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By G&A Partners

Optimize individual and organizational productivity with a robust performance management platform. Managing people doesn’t always come naturally. G&A can provide your team with the tools and training they need to move your organization forward. Read more »

By Servitalent

This is a consulting and technological implementation service designed for project management and improvement of internal human resources processes in companies. Read more »

By aTalent

We provide talent management solutions for medium-to-large-scale enterprises. 1. Performance Management A fully integrated people management platform that empowers your teams to create their own development experience. Inspire ongoing productivity and performance excellence quickly and... Read more »

By Global Skills X-Change (GSX)

Organizational effectiveness requires a strategic approach to hiring, retaining, and developing your talent and hinges on having an agile and resilient learning and development (L&D) capability that can address the constantly shifting skilling gaps. GSX shifts the conversation of how to address... Read more »

By Institute of Organization Development

Talent Management Certification Program (TMCP)

The Talent Management Certification Program (TMCP) is designed to help participants gain practical skills to advance in the field of Talent Management. Participants earn a distinction as a Talent Management Certified Professional (TMCP). This certification is designed to help participants... Read more »

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By CareerXroads

The CXR Talent Management Community is a peer community of Talent Management & HR Leaders from some of the world’s most well-branded corporations. A trusted environment that nurtures leaders who want to share winning strategies, support one another, and raise standards for the HR profession at... Read more »

By Orange Grove Consulting

Our customized dashboards allow organizations to consistently measure the state of engagement and/or talent management across their organization so that they can easily set and work towards meaningful goals that support their overall business priorities. Read more »

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By Centranum Talent Management Systems

Centranum HRadvance is an integrated platform for managing and developing talent in complex industries such as healthcare, engineering, information and biotechnologies, complex manufacturing, professional services, education, utilities and government. Built from the ground up to drive... Read more »

By Ascentis Corporation

Ascentis offers an array of talent management system solutions, including performance management software, learning management software, compensation planning software and 360 degree assessment. Ascentis’ performance management software gives managers tools to provide ongoing feedback throughout... Read more »

By Sage People

Make sure your people are the best they can be. Fairsail captures skills and experience, helping you manage performance levels and create effective talent plans. Features • Performance reviews and ratings • Skills management and development • Career development plans Performance Management •... Read more »

By Daglex, S.A.

Identify talented employees to support a Succession Plan for key positions in Your Company. Read more »

By Being Collective

- Employer Value Proposition & Branding - Recruitment Strategy Interventions - Candidate Experience Optimization Read more »

By Flow of Work Co

Introducing Talent Marketplace: A Comprehensive Hub for Internal Opportunities and Growth, perfect for mid-sized organizations. Elevate your organization with Talent Marketplace, a versatile feature that consolidates internal jobs, projects, learning, meetups, and coaching/mentorship... Read more »

By Flow of Work Co

Introducing Talent Navigator: Empower Employees to Chart Their Career Path Unlock your employees' potential with Talent Navigator, designed to help them articulate their career goals, aspirations, and support needs. Talent Navigator automatically suggests internal career pathways and provides... Read more »

By Predictive Index Arizona, Inc.

Talent Optimization is a four-part discipline Predictive Group uses to align your business strategy with your people strategy for optimal business results: 1. Diagnose the root of business problems by understanding the different innate behaviors of the employees. 2. Design organizational,... Read more »

By emineo HR Consulting

How your business can thrive, even through unforeseen situations: 1.) Talk with a consultant -OR- e-mail us your name and e-mail address. 2.) Take a six-minute behavioral assessment. 3.) We share the results and insights in a free, 45-minute, 1-on-1 session. Read more »

By Cornerstone Search Group

Talent Pipelining & Market Mapping

In an increasingly dynamic market, you’re looking for guidance on effectively planning, building, and scaling your teams. Whether it’s for a single position, one department, or across the entire organization, Cornerstone delivers by partnering with your leadership team. Our specialists will do... Read more »

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By SelectionLink

Talent Recruitment RPO

Would you like a team of Professional Recruiters “selling” your most critical positions to top candidates? SelectinLink’s recruiters have access to the best AI sourcing technology, and they are not afraid to get their hands dirty and do some “cold calling”. SelectionLink offers multiple... Read more »

