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By Clarity HR Consulting

Our HR Health Check focuses on providing awareness of the internal state of HR within the organization, and where to direct strategic efforts for improvement. The package includes: - An Employee Climate Survey - Existing HR Assessment, looking at - Processes - Records -... Read more »


HR Hero

Our fully customizable, cloud-based platform offers expert legal analysis, guidance, training, and best-in-class tools to save time and improve efficiency. HR Hero tools allow you and your team to streamline daily HR tasks such as managing job descriptions, building out a compliant employee... Read more »

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HR Hero

Our fully customizable, cloud-based platform offers expert legal analysis, guidance, training, and best-in-class tools to save time and improve efficiency. HR Hero tools allow you and your team to streamline daily HR tasks such as managing job descriptions, building out a compliant employee... Read more »

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By XpertHR

Have your HR questions answered by a live advisor, avoiding costly research time and reducing legal fees. Our team of HRCI- and SHRM-certified professionals are available when you need them to point you in the right direction, offer a second opinion and coach you through complex issues. Read more »

By The Arnold Group

When selecting an HR partner, organizations are seeking to develop strategic relationships with providers that understand their emergent and long-term HR challenges. We believe The Arnold Group offers the unique combination of experience, methodology, and professional commitment that makes us... Read more »

By The HR Loft LLC

If your business does not have full HR representation and not sure where to start, let’s chat about HR-In-A-Box Solutions. We're here to keep you in compliance so you can focus on Your Business Goals, not HR issues. So leave HR to us and focus on building your organization! We provide HR... Read more »

By AdminiSMART

Today businesses of all sizes can streamline administration, ensure compliance, and improve communication through HRIS technology. Most payroll service bureaus -- big and small -- offer this option. Simply put, you probably cannot afford to not implement an HRIS solution if you haven't... Read more »

By Bongarde

HR Insider is your one-stop for expert legal analysis, easy-to-implement tools, compliant policies, training, documentation and more for HR professionals. HR Insider provides the resources you need to craft, implement and monitor policies with confidence. Our team of experts (which includes... Read more »

By TINYpulse

No doubt you’re familiar with the annual employee survey. Heck, you’re probably more than familiar. You’ve probably helped run one or two (or more!) since you’ve been working in the HR field. But annual surveys are fraught with problems. When we asked 500 managers to share why they were... Read more »

By HR Source Staffing

HR Source can provide a selection of experienced professionals who perform cross-functional duties that cover six main functional areas of HR including Recruitment, Workplace Safety, Employee Relations, Compensation and Benefit Planning, Labor Law Compliance, and Training. Read more »

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By Vintage Hill Consulting, LLC

HR Managed Services

Are you looking for a hands-off approach to some of your HCM functions? Our Managed Services makes it possible for organizations to take a step back from actively managing their HRIS, payroll processing, benefits open enrollment, or year-end functions. Whether you are looking to temporarily... Read more »

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By PrestigePEO

Wouldn’t it be great to have a specialist to handle every aspect of HR management – employee relations, benefits research and administration, payroll processing, and workplace compliance? It’s just not feasible for most small and medium-sized businesses. Our team of SHRM, PHR, FPC, and CPP... Read more »

By G&A Partners

When you partner with G&A, you have access to a team of experienced HR specialists who can help you develop the policies and procedures that make sense for your business. From training and performance management, to employee handbooks and more, we bring you the HR tools and support to help your... Read more »

By Tesseon

HR Management and Employee Tracking

Tesseon offers an exceptional HR software solution that caters to the diverse needs of businesses. Our robust and comprehensive software streamlines HR processes, including applicant tracking, employee onboarding, performance management, and more. With our user-friendly interface, businesses can... Read more »

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By Sage People

With HR management software, your mid-sized, multinational company could increase productivity by fully automating the entire employment journey from recruitment and on-boarding to performance management and off-boarding. Gone are the days of multiple record keeping. With Fairsail's HR software,... Read more »

By Mitrefinch Ltd Canada

Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software features Human Resources Management functions that help streamline the HR process. Mitrefinch HR Management Software improves productivity and increases efficiency by saving time and money. The HR department can easily track job applications within the... Read more »

By Information Services Group

ISG provides comprehensive sourcing advisory services to help enterprises measure their HR services against other companies in the field. Our Mark-to-Market® database contains market pricing for all major HR processes, including workforce administration, payroll, benefits administration,... Read more »

By HR Unlimited, Inc.

HR On-Demand

With live HR advice through HR On-Demand, you can take advantage of unlimited consulting with our team of certified HR Pros. Our team of HR Pros answered more than 11,000 questions last year, on topics ranging from the Affordable Care Act and sick leave policies — to hiring, terminations,... Read more »

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By Flex HR

Flex HR provides Organization and Employee Development (OED) guidance and facilitation for individuals and intact teams to grow the success of a business’s productivity and preserve valuable employees. It’s vital to be in the know of your industry, your firm, the needs of your employees, and how... Read more »

By Trüpp

HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing Services Scaled to Your Business We understand that every business is unique. Our outsourcing services have been designed to accommodate the unique spectrum of your business requirements. Enjoy the convenience of a personalized HR experience that provides as little or as much HR... Read more »

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By EngageHRnow

Businesses that partner with EngageHRnow enjoy the ability to focus on growing their business due to the trusted relationship and peace of mind that comes from relying on our HR knowledge and expertise. We work with you to determine just what your unique requirements are; whether you’re looking... Read more »

