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By ERI Economic Research Institute Inc


ERI’s Salary Assessor provides a detailed salary calculator to streamline compensation planning. With instant access to employer-reported compensation survey data online, you can determine competitive salary levels, compare employee salaries with market benchmarks, and more. Export detailed PDF... Read more »

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By Diversion Center | SAP Evaluations | Emotional Intelligence Training and Books

Call or text 404-819-4926 to speak with an SAP Evaluator immediately. Make sure to tell them you were referred by the SHRM directory. Services available nationwide Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services CFR 49, Part 40 compliant SAP evaluation and case management services are delivered... Read more »

By pc/nametag

From products made of reclaimed materials to recyclable products, we have just what you need for a more sustainable event. Read more »

By Luxe Incentives

Benefit from a singular platform where you can increase ROI, boost your brand visibility and strengthen your customer network. - White-label Engagement Platform - Real-time Rewards and Recognition - Branded Sales Incentives - Technical and Performance Support - Customizable Read more »

By 1health

Safe & Clear provides end-to-end management of vaccine verification and COVID-19 testing. Set up your system in as little as a day and quickly: - Collect and manage vaccine and exemption data across all employees and locations - Easily keep up with employee turnover through automated roster... Read more »

By 1health

Turnkey COVID-19 Mandate Solution. Launch your Vaccination and Testing Compliance Solution in as Little as a Day. Verify Vaccinations and Capture Exemptions: - Easy-to-use interface allows employees to upload vaccine information or exemptions in under a minute. - Quarterly audits of vaccine... Read more »

By ShareBuilder 401k

Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans

The Safe Harbor plan design is our most popular 401(k) retirement plan for businesses with employees. Safe Harbor plans enable small business owners to contribute the maximum amount of their annual income into a tax-deferred retirement account and automatically satisfy government required... Read more »

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By Legacy Business Cultures

Safe Spaces: Recognizing and Preventing Harassment in the Workplace

Safe Spaces: Recognizing and Preventing Harassment in the Workplace was created specifically for that purpose. Starting with an exploration of what genuinely respectful workplaces look like, this program explores the behaviors that lead to consistently respectful work cultures and those that do... Read more »

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By BIS Safety Software

SafeTapp: Support your most important health & safety objectives with one convenient EHS App. Access a wide range of safety tools from your phone including all your training certificates, safety forms, company policies and procedures, and more! Putting certificate access and verification in your... Read more »

By G&A Partners

G&A can create, implement, and maintain a workplace safety program that protects your employees and your business Read more »

By Sensori Safety

Enhance the efficacy of your Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) data by implementing strategies to minimize lagging indicators and enhance leading EHS data indicators. Read more »

By Awards Network

Two program types will allow you to build your safety culture in the workplace! Safety Awards: Recognize your employees with the safety award of their choice from our catalog of name brand awards once they accomplish a safety milestone or goal. Approximately 120 items to select from at each... Read more »

By OSHA Training Services Inc

Professional safety consultants for occupational safety and health. We conduct audits, prepare or upgrade safety procedures and manuals, help manage your safety program on a full or part-time basis, and serve as expert witnesses in lawsuits. Consultants available throughout the USA. Read more »

By The Arnold Group

The Arnold Group (TAG) provides a variety of Safety Consulting services for small- to mid-sized companies. Our Certified Safety and Health Official can respond to the safety needs that you simply don't have the time, expertise or resources to address effectively. Our areas of expertise include:... Read more »

By KnowledgeCity

Wide Variety of Safety Courses - Create a safe work environment with courses in: General, Workplace, Social, Industrial, and Laboratory Safety - Perfect addition to an existing safety training program - Courses are updated regularly as industry standards change - Prevent accidents in the work... Read more »

By Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)

Safety Management Specialists (SMS) are individuals with management skills required for a business’s safe operation, applying these safety skills on a full-time or part-time basis as part of their job duties. Some examples of an SMS’s activities include defining and utilizing an organization’s... Read more »

By C.A. Short Company

With a properly structured, proactive safety performance program you can reinforce positive behavior, protect against preventable injuries and decrease days away from work. You can expect to be rewarded with lower disability costs, more satisfied workers and, ultimately, higher productivity and... Read more »

