloch Consulting

Unsure of where you stand in terms of your people practices? Worried you may not be compliant, or have the best methods in place for hiring and retaining great staff? An HR audit allows us to review all of your HR activities throughout the entire employee lifecycle - how you hire, onboard,... Read more »

By Trüpp

HR Audits

Are you wondering about your company's compliance and effectiveness? Whether you're concerned about attracting and retaining top talent, complying with changing employment law, or want to ensure your business is running at peak efficiency, getting a clear picture of where you are at and... Read more »

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By WorldWisePartners

An HR audit includes a detailed look at HR policies, procedures, and processes to ensure that they are adequate, effective, and compliant to meet legal regulations. Gaps that are revealed through an audit can be prioritized and closed through training and process changes to avoid compliance... Read more »

By HR Avatar, Inc.

Conduct and manage live video interviews from within your HR Avatar account. When you perform live interviews via HR Avatar, you get a host of useful benefits. For instance, you can: - Easily schedule a live video interview while viewing test results (and vice versa). - Customize an interview... Read more »

By HR Avatar, Inc.

HR Avatar is the online pre-employment test tool that makes it easy to objectively make great hires. HR Avatar provides pre-employment tests, job simulations, and assessments for over 200 specific job titles in an easy-to-use, self-service format for employers. Each test measures a full range... Read more »

By HR Avatar, Inc.

Are you looking to save time screening your candidates? HR Avatar offers virtual video interviews that can do just the trick. Instead of wasting time with undesirable candidates performing phone interviews, you can use a pre-recorded video interview instead. The candidate answers a series of... Read more »

By Flimp Communications

HR Benefits Video Library

Our ever-expanding educational video library includes 80+ pre-produced titles in English and Spanish, including medical benefits, specialty benefits, financial wellness and an array of HR topics. The video library is particularly helpful for employers with bilingual or younger workforces and... Read more »

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By Institute of Organization Development

HR Business Partner Online Certification Program (HRBP)

The HRBP Certification Program is designed to help participants learn to consult and partner with their clients to develop strategies, manage change, improve processes, solve problems, resolve conflicts, and improve relationships. Participants will examine how HR departments have transformed... Read more »

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By HR Learning Center LLC.

CD-ROM DESKTOP EMPLOYMENT LAW TRAINING PROGRAMS When you purchase our CD-Rom Desktop Employment Law Training Program your workforce will be able to participate benefit from our important employment law training at a time and place most convenient to them. The training is easy to view whenever... Read more »

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By Infopro Learning, Inc.

Today's workforce expects a consumer-grade employee experience that will empower them to perform their best and guide their own career paths. Leyla, the HR chatbot for employee learning and development, fast-tracks employee productivity, builds organizational bench strength, and decreases the... Read more »

By Flimp Communications

HR Communications Software and Content

Digital Postcards are Flimp’s flagship product and a proven-effective way to engage employees and drive response. They provide everything your team needs to learn about and act on virtually any topic. And, when combined with educational videos, they’re the perfect vehicle to deliver HR messages... Read more »

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By EMP Trust HR

With a powerful feature rich database that captures all employee data, workflow process and tools we offer effective solutions to manage your Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) with your internal HRIS and ERP solutions. Read more »

By EverythingHR

Federal, State, and Local employment laws are complex, often conflicting, and at times counter-intuitive. Violations, unintentional as they may be, lead to lawsuits, fines, bad publicity, loss of talent, employee dissatisfaction, and lost business. Mitigating those risks is a key measure of... Read more »

By G&A Partners

Maintain Employment Regulatory Compliance Each year, thousands of new and revised regulations are passed. Some affect your workplace, others don’t. Staying compliant with, and aware of ever-changing regulations can add a layer of complexity to your business operations that, quite frankly, can... Read more »

By Equifax Workforce Solutions

Connect your new hire forms and onboarding compliance management into one hassle-free experience for everyone. Read more »

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By HRO Partners

We offer these HR compliance solutions: HR Building Blocks HR Risk Assessment HR On Call Advisor Services Handbook Development Job Descriptions HR Processes Procedure Development Read more »

By myHR Partner, Inc.

