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By Talent Authority

Hogan Leadership Forecast

Hogan's Leadership Forecast Series is the gold standard for personality assessments, specifically designed for the business community. Unlike other assessments that measure how an individual sees themselves, the assessment measures how others' view the individual. It accounts for the... Read more »

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By Talent Curve

This is about you. Traditionally, there have been Life Coaches and Business Coaches. The disconnect is that you cannot accurately address your life with a coach who doesn’t understand the realities of corporate life, and, likewise, you cannot address your career with a coach who doesn’t take... Read more »

By Holisticly

Holisticly's Remote Wellness Solution provides at-home wellness solutions for your team and lets each employee choose what works for them. Read more »

By Place2Place, LLC

Home Finding whether inbound to the United States or outbound to another country we are here to guide you. Since it is different in every country we are here to help you with the process, search, viewing, lease negotiation, walk through and payments. Read more »

By MoveCenter

This is a highly effective and proprietary program designed to assist transferees sell their homes as quickly as possible, for the best possible price. As an independent company, MoveCenter has over 80,000 preferred realtors in our nationwide network, representing a large variety of brands,... Read more »


A Home Office Account allows remote employees to be reimbursed for home office expenses on a tax-advantaged basis. Read more »

By Pratt Leadership Consulting

Planning to work from home? Our solutions for setting up your home office so that it works just how you need it. We will begin planning by categorizing the top five needs and solutions for a great home office. Contact us today for help. Read more »

By MoveCenter

New home search, Mortgage assistance, Leasing assistance ,Area tours & orientations, Final move coordination, Settling-in services, Cultural introduction, Language training, Auto procurement, Dependent care assistance, Family transition services, Counseling for assignment duration, Repatriation... Read more »

By ARC Relocation LLC

ARC’s Home Sale Assistance Program will offer you a Single Point of Contact Relocation Counselor to advise you throughout the entire home sale process. ARC, a trusted relocation company, will provide you information on your area’s top brokers and give you access to our “broker network” database... Read more »

By AECC Mobility

Our Closing Services take this complex process out the employee’s hands allowing them to concentrate on other aspects of their transfer. Our clients benefit because closing costs are not treated as a taxable reimbursement, through our administration of a properly structured two-step sale... Read more »

By Signature Relocation

Home Sale Services

Signature Relocation helps minimize the risks for both your company and your relocating employee by identifying the right home sale options for your organization. Our home sale services can design the ideal home sale program with possibilities for nearly every circumstance. With our top tier... Read more »

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By WILL Interactive

HomeWork is WILL Interactive’s first-ever interactive episodic series. Learn how to adapt to the new virtual landscape by following this unconventional team as they transition to the digital workspace. Together, they must redefine the ways that they stay resilient, communicate and... Read more »

By KrollConsultants. Global Salary Survey. 180+ Countries

Comprehensive, accurate and high-quality salary survey for Hong Kong. • Covers most industries, including niche Industries • All job families and employee levels • Local national and expatriate positions • Statutory and non-statutory employee benefits, perquisites and allowances • Employment... Read more »

By LifeSecure Insurance Company

Hospital Indemnity Insurance provides cash benefits, regardless of any other insurance the claimant may have, to assist in the recovery phase following an inpatient hospital stay. Optional benefits include: • Emergency Room & Ambulance Benefit • Major Diagnostic Exam Benefit • Rehabilitation... Read more »

By by Adaptive Immersion

Hospitality - Hotels & Resorts Industry Assessments

General Job Description: Professional dedicated to the management and operation of lodging and hospitality establishments in hotels, motels, and resorts. Provide guests comfortable and enjoyable experience. Key Traits Measured • Attention to Detail: Tendency to careful review small details and... Read more »

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By CLC Lodging

Members saved $420 million in lodging costs last year by leveraging our industry-leading purchasing power: $1.4 billion in transactions from 1.2 million travelers booking more than 16.7 million room nights per year. Read more »

By CLC Lodging

As America’s workforce lodging leader, CLC helps companies find and book hotels across North America. Our clients research and book corporate lodging hotels using the nation’s largest private membership network of pre-negotiated hotel discounts. Gain instant access up to 45,000 pre-negotiated... Read more »

