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By EmailOpen

Easily create sophisticated and branded email newsletters including responsive layouts, searchable archives of previous editions, automated table of contents, auto-image resizing, landing pages for longer articles that turn your newsletter into a microsite, and many more features. All email... Read more »

By Analytic Focus

Email Monitoring at Your Fingertips We know the importance of when and how you become aware of threats to your coworkers and companies. Email Search and Alert enables you to detect and dissuade threats before they become real. Examples include: - Current problems associated with... Read more »

By PoliteMail Software

Gain More Accurate Outlook Email Open Tracking, Plus Read-Time Metrics! Create a Seamless Email Experience for Your Recipients. Because PoliteMail is configured into your Outlook and Exchange email environment, internal recipients will automatically see your content, and you will see an... Read more »

By Inspira Financial

Emergency Savings Fund

Dipping into a retirement account for a rainy day emergency could have serious consequences for retirement savings. Millennium Trust works with you to position emergency savings funds as an essential, streamlined workplace benefit, while taking care of the recordkeeping, administration and... Read more »

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By Emergenetics International

The Emergenetics Profile is a personality instrument that identifies how individuals prefer to think and behave. Backed by significant research, the Profile accurately measures three Behavioral Attributes (Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Flexibility) and four Thinking Attributes (Analytical,... Read more »


Our Emergent Plus membership shields you from outrageous ambulance bills. Thanks to this core group of benefits, you and your finances will be protected in the event of emergency transportation. Without these benefits, you could end up paying tens of thousands of dollars after an accident. MASA... Read more »

By Jobplex

Identify the emerging leader talent who will become your company’s next senior leaders and executives. Jobplex is committed to thoughtfully building the bench strength of our clients to ensure their future success. As an extension of your human resources department, Jobplex consultants... Read more »

By Arabona Coaching & Training, LLC

94% of employees would stay at their company longer if they invested more in their growth. Coaching is one of the most powerful tools for growth! Emerging leaders coaching is best for young, high-potential talent that your company does not want to lose. We will help fast-track their growth &... Read more »

By Emmersion

Emmersion certifies language ability for organizations around the world using a fully automated and adaptive language assessment engine. It’s revolutionizing the language testing process with instant, accurate scoring for speaking, grammar, and writing ability in 9 global languages and counting.... Read more »

By Emmersion

Emmersion certifies language ability for organizations around the world using a fully automated and adaptive language assessment engine. It’s revolutionizing the language testing process with instant, accurate scoring for speaking, grammar, and writing ability in 9 global languages and counting.... Read more »

By Artesian Collaborative, LLC

Emotional Core Strength Workshop

Emotional Core Strength This training creates a pathway and space for us to first connect to our values and then take action and set goals aligned with those values. Values might feel like abstract concepts but our goal is to be really grounded in our reality, our bodies, our work, and our... Read more »

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By Addison Solutions Academy

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is the ability to be conscious of and control emotions and relationships. It is a critical component of both personal and professional performance. An individual's EQ, or ability to communicate with others and control their own and others' emotions, will decide... Read more »

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By Talent Authority

Emotional Intelligence

We utilize the EQ- 2.0 Model for Emotional Intelligence as our preferred Emotional Intelligence (EI) tool. Learn About The Model on our website. Elevate leadership effectiveness with our dynamic individual EQ assessment with coaching. Participant Takeaways Gain greater self-awareness in... Read more »

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By True Colors International Consulting & Training

Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the Workplace Training

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a person's ability to recognize, understand, manage, and reason with their emotions. The importance of EI includes being able to better understand nonverbal cues, properly adjust behaviors, feel motivated, make good decisions, empathize with colleagues and... Read more »

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By Conover Company, A Division of Oakwood Solutions

We understand how frustrating it can be when you’re working hard, trying to get ahead, and nothing seems to work. We have helped over 13,000 organizations to help millions of individuals achieve personal and professional success using online assessment and skill building tools to deliver... Read more »

By Twello

Emotional Intelligence helps us to understand and notice emotions in the workplace. Learn mindfulness tools to increase empathy, communicate effectively, and reduce conflict. Practice mindful listening that improves communication and relationships within the office. Read more »

By Learn At Forbes

8 Courses 18 Hours Emotional Intelligence is a powerful and in-demand business discipline that will allow you to make better decisions, keep your emotions in check, and stay motivated as you try to complete organizational goals. Take your mental capabilities to the next level with your... Read more »

By Learn At Forbes

8 Courses 17 Hours In leadership, you must be prepared to engage people on a deeper level and anticipate their emotional reactions before difficult conversations such as performance reviews and disciplinary discussions. Your Learn@Forbes Emotional Intelligence for Leaders Specialization will... Read more »

By Blue Beyond Consulting, Inc.

The Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Workshop teaches managers how to lead with empathy, emotional awareness, and poise so they can relate to their teams compassionately and authentically. Workshop exercises and on-the-job resources enable managers to continue to build their emotional intelligence... Read more »

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By True Colors International Consulting & Training

Emotional Intelligence in Education Training

It’s easy to see how Emotional Intelligence (EI) improves every area of life — and why it’s such a highly valued skill in academic settings and the workplace. We know healthy emotion regulation translates to higher academic performance because of how it helps students focus their attention on... Read more »

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By Work Smart Consulting

Emotional Intelligence Training

Position yourself and your team for success by honing your emotion management and self-understanding with a course from Work Smart Consulting. Though today’s business world has more technology and remote working opportunities than ever, face-to-face relations still reign supreme. The modern... Read more »

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By Talent Edge Group

Emotional Intelligence Training

Talent Edge Group's Emotional Intelligence Mastery program is a transformative and dynamic learning experience that empowers individuals to develop and enhance their emotional intelligence skills. Participants engage in a series of interactive workshops, guided discussions, and practical... Read more »

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By WILL Interactive

Now more than ever, it’s important to create a workplace culture where everyone is encouraged to pay attention to their own – and others' – emotional well-being. Give An Hour and WILL Interactive have responded to this moment by creating an engaging interactive experience that offers practical... Read more »

By Eric Currie Speaking and Workshops

Navigate the complexities of organizational change with confidence and empower your team to thrive amidst uncertainty. 'Emotionally Intelligent Leadership' is a specialized training class designed to equip leaders with the skills needed to guide their teams through the transformative journey of... Read more »

By Interplicity

Emotions at Work is an online course that teaches how to process and navigate challenging situations and interact with others with skills to communicate and build stronger relationships. The live, online instructor is an author and keynote speaker bringing decades of experience as a trainer,... Read more »

By emPerform

Streamline and automate all aspects of performance reviews with emPerform. Easy online performance reviews, self-assessments, PIP’s +more! 100% automated & configurable to your needs. Build your reviews from scratch or start with one of our best-practice templates. Evaluate your talent on what... Read more »

By Empire SUITE

Empire EXPENSE helps teams quickly and accurately collect expense data on multiple platforms, as our cloud-based software works across mobile devices and even integrates with popular third-party applications like Microsoft Outlook. With the flexibility to accommodate users across multiple... Read more »

By Empire SUITE

Empire RESOURCE allows you to match needed resources to a project based on any criteria you need, from skill sets to availability to prior experience to location. Utilizing an intuitive graphical interface, you can view high-level overviews while still being able to drill down into the details... Read more »

By Empire SUITE

Empire TIME allows businesses to track, record, and manage employee time and seamlessly transition data into invoicing or chargeback. With deep integrations into popular systems like Microsoft Outlook™, as well as built-in features including on-the-go time entry and mobile compatibility, this... Read more »

By Empire SUITE

Empire TIME OFF manages your employees’ personal time off efficiently and effectively, handling any kind of time off—vacation time, sick time, personal time, time in lieu—both planned and unplanned. Stay on top of your employees’ time off needs so you can make better, more informed scheduling... Read more »

By Readex Research

When you need and want to listen to your employees, to hear what they really think and feel, the best way is to do this through an anonymous survey. You can certainly conduct this survey on your own, but it’s really best to stay at a distance from the process, arm’s length if you will, so your... Read more »

By Axiom Medical

Axiom Medical manages Employee Absence Management (EAM) as a part of the Employee Occupational Health Program. Say goodbye to self-service software programs, which merely track employee leave. When employees are out on extended absence because of personal health matters, our certified medical... Read more »

By Addison Solutions Academy

Employee accountability is a notion that relates to the obligation that workers have to their employers as well as the goals and objectives of their organization. Accountability on the part of employees is vital in the workplace because it contributes to developing a culture that values trust... Read more »

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By Giftpack Inc.

