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By Perfect401(k)

Self-Directed Profile

If employees prefer to actively manage their own 401(k) investments, to also include individual stocks and bonds, they can establish a self-directed brokerage-window account with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Under this option, employees will be granted total discretion and responsibility over all... Read more »

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By Nova Healthcare Administrators, Inc.

We handle the administrative services you’d expect from a TPA such as claims processing and employee benefits management, but we value building meaningful partnerships with brokers and clients, serving as a steward to manage financial risk and improve health trends. This includes a spectrum of... Read more »

By 90 Degree Benefits

Self-Funded Plans for Every Employer

Self-funded health plans give employers the freedom to create a benefit plan that is designed to save money while meeting the needs of their business and employee population. From traditional self-funded plans to level funded and beyond, self-funding with 90 Degree Benefits allows employers to... Read more »

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By Addison Solutions Academy

Being a self-leader requires accepting responsibility for our actions, selecting our life's path, and having the resources to achieve our objectives successfully. Self-leaders can be found at all levels of a company's organizational structure. They serve as front-line workers in various... Read more »

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By Crown World Mobility

Giving your employees a measure of freedom within a flexible policy works better when you have complete visibility and confidence that the right choices are being made. We provide you with the controls you need to set parameters that match your policies, while leaving your employees with the... Read more »

By ExecOnline

In this 3-week program, top faculty from Wharton show sales leaders and business development professionals how to build customer-centric thinking that enables them to increase revenue and accelerate growth for their organization. Participants apply learnings to execute impactful sales projects... Read more »

By Paragon Home Resources

If the time comes to either enter a senior living facility, or otherwise sell your current home and move to another residence, Paragon Home Resources can manage the sale of your home for you. Services include: 1) Preparing the home for sale 2) Coordinating any necessary home repairs or... Read more »

By Talent Authority

Senior Leadership Development

Senior level leaders require specialized content not available in an open-enrollment, public-style program. Talent Authority has extensive content specifically geared to this level of leaders that is customized to the needs of the group and the objectives of the organization. For this level,... Read more »

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By Western Management Group

The survey has been developed in response to requests to capture compensation data for the unique positions within the Senior Living industry. We are including jobs for facilities such as Assisted Living, Independent Living, Skilled Nursing Care, Alzheimer’s and Convalescent Care. Read more »

By Sentric

SentricHR is designed to meet your specific needs. Transform your workplace by giving your employees control of their own data in a complete HR software that is designed for them. With streamlined workflows for Paperless Onboarding, Documents and E-Signatures, Payroll, Benefits, Time Tracking,... Read more »

By Learn At Forbes

8 Courses 12 Hours In an often chaotic business climate, a little laughter is essential for relieving stress. Learn@Forbes has partnered with business growth expert and professional development coach Jeff Havens to offer you a humorous approach to solving common business challenges. Designed... Read more »

By Designing Digitally, Inc.

We develop engaging, entertaining and educational custom game-based learning experiences that are used to train employees and customers alike. Each custom Serious Game is built with specific game mechanics that are aligned with your learning objectives. These educational games guide the learner... Read more »

By The Ratay Group at Morgan Stanley

We have found the best way to do this is to consistently set goals and never become complacent. Because every retirement plan has its own challenges, we will partner with you to determine your plan’s unique goals. Along with these, The Ratay Group at Morgan Stanley will always have the following... Read more »

By ServiceSkills Customer Service Training

Access America's favorite collection of soft skills training courses. The full spectrum of customer service, team building and respectful workplace topics. Available via the hosted platform or as SCORM 1.2 files for your Learning Management System. Read more »

By Focused Momentum

Apply strategic thinking to your role and drive strategic performance all year long. In this course you will learn to: - Identify And Narrow Your Strategic Management Priorities. - Fully Explore How To Be Successful In Each. - Engage Others In Your Success. - Commit To Track And Monitor... Read more »

By Addison Solutions Academy

We all have dreams and ambitions in life. The question is, what happens if those objectives are not met? Some people report that it harms their thinking, while others report that it impacts their work performance. A key takeaway from this workshop is that participants will learn how to set... Read more »

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By Place2Place, LLC

Moving to the United States? We can help get you acclimated and settled in to your new country, culture, community much faster than if you were to go it alone. We help with opening a bank account, obtaining a credit card, building your credit, purchasing a car, referral for insurance... Read more »

By Place2Place, LLC

Moving to another country? Let us help you get settled so that you feel comfortable and excited to be living in a new country. We will help with Banking, community tour, schools, insurance, referrals, car purchase, community registration, cultural information and spouse support. Read more »

By Transition Services Inc.