By by Adaptive Immersion

Hotel, Motel, & Resort Desk Clerks Occupational Assessment

General Job Description: Accommodate hotel, motel, and resort patrons by registering and assigning rooms to guests by issuing room keys or cards, transmitting, and receiving messages, keeping records of reservations, and presenting statements to and collecting payments. Key Traits Measured •... Read more »

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By Ethena

Building a speak-up culture is essential for company health! Ethena’s hotline & case management tools make it easy to report incidents and manage cases while meeting regulatory requirements. Tour our Hotline and Case Management product here: Read more »

By Rapt Media

Creating hotspots on your Rapt Media video is the primary way to add interactivity to your project. Hotspots are contained in the interactive layer of our player and are primarily used to trigger new clips, URL link-outs, and API events. Read more »

By Signature Relocation

Household Goods

Signature Relocation can help with your household goods moving and storage for your move across town or across the globe. Supporting individual moves, employee, high-level executive, and corporate relocations. Relocating and household moving is a complex process that can be stressful on your... Read more »

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By Sterling Lexicon

U.S.: We have strong professional relationships with qualified household goods moving companies who are experts in delivering quality U.S. domestic moves. Our deep experience in managing household goods moving and storage services means your moves will be fully vetted for cost-effectiveness and... Read more »

By Asia Relocation

Storage requirements mainly depends on the type of items to be stored, their materials, the external environment, and the duration of storage needed. At Asia Relocation we offer multiple storage solutions for the multiple situations you may encounter. Read more »

By Global Health Metrics, LLC

Housing.Health is a safety and lead risk assessment for your specific home or apartment. Currently, we have data for all rented properties in Cleveland, OH. This project forges a new network in which health and housing groups can affect policy and environment problems in Cleveland. Expected... Read more »

By Frontline Source Group, Inc.

When it comes to Staffing Agencies in Houston there is just one recruiting employment agency to turn to and that is Frontline Source Group. Our team of professional recruiters offer staffing services for - Executives | remote workers | remote office professionals | contract | project-based... Read more »

By Chicago Luxury Properties

When you purchase a co-op apartment, you own shares in a corporation. When you purchase a condo, a deed is your legal document. Read more »

By Starmind

Starmind's patented algorithms infuse artificial intelligence with neuroscience. Using data from over 200 sources, including corporate intranets, Slack, Microsoft Office, Jive, Microsoft Teams, and more, our self-learning algorithms create neural know-how networks that mimic how a human brain works. Read more »

By Financial Wellness Strategies

How to Be a Financial Grownup

Financial Wellness Strategies brings employee financial wellness to life through in-person (or virtual) workshops. We believe in the power of people coming together in a shared, safe space to discuss the increasingly stressful – and even taboo – topic of money. Founder, Bobbi Rebell, CFP®, a... Read more »

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By The Mullings Group

Developing software that meets the need of the intended audience and is developed on time and on budget is crucial for your organization’s success. However, poor communication between stakeholders and the development team will put this at risk. This workshop will walk you and your team through a... Read more »

By The Mullings Group

If there is disorder or chaos in one’s life, then it is guaranteed that they have time and or financial management issues. In this workshop, participants will learn practical steps on how to remove chaos and clutter from their lives and how to establish and maintain order. Learning... Read more »

By Financial Wellness Strategies

How to Have Multi-Generational Conversations About Money & Values

Financial Wellness Strategies brings employee financial wellness to life through in-person (or virtual) workshops. We believe in the power of people coming together in a shared, safe space to discuss the increasingly stressful – and even taboo – topic of money. Founder, Bobbi Rebell, CFP®, a... Read more »

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By Choice Parenting LLC

Are your employees planning to hire a nanny or nanny share? During this 1.5-2 hour workshop or seminar, we teach best practices to help you confidently find, hire and maintain a great nanny or nanny share without the additional cost of a nanny agency. We will discuss topics such as: creating... Read more »

By Financial Wellness Strategies

How to Launch a Financial Grownup

Financial Wellness Strategies brings employee financial wellness to life through in-person (or virtual) workshops. We believe in the power of people coming together in a shared, safe space to discuss the increasingly stressful – and even taboo – topic of money. Founder, Bobbi Rebell, CFP®, a... Read more »

