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Board Meeting Executive Team Meeting Strategic Planning Meeting Manager Meeting Safety Meeting Brainstorming Meeting Project Planning Meeting New Team Meeting Task Force Meeting New Technology Implementation Meeting Board Retreat Company Retreat Executive Team Retreat Leadership... Read more »

By Retreat & Learn

In-person retreats and workshops are offered at client sites as well as at two riverfront locations that offer tranquil views — one over the Wicomico River and one over the Potomac. South Hatton, a private waterfront home on the Wicomico River, offers quiet places to sit and reflect, large... Read more »

By HSD Metrics

COVID-19 has affected each of us in different ways, from small businesses to large corporations. As some states return to work in the days ahead, we know that many employers open their doors to staff and customers with some degree of apprehension. We understand that companies may want to... Read more »

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By ofPartner LLC

Colleges and universities are seeking to improve operational efficiency and streamline outdated processes. Faced with funding and other financial challenges, educational institutions need better information to guide their most critical decisions and shape their future. In response to this need,... Read more »

By ofPartner LLC

RevelationLegal is a unique analysis tool that delivers unprecedented insight into your operations by analyzing the job-related activities performed by each individual within your firm. Developed specifically for law firms, RevelationLegal provides a holistic view of your organization that can... Read more »

By ofPartner LLC

RevelationLegal-i is an extension of RevelationLegal, ofPartner’s revolutionary analysis tool designed for legal and administrative teams—even entire firms. We created this “i”ndividual version to empower solo practitioners, managing partners, practice group leaders and administrative... Read more »

By WorkRamp

Equip your sales team with on-demand training to increase rep efficiency, drive revenue performance, and close more deals. Create an onboarding bootcamp that allows your sales reps to ramp faster and hit quotas sooner. Hit your revenue targets with a training program that focuses on coaching... Read more »

By HCR Software Solutions, Inc.

You know how much your organization does for your employees. But do the employees know? On an ongoing basis, increasing costs for housing and healthcare are making an impression. Now is not the time to hope employees get the employee value proposition. It is time to get intentional and make some... Read more »

By Marketing Innovators International Inc

Reward Codes Reward Your Employees with Personalized E-Gift Cards of Their Choice The MI Gift Cards reward code program empowers your teams, customers or channel partners with the freedom to choose their own digital reward, redeemable from a huge selection of name-brand gift cards. No more pressure to... Read more »

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By Tango Card

A Reward Link is simply the easiest way to give the reward of choice. With dozens of premium gift cards, and with digital delivery, recipients will receive the reward value instantly. Reward Link recipients are a few simple clicks away from choosing the gift card they really want. Read more »

By Mercer

We can help you design rewards plans to attract and retain top talent, and give you confidence that your job openings are competitive. We can also help you manage the talent you have, from your sales team to your executives, with advice on salary benchmarking, executive rewards and more. Job... Read more »

By xoxoday

Leverage our rewards and incentives platform to send digital gift cards to multiple recipients across the globe instantly and securely. Read more »

By Qarrot

Offer your employees a global catalog with 200+ leading brands. Read more »

By xoxoday

Use our global rewards catalog to send digital gift cards from popular brands, spread across 20+ categories like experience, electronics, prepaid cards, etc. Read more »

By HRSoft

REWARDview™ is an online employee communication portal that gives employers a proactive year-round, strategic tool to engage and retain employees by providing a better understanding of the full value of their compensation package including salary, benefits, equity and more. This centralized... Read more »

By Rhabit Analytics

Experience the transformative power of feedback. Rhabit combines the latest research in organizational psychology with beautiful, human-centered software to unlock the power of continuous employee feedback. Read more »

By Security Concepts Group LLC

Your security team may have a good response when the time comes for inspection, but how well do your security controls stand up during normal operations? Security Concepts Group’s assessment and analysis methods not only find the gaps, but they also can test the Standard Operating Procedures... Read more »

By XpertHR

Whether used to launch an entirely new compliance program or to support, power and validate your existing compliance processes, these sophisticated interactive risk assessment tools increase the speed, confidence and accuracy of answering complex compliance issues. Read more »

By G&A Partners

G&A can create, implement, and maintain a workplace safety program that protects your employees and your business Read more »