Severance Consulting for HR

Severance Consulting from Transition Services delivers a complete set of services which ensures severance and off-boarding programs are current with best practices, maintain goodwill with employees, mitigate legal risk, and reduce unnecessary costs in today’s highly competitive market. TSI’s... Read more »

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By Transition Services Inc.

Severance Program Implementation

Severance Program Implementation from Transition Services is an industry-best severance management solution designed to help organizations seamlessly and efficiently process employee terminations, whether for a single event or a reduction in force, with minimal disturbance to the existing... Read more »

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By Hire Image LLC

Hire Image can identify criminals convicted of sex crimes by utilizing sex offender registries throughout the country. Read more »

By Infinity Background Check Services LLC

Sex Offender Screening

Check your applicant’s name, SSN, and date of birth against all state and nationwide sex offender repositories. Read more »

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By Vubiz

Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

Everyone loses when sexual harassment or illegal discrimination occurs in the workplace. It affects productivity and lowers morale at all levels of an organization. Most importantly, it can even result in a lawsuit, which is why harassment prevention training in any state is a smart business... Read more »

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ETU's Sexual Harassment Prevention simulations include these features: Contemporary, real-life workplace situations that include not-so-obvious harassing behaviors, such as a seemingly innocent emoji or a comment on a person's gender identity. High-fidelity, production quality videos that draw... Read more »

By Opus Training

Opus has teamed up with experts at Fox-Rothschild LLP to deliver engaging, restaurant-specific Sexual Harassment Prevention training to your frontline. Compliance training built for your frontline - Translated into 100+ languages - Micro lessons designed to be done over time at work, reducing... Read more »

By Diversity Builder, Inc.

Harassment Prevention Training reaches beyond compliance. In addition to the mandatory training requirements Diversity Builder includes building an inclusive culture. Diversity Builder trainers look far beyond checking a box when it comes to sexual harassment prevention training. All employees... Read more »

By ALeSYS (Applied Learning Systems)

Creating a culture of respect for the individual, no matter what their sex or sexual orientation, is an important component of having a healthy organizational culture. Sexual harassment sends the wrong message about your organization and its mission. Employees are hired for their ability to... Read more »

By Spot

Spot’s new sexual harassment training combines inclusive scenarios, insightful survey questions, and anonymous reporting. Available October 2, 2019 Traditional training doesn’t work Traditional training models frequently result in backlash and increased bias. Spot’s training: - Focuses on... Read more »

By G&A Partners

Creating a safe workplace for your employees Employees are reporting harassment in greater numbers, in part due to the societal backlash against behaviors no longer deemed acceptable in the workplace. Many harassing behaviors are also illegal in places of employment, and companies are working... Read more »

By Alterity

Sexual Harassment Training

Alterity’s online sexual harassment training is part of our Respectful Workplace Program, and is designed to comply with federal, state, and local requirements. Through interactive videos, knowledge checks, assessments, and scenarios we empower your employees with emotional intelligence and the... Read more »

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By Traliant

Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment and discrimination are pervasive problems that impact employee wellbeing and can lead to legal liability and reputational damage for employers. Provide your employees with legally-accurate and up-to-date training to stay compliant with training requirements and recommendations... Read more »

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By Train Me Today

With this Sexual Harassment Prevention Train the Trainer program you will receive the training materials you need to present sexual harassment training including identification, correction and sexual harassment prevention. it is designed to be played as a card game. You deal 52 cards and the... Read more »