By The Assessment Company

Safety Quotient™- Behavioral Safety Assessment

Through a 7-minute online assessment, Safety Quotient (SQ) measures participants’ personality risk factors to predict which of your frontline employees are high-risk. Years of research into workplace safety have uncovered 6 personality traits that are directly correlated to employee... Read more »

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By PrePaid-USA

Safety Reward Program

Give Your Safety Reward Program Universal Appeal With Visa® Prepaid Cards When employees get hurt on the job, you end up paying for it—in more ways than one. In addition to the cost of medical treatment for the injured person, you also have to account for lost productivity and other indirect... Read more »

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By OSHA Training Services Inc

Full and part-time safety staffing for your company. Professional safety managers with professional certifications and credentials available manage or assist with safety activities such as safety audits and inspections, safety training, safety program development or revision, accident and injury... Read more »

By Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)

The Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) certification provides a means for individuals and employers to verify safety and health knowledge important for first-line supervisors, managers, and any person with safety responsibilities. Workplace safety is enhanced the more employees are required to be... Read more »

By Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)

The STSC is intended for construction supervisors, managers, superintendents, forepersons, crew chiefs, and craftspeople who have responsibilities to maintain safe conditions and practices on construction job sites. These individuals may not have safety as a primary duty, but their knowledge of... Read more »

By SageX Inc

Drive business outcomes at scale. Provide employees with the support they need to thrive. Build a culture of daily learning and continuous professional improvement. Increase employee satisfaction and retention. Improve productivity and work quality. Efficient: The SageX experience is designed... Read more »

By SageX Inc

SageX is a cutting-edge, mobile-first platform designed for today's workforce. Offering personalized AI-coaching and immersive roleplay simulations, SageX empowers individuals to navigate workplace challenges and excel in their roles—all through an intuitive mobile experience. Read more »

By Compensation Resources

The need for formalized base pay management is imperative to a company’s operational efficiency. Salary administration (also referred to as base pay administration), provides structure to compensation initiatives through competitive benchmarking, developing salary structure, and drafting salary... Read more »

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By SalaryCredits

SalaryCredits provide an option for employee to avail amount upto 1 month salary and pay back in 3 easy EMIs. Read more »

By Trusaic

Salary Range Finder

Salary Range Finder helps prevent pay inequities from ever occurring in the workplace, period. Give your managers, HR professionals, and recruiters the Salary Range Finder to help them make sound pay decisions. The Salary Range Finder analyzes employee details against labor market rates and... Read more »

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By PNP Staffing Group

PNP STAFFING GROUP publishes annual NONPROFIT SALARIES and STAFFING TRENDS Reports to help you compete effectively for talent in the marketplace. These reports provide nonprofit organizations with the most up-to-date information available, including salaries for 43 positions across five... Read more »


An easy-to-use and consistent structure for your jobs is necessary to create equity in compensation decisions. We take the benchmark market data and place your jobs into a structure that can be used as a key tool by your leadership and HR teams. Read more »

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By OutSolve

Salary Survey

OutSolve offers expert staff to develop salary administration programs and pay structures that provide management with the necessary tools and information to effectively manage employee pay. Services include: Benchmarking Jobs to Market Rates: base salary, incentives, and total... Read more »

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By Pontifex Consulting Group

Salary Surveys/Market/Wage Structure Analysis

Whether it is one job or fifty, we can provide relevant labor market data for your organization. All data is derived from reliable, statistically sound sources, or obtained through custom surveys that are designed, disseminated and analyzed by us. We can tell you where your job(s) are in... Read more »

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By PeopleKeys

Understand Your Natural Selling Style and How to Adapt It To Meet the Needs of Customers with the DISC Sales Style Report. Learn how DISC relates to how you instinctively sell and want to be sold to. Identify your selling strengths and learn to adjust your selling style to meet the needs of your... Read more »

By Analytics Search

Sales & GTM Recruitment

Hire Top Producers with Ease Analytics Search's sales recruiters identify exceptional talent at every level to help your organizations sales force evolve. Our sales recruiting experts know that while past performance is suggestive, it offers no guarantee of future success. That’s why we find... Read more »