Employee Appreciation: Global Recognition

Everything you need for employee engagement and retention with gifting. Gifting automation made your recognition easy Plan ahead with designed experience and eliminates the risk of forgetting special occasions. Operates effortless and convenient. Expect the Unexpected Smart gift-picking... Read more »

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By SelectionLink

Employee Assessment Interviews

SelectionLink's Assessments are GUARANTEED, contact us for terms and details. There are many things that make a great candidate, but by far, talent is the biggest piece of the puzzle. You can teach skills, send someone to school, give them experience, but you CANNOT teach personalities! In... Read more »

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By CorpCare Associates, Inc.

Compare our EAP and Wellness programs - view plan comparison perspective based on content and number of annual counseling sessions per member. Read more »

By IU Health

The IU Health Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an employee assistance program designed to help you and your family stay healthy. We are a confidential counseling service that focuses on helping employees' and family members' personal problems that may affect your work and your life. Read more »

By ACI Specialty Benefits

ACI Specialty Benefits delivers an award-winning EAP known for the following innovative services: Industry-Leading Technology with 24/7 Program Access includes online, mobile app, phone, email, 24/7 text requests, HIPAA-compliant video chat sessions and text therapy Total Emotional Wellness... Read more »

By Employers Advantage LLC

We have partnered with NextGen to offer EAP services — a truly holistic approach to wellbeing for your employees. We leverage your entire benefit package to meet your human capital needs. An 8-in-1 solution backed by a 24/7 call center Wellness Health Advocacy HR Support & Education Behavioral... Read more »

By Drug Free Business

Your business is most productive when your employees are motivated and able to manage their personal and business lives effectively. In today's dynamic workplace, it is critical to provide the environment and support necessary for employees to achieve success. Drug Free Business is able to... Read more »

By G&A Partners

Affordable employee wellness programs that prioritize the physical, mental and financial health of your team. The emotional and mental health of your employees is just as important as their physical well-being. With G&A’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), you can extend a helping hand when... Read more »

By PayNorthwest

ATTESTATION SOLUTION As managing your workforce becomes increasingly complex in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, documented proof of compliance and accurate time and labor management is more critical than ever before. Failure to comply with labor regulations, or to not adequately monitor... Read more »


An incentive program for employers to award their employees for different achievements of the employer's choosing. Read more »

By Successories

At, we offer our exceptional Awards Advantage program. Businesses appreciate the fact that there is never a setup fee and engraving is always free. Customize awards with your logo at no cost. At Successories, you never have to worry about hidden fees—we simply don’t have... Read more »

By Predictable Performance Systems

Profiles International provides comprehensive Employee Background Checks for our clients. These include: Consumer Credit Reports, Criminal History Record, Drivers’ History Report (DMV), Education Verification, Employment History Verification, Foreign Nationals Terrorist Sanctions Search (OFAC,... Read more »

By DISA Global Solutions

Employee Background Checks

Employers count on an accurate background check. The most common reason is to ensure they make informed, fair decisions and hire qualified candidates, which helps build a team that is trustworthy and capable of contributing to the success of the company. Pre-employment background screening... Read more »

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As a benefit broker, TriCore offers a vast array of plans, including group life, health & disability; retirement savings plans; voluntary individual insurance programs on payroll deduction; flexible spending accounts; health reimbursement accounts, and more. Plus, our benefits enrollment and... Read more »

By Kengen Consulting

-Preferred provider organizations (PPO) -Point of service plans (POS) -Health maintenance organizations(HMO) & Health Savings Accounts(HSA) -Life insurance -Dental insurance -Vision care -Long and short-term disability -Section 125 plan -Supplemental benefits Read more »

By Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions

Identity theft has become an American epidemic for individuals…and employers. Over 17 million Americans were victimized in 2018 alone, averaging 48,000 victims each day. Statistically, 6-8% of your employee population will be victimized in any given year. Employers of all shapes and sizes are... Read more »