By Intelldata

We have a history of flagging high risk indivudals in clients databases and building apps that screen for criminals. Read more »

By Benefits Square

Risk Management & Compliance The protection you need. Managing the workers’ compensation and risk management component of your business can be complicated. Benefits Square can help. From harassment claims to wage and hour disputes, Benefits Square risk management consultants help ensure your employee policies and training... Read more »

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By Integrity Employee Leasing

Invest in Prevention and Peace of Mind While determining the financial outcome of an unforeseen incident may be near impossible for a business owner, Integrity can provide guidance to our clients regarding loss prevention and safety practices. Read more »

By SpruceHR

Risk Management Strategy Plans Security | Business Continuity | Emergency & Disaster Preparedness | Identification of Hazards Risk Management is the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks, and the application of resources to minimize, monitor and control the probability and impact of those risks accordingly.... Read more »

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By Clearpath Global

The Clearpath risk mitigation team has extensive experience developing, implementing, and managing programs in the United States and throughout the world, including in challenging environments such as Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We provide on-site expertise to clients through... Read more »

By AllenComm

Risk, Regulatory, and Compliance Training Compliance training is not just about presenting information to employees and getting them back to work as quickly as possible. We help you create custom solutions that meet compliance and regulatory standards, but also align with your organization’s procedures, culture, and philosophy. For... Read more »

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RiskRate Third Party Risk Management Software RiskRate Powers Your Third-Party Risk Management and Enterprise Due Diligence Program RiskRate delivers a robust solution for your third-party risk management and enterprise due diligence program. Execute on your risk-based third-party risk management program with centralized onboarding,... Read more »

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By STS Systems Support, LLC.

The NIST Risk Management Framework is governed by documents known as special publications, including SP 800-37 and SP 800-39 NIST publishes a catalog of security controls known as the SP 800-53 Rev 4 (soon SP 800-53 Rev 5, in 2019), to which defense components will now look to when implementing... Read more »

By The Center for Respectful Leadership

We help you navigate the tough stuff. CRL’s Roadmap to Respect™ is a groundbreaking e-learning curriculum designed to help you understand how to give and get respect at work through a learning experience tailored to your situation. We utilize unique methods to help establish The Voice of... Read more »

By My Medical Navigator

Roadmap to Informed, Empowered Employees By adopting these four service strategies, employers can help create a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce, while also reducing the financial burden of healthcare costs for both themselves and their employees Benefits Plan Navigator We teach employees how to best align their... Read more »

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By DCI Consulting

ROBUST DIVERSITY & EQUITY ANALYTICS Assess your workforce equity with an analysis customized to meet your needs. From two decades of working on equal employment opportunity (EEO), we know that every organization is unique. Let us help you meet your goals. We will work with you to determine which studies will benefit your... Read more »

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By The Brownlee Group/ Pure Customer Service

The Rock Star Customer Service Training E-Book will help you improve your customer service skills and knowledge. Whether it's to increase your customer database, improve your online reviews, increase your revenues and grow your business, or even to get that promotion or pay raise in your... Read more »

By RocketReach

The RocketReach desktop chrome extension is an easy way to add contact information, look up company information, and organize your contacts wherever you are. Read more »

By The Brownlee Group/ Pure Customer Service

The new, fast, easy way to increase your revenues, grow your business and create loyal customers for life. Or, The new, fast, easy way to make your customer service department a revenue generating behemoth. Or, Turn your customer service into a revenue generating behemoth and create a... Read more »

By The Plan Sponsor University

rpaDD The most important decision a plan sponsor makes is finding the right retirement plan advisor. ERISA 401k and 403b plan sponsor fiduciaries are required to perform documented due diligence on all service providers paid through plan assets, including your RPA. Ensure that your advisor is... Read more »

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By Source2

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Read more »

By Foxhound Partners

The recruitment landscape has changed. Increasingly, companies are struggling to meet their recruitment goals. In medium to large organizations, in-house human resources professionals can attest to the difficulties of hiring in an environment with low unemployment and a lack of qualified talent... Read more »

By Virtual Employee Services, LLC

Monthly Recruitment Services Through this process we are able to find the perfect fit candidates for each position. Our recruiters narrow down the candidate field by using a combination of 4 key target interview areas before any background screening takes place. These 4 areas are as follows: •... Read more »