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By Arena Analytics

Arena Analytics helps organizations build more productive and equitable workforces, while empowering individuals to uncover and pursue opportunities where they are likely to thrive. The Arena Analytics platform uses cutting-edge predictive analytics and AI to help employers better discover and... Read more »

By ioPredict, Inc.

ioPredict will help you identify and measure the drivers of talent retention and productivity at your organization. If you can define and measure it properly, you can improve it! Some key areas include: Employee Engagement Job Satisfaction Job Commitment Organizational... Read more »

By Peopletree Group

Better data quality, efficient processes and talent review insights that answer the critical “who?” questions business leaders ask. Peopletree Group removes the guess work from talent decisions. Understand who your next leaders are, who to develop, and who to retain. Our solutions solve data... Read more »

By Flow of Work Co

Introducing Talent Scout: Revolutionize internal Talent Discovery and Skills Management Empower your employees and streamline talent acquisition with Talent Scout, a cutting-edge feature that uses skills inference to create comprehensive employee profiles. Seamlessly capture skills,... Read more »

By Talent Edge Group

Talent Selection & Benchmarking

Talent Edge Group uses a patented job benchmarking process which is a unique and effective solution because it benchmarks a specific job, not the person in the job. To do this, we let the job talk through an interactive process and job assessment. Our Job Benchmarks meet EEOC and OFCCP... Read more »

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By Analytics Search

Talent Sourcing

Experience a paradigm shift in talent sourcing. Our talent sourcing engine integrates cutting-edge sourcing technologies with advanced search engine algorithm techniques to take your search beyond traditional candidate sourcing and recruitment channels. We’re ready to accelerate your exposure to... Read more »

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By Cura HR

We help companies build and nurture their greatest asset--their employees. Your people are your value center. Healthy, diverse and productive work environments are conducive to attracting new talent and retaining existing team members. - Talent Reviews & Management Planning - Talent Acquisition... Read more »

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By CWS Software

Bring order and efficiency to salary administration processes. TalentComp compensation management makes it easy to route, approve and distribute increases and bonuses, process company-wide salary changes, and manage all other types of compensation. With TalentComp salary administration... Read more »

By ZoomInfo Recruiting

Reach The Best And The Brightest: - Contact information: Access over 150M+ candidate contact information, including business and personal email and phone numbers. - Candidate details: Discover talent by job functions, titles, and years of experience, and more. - Roles & responsibilities:... Read more »

By Fit First Technologies

TalentSorter is software that puts ease and accuracy into your hiring & recruitment decisions. Before you even review an applicant’s resume, unique data points and AI behind the TalentSorter questionnaire (completed by candidates during the application process) can gauge which candidates should... Read more »

By Workforce Systems Consulting LLC

Workforce Systems Consulting will work with companies looking to streamline their recruiting and hiring processes using Taleo Business and Enterprise Edition Cloud Services. From the ground up, we will build a system that fits the needs of your business allowing you to find the best possible... Read more »

By Workforce Systems Consulting LLC

Businesses already using Taleo Cloud Services, often need on-going support to ensure they are getting the most out of their products. Workforce Systems Consulting will provide support to existing Business and Enterprise Edition Cloud Services including system health checks, updates and in some... Read more »

By Talogy

Partnering with you to address your toughest talent challenges Talogy helps organizations to identify, build, and grow the best talent, through the combined transformational power of psychology and technology. At Talogy, we’re an alloy of both, activated with empathy and emotional intelligence... Read more »

By Talogy

Empower future-ready leaders with Talogy’s leadership framework Today’s leaders face unprecedented challenges and pressures, and nearly half of leaders feel they don’t have the skills to succeed in their role. Your organizational success relies on leaders that can thrive through complexity and... Read more »

By Talogy

Bring resilience to life in your organization The Resilience Questionnaire focuses on the aspects of an individual’s psychological resilience, patterns of thinking, and behavior — all of which affect their ability to respond positively to setbacks and challenges. Talogy’s Resilience... Read more »

By Hire Heroes USA

Hire Heroes USA can engage a large talent pool by sending emails targeted to job seekers that meet your specific criteria, like education or security clearance level. Employers who are interested in utilizing this service can potentially reach thousands of transitioning military, veteran and... Read more »