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Recognize Excellence and Professional Achievements by Presenting High-Quality, Individually Crafted Crystal Awards to those who Continue to Excel and Push for Success. Read more »

By Western Management Group

Collecting U.S. data for key Sales and Service positions in the Consumer Products, High Technology, Commercial and Media industries. Jobs include sales forces selling products and services directly to end-users or retailers, business to business, or indirectly through channels. In addition,... Read more »


This is the original in-person sales management training that companies have been using for years to increase revenue and improve sales team performance. (Our new online program, The Sales Manager's Guide to Greatness, is based on this program.) This course is perfect for new sales managers who... Read more »

By C.O. Jones Recruiting & Consulting

Learn how to be a great Sales Manager To become a sales manager that consistently achieves great results with your sales team, you need to master core management skills. These provide the foundation for you to be a successful sales manager, but they set the tone for career growth and... Read more »

By Compensation Resources

Companies are being forced to totally rethink their business model and marketing strategy as a result of an extremely challenging economic marketplace. Stakeholders and boards are demanding increases in the bottom line. Because of the economic stagnation, companies are finding it increasingly... Read more »

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By AllenComm

Sales Enablement

The goal of sales enablement, isn’t to get just one sale; it is to secure a life-long customer. Our sales enablement solutions do more than just increase your team’s product knowledge or onboard new sales executives. We help you create strategies to influence and engage with your teams. Sales... Read more »

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By Clarity Consultants

Empower Your Sales Team to Achieve More Read more »

By Brooke Chase Associates, Inc.

We are now in our 39th year of executive search for companies in Building Materials, including product categories such as Kitchen Cabinets, Decorative & Rough Plumbing, HVAC, Flooring, Wood Components & Products, Surface Materials, Hardware, along with other building products and Specialty... Read more »

By Cowen Partners Executive Search

Sales executive leaders are the key to growing profits, penetrating new markets, and making your client solution profitable. When you need experienced leaders for your C-suite sales roles, you can rely on an experienced sales executive recruiter at Cowen Partners. Our B2B sales recruiters... Read more »

By xoxoday

Sales incentive management software that lets you manage and automate sales incentive programs, from launching incentive plans to calculating and disbursing incentives. It enables businesses to motivate sales reps with real-time visibility into performance, commission information, and on-time... Read more »

By Blueboard Inc.

Personalized experiential incentives are a powerful lever for motivating your salespeople to go above and beyond. Modern sales organizations rely on Blueboard for experiential incentives that drive real performance. Traditional sales incentives miss the mark. Let’s face it; sales leaders... Read more »

By Maritz Motivation

Sales incentives programs have become a standard in business. Maritz Motivation's sales incentives programs are based in behavioral and data science. We provide insights and strategies to allow companies to best nudge human behavior to support their business. We can help businesses design and... Read more »

By by Adaptive Immersion

Sales Industry Assessment

General Job Description: The sale of various products and services, including insurance, furniture, appliances, and apparel, directly to consumers. Key Traits Measured: • Cooperation: Tendency to work and collaborate well with others by showing a good-natured attitude, actively contributing... Read more »

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By L&SA - Leadership & Sales Academy

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? People who are in a sales management position, wanting to learn how to get the best from their sales team. SEMINAR OBJECTIVES YOU WILL UNDERSTAND: The right sales team behavior profile for your business. Why some people sell and others do not. The role of emotional... Read more »


THE online sales management training course every sales manager needs to immediately increase effectiveness and drive sales growth. This course is perfect for new sales managers who have been promoted out of a sales position or more experienced sales managers who have never been trained on how... Read more »

By Infopro Learning, Inc.

It is far more difficult to sell your product to the informed customer of today because they come to the table prepared to ask difficult questions and demand that your sales team produces the correct answer. To succeed in this market, sales teams and channel partners need consistency in sales... Read more »

By Effective Presentations Inc

Whether you are a sales veteran looking to reignite your passion or a newcomer to the field, our interactive, hands-on sales presentation skills training offers an easy-to-apply sales formula that can instantly adapt to any industry, product, or service. Our day-long training program will... Read more »