myHR Partner’s Compliance Management is among our most sought-after services. Few businesses have the expertise in-house to effectively monitor and meet ever-changing regulations. myHR Partner’s expertise covers all fifty U.S. states, ensuring compliance for you and your employees no matter... Read more »


In today’s ever-changing landscape for business owners and CEOs, understanding HR laws and regulations, and compliance for business owners is a critical area for all employers. We help business owners and federal contractors to avoid fatal mistakes that can cost millions. We Provide Employee... Read more »

By Asure Software & HR

HR Compliance Services and HR Outsourcing

For a fraction the cost of in-house HR staff, our certified HR experts help you stay compliant, avoid costly fines and litigation, and develop the talent you need to grow your business. We focus on HR so you don’t have to. HR laws have changed dramatically in recent years with a barrage of new... Read more »

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By Engage PEO

Our team of HR consultants are licensed attorneys, which means we are well-equipped to ensure important HR processes won't fall through the cracks, and you and your staff stay informed on industry changes and regulations. Our attorneys are well-versed in employment law and can efficiently... Read more »

By Traliant

HR Compliance Training Courses

An online compliance training program that is tailored to the organization’s workforce and is easy to roll out, access, and manage frees HR teams to focus less on processes and more on connecting and engaging with employees and managers. Read more »

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By Bizhaven

HR Consultation

Needing help with a tricky situation or HR task but you're not sure where to begin? Your HR Business Partner is available for any day to day HR-related questions or issues that may arise. As situations come up, rest assured, your Bizhaven HRBP is only a call, text, or email away and offers same... Read more »

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By EngageHRnow

Numerous clients reach out knowing that they need assistance but just aren’t sure where or how to get started. At EngageHRnow we work with our clients to determine their HR needs, help them prioritize and offer them cost-efficient solutions. Our HR services are tailored to your needs. Read more »

By Triton Benefits & HR Solutions

HR Consulting

Triton HR’s approach to HR outsourcing is different; we work directly with the HR professional as their advocate. Our comprehensive and deeply knowledgeable approach to various disciplines is designed to ease the burden placed on the HR department. We take on the meaningful challenge of... Read more »

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By Mylestone HR Consulting, LLC.

The following is a brief schedule of our services and solutions. I. HR Consulting - Retention & Succession Planning - HR Program Development/Reengineering - HR Capability Assessment Read more »

By PrestigePEO

Important HR questions deserve quick and accurate answers. When companies partner with PrestigePEO, they get the dedicated, one-on-one expertise of our team of professionals. Our clients can focus on growing their business while we guide and support a full suite of HR needs along the way. Read more »

By G&A Partners

Support your company’s growth with an expert, dependable, and comprehensive HR infrastructure. Building an internal human resources department takes time, money, and energy. As your business grows, the level and scale of services you provide employees multiplies. Your exposure to employment... Read more »

By Structure for Success

HR Consulting

Create the company culture that attracts and retains the right people. Structure for Success is here to help. There is absolutely no reason that your dream business can’t become your real business. All it takes is a clear, strategic human resources plan. At Structure for Success, we are here... Read more »

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By Talent Savant

We partner with you beyond just hiring! Need compensation and workforce analysis? We can do that. Our experienced HR specialists have years of experience partnering with leaders to create a strategic workforce plan. Read more »

By FosterThomas

Placing Your Business First. Every business is unique, as are its human resource needs. That’s why FosterThomas’ human resource management solutions serve to develop HR initiatives that align with your organization’s overall mission and strategic goals. Our hr management solutions can either be... Read more »

By Randstad RiseSmart

Delivered as 90-minute sessions, either in person or via a webinar, our SmartSessions Workshops are designed by HR leadership and management experts and delivered to address a variety of workforce challenges, including career development and transition, redeployment, resiliency, and manager... Read more »

By Trüpp

HR Consulting Services

HR expertise tailored to the needs of your business. Trupp HR Consulting Services encompass a broad spectrum of HR disciplines designed to provide HR expertise that supports the success of your organization. Our delivery of consulting services is based upon the timely execution of agreed-upon... Read more »

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By Fuse Analytics

Human Resources departments across the globe are working towards evolving into strategic business units. The single biggest hurdle to this transformation is consolidating and cleansing global HR and Payroll data. Most organizations are sitting on multiple systems like PeopleSoft, SAP, Workday,... Read more »