By Thumbvista

Location - Go where your customers are. Create geofences at events, airports/hotels, or even around your competitors Time & Day - You have total control over when your ads appear. You can select specific dates and times of day for maximum effectiveness. Calls to Action - We support a variety of... Read more »

By TriSearch

Targeted Single Search (TSS) - Executive Search

Capabilities Across All Functional Areas, Levels & Geographies Collaborative & Transparent, Deep Understanding of our Client's Requirements We Deliver Tenacious and unwavering execution: we stand behind our work. We Have Skin in the Game Fees are Performance-based. Our Process is Built for... Read more »

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By Tava Health

Tava Mental Health Services for Employers

How Tava Works With People & HR Teams: 1. Leave outreach to us! Leave outreach, onboarding, and support material to us. We'll tailor all of it to meet your employees needs, and preferences. 2. Employees match with a licensed therapist Connecting with Tava's team of therapists is fast, easy,... Read more »

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By Signature Relocation

Tax Compliance & Consulting

To ensure that all of your organization’s US-Domestic and Global tax needs are met, Signature Relocation provides a number of different options in helping with tax preparation and consultation. These options benefit both the company and transferee greatly during the relocation process. By... Read more »

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--Enter Payroll Online --API Payroll Integration --EZ Processing System --Final Forms and Reports --CPA Notifications --Tax Credit Archives --Detailed Tax Credit Reports Read more »


New hire tax credits can provide you with a reduction in your federal tax liability and a dollar-for-dollar increase to your bottom line. Here’s an example: Assume that your taxable income is $100,000. With normal tax rates, you would pay $34,000 in taxes and keep $66,000. If you have $18,000... Read more »

By First Advantage Corporation

We monitor thousands of employment tax credits and economic incentive programs throughout the United States, to help to ensure that you are not overlooking these valuable opportunities. Our flexible and responsive tax credit programs will help reduce your operating costs and minimize your tax... Read more »

By Thomas & Company

When it comes to managing tax credits and incentives, nothing beats experience. Each of our partners and senior managers has spent at least 15 years identifying and generating significant savings for our clients. Read more »

By Invensis Inc

Is your business struggling to prepare and submit taxes accurately? We understand it’s never easy to keep up with the diverse federal, state and local tax rules all at the same time. As a tax preparation services company, our understanding of the tax rules and liabilities and experience in... Read more »

By Invensis Inc

Is your business struggling to prepare and submit taxes accurately? We understand it’s never easy to keep up with the diverse federal, state and local tax rules all at the same time. As a tax preparation services company, our understanding of the tax rules and liabilities and experience in... Read more »

By Weichert Workforce Mobility

Tax, Expense Management & Reporting

We are the only mobility company with a wholly-owned tax services subsidiary. Staffed with Big Four veterans, we provide expert domestic and global tax services at a significantly lower cost. Our solutions include: - Global Payroll - Cost-of-living Analyses - Lump Sum Administration -... Read more »

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By Trusaic


Our experts in tax, regulatory compliance, and data analysis stay on top of the constant compliance changes as well as identify new tax credit opportunities so you don’t have to. We perform a comprehensive analysis of your HR data to determine which tax credits you qualify for and review it... Read more »

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By Thoughtful Advisors

Increase retirement savings 3 to 1 while providing immediate financial security and protection for valuable employees and their families. Employee funds 5 annual equal contributions (minimum $21,350) which are combined with non-recourse bank loans to maximum fund a cash accumulation low-cost... Read more »

By TaxTalent

Ask, Access and Answer Top Career Questions TaxTalent has forum posts covering a variety of topics including, but not limited to, career development, mentoring, leadership and managing your tax department. We encourage you to start your own discussion or post a question for our Career Coaches... Read more »

By TaxTalent

Simple, secure and fully customizable, the job agent is much more than a tool for active job seekers. In fact, the majority of our job agent subscribers are employed full time in the tax field. These professionals are careful not to be identified as a potential turnover risk. If you are employed... Read more »

By TaxTalent

TaxTalent believes that an essential part of career development is the mentoring process. We have developed an efficient, "on demand" mentoring system for two primary reasons. The first piece of this puzzle is through the data and information transfer. We want to ensure that the expertise and... Read more »