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By The Mullings Group

Living a purposed life begins with creating a personal Strategic Life Plan. A Strategic Life Plan is like a business plan for life. It is the guide that is used to fulfill one’s purpose, see one’s vision come to fruition and accomplish life goals. It is a dynamic document and one that should be... Read more »

By The Mullings Group

People get into financial difficulty because they don’t have a long-term vision of what they want their finances to look like; or they do not have a plan to be able to navigate the day to day issues with money. This workshop will equip participants to succeed both in long-term financial planning... Read more »

By The Mullings Group

We spend our lives accomplishing one goal after another yet we do not structure our lives to maximize achieving our goals. It only makes sense that we plan our time based on the goals we have to accomplish. This workshop teaches participants how to write effective goals and how to get the most... Read more »

By HR Works


Today, more than ever, with increased reporting and compliance requirements, investing in the right HRIS pays dividends for your entire organization. The HRIS consultants at HR Works have expertise above and beyond technology… with backgrounds in Human Resources, we understand what you are... Read more »

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By SovranHR

SovranHR can help your organization develop performance benchmarks, coaching reports for managers, and Assist leaders with performance management, career paths, upskilling, and succession planning. With the right experienced professionals and the right tools, your organization can build and... Read more »

By HR Learning Center LLC.

As experienced HR Consultants with an employment law background, we provide the answers to all your most difficult HR challenges with these benefits: •We are less expensive then contacting your employment counsel for every question •We offer affordable hourly pricing and only bill you for the... Read more »

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By HR Advisory & Outsourcing

HR Advisory & Outsourcing

At EisnerAmper, our goal is to help business leaders and HR professionals to mitigate risk, provide human capital scalability and develop programs to assist their employees, allowing leadership more time to focus on growing the business. As part of one of the world’s largest business accounting... Read more »

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By Fuse Analytics

While many software packages provide HR analysts with countless tools for analyzing data on the fly, few are successfully driving strategic objectives and metrics beyond the highest levels of organizations. Fuse Analytics was designed for the functional HR user or Line Manager, Region Manager,... Read more »

By ASL Consulting

ASL's HR Analytics includes a combination of tools that work seamlessly together to help companies analyze Human Resources information. Regardless of their role in the organization, employees can get meaningful, timely information via digital dashboards. Supplementing these tools are predictive... Read more »

By Analytic Focus

Emerging from the COVID-19 Crisis – UPDATE Analytics and database organization for organizations with complex HR challenges. We specialize in drawing out the facts hidden in large, complex data sets and presenting them in an understandable and meaningful way. Our HR Analytics Team is comprised... Read more »

By Benefits Square

Streamline employee benefits administration with a platform that is highly configurable and designed to automate the entire HR, benefits and payroll process. Benefit enrollment and education has never been easier than with our automated communication, decision support tools, and compliance... Read more »

By National Business Research Institute

HR and Business Consulting

Our ClearPath consulting services focus on your most-needed areas for improvement so that you can deliver the best customer and employee experiences. Build excellent communication practices between people, upgrade interview processes, and make sure everyone is on the same page in your... Read more »

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By SelectSoftware Reviews

HR and Recruiting Software Categories Categories to see the best vendors, pricing info, how to think about ROI and more Read more »

By EQHR Solutions, Inc

The purpose of an HR Assessment / Audit is to assist a business to evaluate whether their internal HR practices and processes are adequate, legal and comply with all federal and California employment regulations. By identifying shortfalls within your HR practices, immediate corrective action... Read more »

By Quintela | Structured Interviews

HR Assessment Technology

Assessments have become a valuable talent management tool throughout the entire employee experience. Unfortunately, this also creates a significant challenge for talent management professionals who have to jump from one assessment platform to another. What if you could manage all of your... Read more »

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By EngageHRnow

Too many times an HR audit is utilized only to identify gaps in federal, state, or local employment law compliance. A strategic and robust HR audit focuses on how well your organization is strategically utilizing human resources to grow your business in addition to the review of regulatory... Read more »

By McCambley Consulting

Not sure where to start? Let me help you with an HR Audit to see which areas need to be addressed! Improper filing or record retention, FLSA violations, incorrect I-9's, or misclassification of employees are just some of the areas you need to make sure you are addressing, as fines for these... Read more »