By Train Me Today

Sexual harassment training classes online offer the opportunity for supervisors and employees to take the mandatory online training classes at their own pace on their own time. Our online training classes are easy and affordable. Providing comprehensive sexual harassment in the workplace... Read more »

By Train Me Today

Our instructor led sexual harassment in the workplace and discrimination in the workplace onsite training is educational, effective, fun AND AB 1825 compliant. Our clients call us to do their training year after year. Read more »

By SGA Talent Sheila Greco Associates

Celebrating over a decade of excellence Launched in 2005, and greatly enhanced in late 2015, SGA ExecutiveTracker Live continues to be recognized as a premier on-line research and recruiting tool. This "go to tool" is primarily used by recruiters who hunt, source, and identify passive... Read more »

By PeerYes

Share a Concern, powered by PeerYes, empowers employees of enrolled companies to confidentially report any employment-related issues through As an independent third-party platform, employees can be confident that their identity remains fully anonymous, encouraging them to... Read more »

By Sharebite

Put Every Option On the Table Sharebite Passport is a flexible payment solution that provides remote and global employees with the freedom to enjoy their favorite restaurants. Read more »

By Sharebite

The Power of Choice, Wherever Work Is Sharebite provides employees with a curated collection of choices from an expansive network of restaurants—whether they’re working in the office, at home, or somewhere in between. Read more »

By Sharebite

Simple and Safe Order Pick-Ups Sharebite Stations are convenient and contactless order pick-up spots that allow on-site employees to grab their individually packaged meals without the hassle of long lines and wait times. Read more »

By Moementum, Inc.

Shhhh. Don't tell: strategic plans that result in binder on a shelf are useless. It’s true. Our interactive strategy meetings and offsite retreats move way past the goal of a tidy binder to get people really talking deeply about where you've been and where you dream of going. An engaging,... Read more »


ShareStack helps drive cultural change in your organization and focus on user adoption with easy-to-use tools that empower business users to work better, faster. Read more »


SHL Coding Interview is more than just an online coding test, it is an AI-powered online coding interview for hiring. Coding Interview provides a familiar coding environment for technical interviews. Our interactive IDE provides support for coding assessments in python, SQL, C, Java, and 50+... Read more »


SHL Coding Simulations is the best on the market to win your tech talent. It is the first and only AI model to score incomplete code on logical correctness and quality. Measure competency – don’t rule out candidates on 100% accuracy. Find tech talent across multiple roles, experience levels, and... Read more »


Capture a Data Snapshot of Your Workforce * Assess workplace potential using predictive science-based assessments * Review strengths, gaps, and themes across the entire organization * Compare talent internally and externally with relevant industry benchmarking * Use objective, insight-based... Read more »


An online, self-paced training system, designed to coach hiring managers on best practice interview techniques. * Improve hiring outcomes by conducting structured interviews based on specific competencies required for success; * Minimize bias and select candidates consistently and objectively,... Read more »


Selecting top candidates in today’s dynamic business environment is more challenging than ever. Leverage our knowledge of what good talent looks like and assess what matters most to predict on-the-job success for core job roles. Clear Recommendations for Role Selection * Target key business... Read more »


Our innovative product, Leader Edge, objectively measures a leader’s attributes and experiences alongside the challenges they will need to overcome. Although these challenges are inherently demanding, leaders with certain traits and experiences can still succeed and thrive. The key is matching... Read more »


SHL Live Video interviews are a new, engaging and convenient way of conducting face-to-face interviews remotely. Deliver a live interview experience for your candidate in real-time from the comfort of your desk or on-the-go and get deeper insight into fit for your organization. Read more »


It is difficult for HR to keep up with our constantly changing world. When change occurs or opportunities are created, you need to quickly mobilize the right talent to ensure the organization’s needs are met. But identifying the best-fit people can often take too much time and yield poor... Read more »


The SHL Motivation Questionnaire (MQ) Assesses situations that are likely to increase or reduce the individual’s motivation to work. The more motivated and engaged your workforce is, the greater your organization’s potential for success. However, motivators, such as recognition, development,... Read more »