By The WorkPlace Group®

HR Consulting services provide many ways to help manage your workforce. Read more »

By The AR Group, LLC

HR Consulting Services

Good HR is the backbone of any strong company. No matter your specific needs, we have a variety of HR services to help you promote and implement effective employee management processes and policies, ensure compliance, and create a positive workplace culture. Employee Handbooks Policy will... Read more »

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By Elevated Talent Consulting

We partner with you to authentically and confidently remove the barriers to your business success through enrolling and unleveling your people! Yes, sometimes the up-leveling means at a different organization. Here's the thing - our goal is that your problem gets solved. Not just the... Read more »

By Clarity HR Consulting

HR Core Docs greatly impacts your business by mitigating risk and helping you remain compliant with state and federal law. - Employee Handbooks - Job Descriptions - Onboarding + New Hire Documents - Performance, Disciplinary + Termination Forms - Compensation Analysis - 60-minute Training on... Read more »

By fromAB

Human resources is a multi-layered operation and sometimes clients need help navigating it. Clients' needs vary in commitment size, service needs, time and more. Counsel from a certified professional helps clients to better position their company and retain employees. Read more »

By BullseyeEngagement

Gain real-time insight into key human capital analytics & metrics Understanding your organization and what its strengths and weaknesses are is important when it comes to the overall growth and success of your organization. To stumble through the work week with no real insight on the people and... Read more »

By Trusaic

HR Data Quality

Every day business leaders make countless decisions based on data. Yet 1 in 3 senior executives readily admit that they don’t trust their data, and - a full 92% are concerned about the negative impact of data and analytics on the corporation's reputation. The reality is that dirty data is... Read more »

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By Ganaz, Inc.

No pen. No Paper. Easily scan workers' IDs to complete onboarding forms legibly and accurately. Save time with one fully compliant Electronic Signature for all forms. Digitize all worker handouts, deliver by text message. Work with your existing hiring packet and build a custom onboarding... Read more »

By McCambley Consulting

I can be your small company HR Director! I will work with you and your company in an ongoing HR capacity and handle all HR responsibilities. All policies provided will be white labeled and yours to keep in perpetuity. Services would include benefits administration, policy development, record... Read more »

By Hr Service, Inc.

HR eSolutions offers 100% online tools and esolutions that help simplify human resource management practices. We help you attract and retain your best talent, maximize the productivity of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees and create an outstanding culture. We... Read more »


We provide simple and effective spreadsheet solutions (Excel and Google Sheets templates) designed for HR professionals. Whether you are part of a large organization or a small one, spreadsheets are very handy to perform a lot of HR related tasks. We have more than 20 templates (free and... Read more »

By Cowen Partners Executive Search

As a leading human resources executive search firm for years, Cowen Partners is home to some of the nation’s top HR recruiters. Discover the difference a team of experienced, dedicated, exceptional executive recruiters can make when you are looking for your next human resources leader. With our... Read more »

By Elevated Talent Consulting

Are you a small business owner that cares deeply about the people that serve your organization while building a compliant HR foundation to attract and retain the right people for to best serve your clients? The Foundation Elite package pulls up the hood on the HR function in your business and... Read more »

By Elevated Talent Consulting

Learn the key documents necessary to set clear expectations with your staff, which also provide the framework for a compliant program. These documents ensure you are creating the space in your small business for every employee- and you- to be fulfilled in the work that they do. What is the HR... Read more »

By Routledge,Taylor and Francis Group

This design for future-ready human resources is a futurist guide to the challenges and changes lying ahead in the world of work and offers a way forward. The world of work is evolving at an exponential rate, and significant shifts are expected. COVID-19 was a warm-up lap and an accelerator of... Read more »

By Professional Adulting

An inclusive problem solving program to advance the collaborative & authentic change within your HR department. This program supports the development of progressive strategies to workforce challenges and opportunities posed by generational shifts, technological advances and cultural adaptations. Read more »

By Clarity HR Consulting

Our HR Health Check focuses on providing awareness of the internal state of HR within the organization, and where to direct strategic efforts for improvement. The package includes: - An Employee Climate Survey - Existing HR Assessment, looking at - Processes - Records -... Read more »