By EQHR Solutions, Inc

While HR outsourcing was once reserved for larger employers, small- to medium-size organizations are quickly learning that it can boost their bottom line as well. That's where eqHR comes in. With a staff that includes seasoned senior HR executives, eqHR provides standalone, customized HR... Read more »

By CMS, Communication and Management Services, LLC

CMS can also serve as an entire Human Resource Department for organizations of all sizes, and we do it all with the expertise and efficiency that comes from understanding our clients' unique needs and expectations. Read more »

By EverythingHR

Our HR professionals can assist you with your human resources challenges of hiring the best employees, keeping the best employees, developing your pipeline and workplace wellness. We can supply you an HR professional to work onsite or virtually. Read more »

By Cross Talent Solutions

Human Resources is constantly changing and if you are trying to run a business and do all your own HR work it can mean dollars off your bottom line. We will help you with the planning and execution of your HR activities plus provide a third party to help when you have an HR problem. Read more »

By PNP Staffing Group

PNP’s HR Outsourcing Services supports and enhances an organization’s talent acquisition capability by allowing recruiting and/or hiring functions, in whole or in part, to move to PNP. We can modify or manage the full responsibility of recruiting efforts, or supplement your existing team.... Read more »

By Nonprofit HR

Studies show that outsourcing HR responsibilities allows staff to spend more time on core business functions, creates operational efficiencies and drives better human resources measurement and performance. Regarded as the market leader in nonprofit human resources outsourcing, Nonprofit HR... Read more »

By HR Works

HR Outsourcing

Over the past 33 years, HR Works has helped countless companies build out and establish internal HR infrastructure to ensure HR compliance needs. Our HR Outsourcing solutions provide clients with a centralized structure for all their HR needs. Our Flexible Service Model allows you to leverage... Read more »

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By Access Receivables Management

Collecting amounts owed from present or former employees can be a challenging and sensitive task. The Access “Nice People Collect More” approach is exactly the approach needed to recover the various types of unique receivables that can plague a Human Resource or payroll department in a large... Read more »

By Employers Advantage LLC

Regardless of your size or industry, regulations apply. We bring the skills and experience that will strategically prevent problems and build your future on a solid foundation. Employers Advantage puts the proper protocol into place for all HR related actions. Whether you are a multi-state... Read more »

By Auxillium West HR Software

HR Portal SelfSource™ is a web-based module, which enables self-service transactions by employees and managers. Examples: change of address, update emergency contacts, benefits enrollment, etc HR Portal SelfSource™ saves time for managers, employees and HR by streamlining many time-consuming... Read more »

By Miles LeHane Companies Inc.

Miles LeHane Companies Inc. offers interactive assessment instruments and programs designed as remote stand-alone tools or used in conjunction with a consultant. These are innovative products and services for professionals focused on meeting individual and organizational development needs that... Read more »

By SeeKing HR

HR Program & Process Management is about mitigating risk. Lowering risk for business owners, managers and employees is what keeps businesses profitable. Our approach to human resources is bottom-line driven. Programs, policies, procedures, should be cost effective, compliant and engaging. We... Read more »

By Happy Valley HR

At Happy Valley HR, we specialize in working with you to supplement the needs of your HR department during times of change. This can include: - Mergers/acquisitions - Strategic scaling of talent (whether for growth or contraction) - Evaluation of HR talent - HR software implementations -... Read more »

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By GTM Payroll Services

HR Project Work

HR Project Work GTM’s HR Project Work service provides HR consultants that are available on an as- needed basis to provide HR expertise on a wide variety of projects. Our consultants can perform project-based work as an extension of your current HR staff, contribute special expertise, or provide... Read more »

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By Harvis, Inc

The scope and duration of each project will vary based on a number of factors. Before we begin, we consider regulatory compliance requirements for your industry, number of employees, states of operation, etc. Our quoted fees may be payable in full upon acceptance or may be divided over... Read more »

By allwhere

HR teams use allwhere to solve problems of the modern workplace. In a work-from-anywhere world, HR professionals are racing to create the right environment for their teams to thrive. allwhere helps you bridge the gap, bringing you curated solutions for your globally distributed workplace. Read more »

By Strategic HR Advisory

Is your business compliant with state and federal employment laws? We can complete an assessment of HR compliance including the following: *Wage and hour including timekeeping *Compensation and benefits *Risk management and safety *I-9s and Employee files *Recruitment and hiring process *Leave... Read more »

By Bizhaven

HR Risk Assessment

One of our dedicated HR Business Partners (HRBP's) works with you to asses areas of your business that may expose you to risk or liability. They identify an action plan that suites your business's goals while protecting you from any potential loss, and help you implement changes and improvements... Read more »

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By Neocase Software

HR Service Delivery for Workday Customers

Neocase partnered with Workday to cover all the functional needs of a decentralized, global, medium or large sized company. It’s more important than ever to deliver exceptional, personalized employee experiences – all the time, across all your channels, throughout the entire employee lifecycle.... Read more »

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By HR Pro Team, Llc

Onboarding, Compliance Training, Employee Retention Analysis, Diversity Training, Time Tracking, Create & Implement policy, and much more! Read more »

By JER HR Group

JER HR Group recognizes that human capital is your most important capital. We help you build your internal HR infrastructure, strengthen and support your current HR functions, serve as your external interim HR department, and manage talent search for senior and mid-management positions. Services... Read more »

By Merritt Business Solutions

HR Services - We are here to support you and your team now and in the future. We believe the HR role is to protect the company by offering advice and consultation through a variety of avenues. We give your business a HR checkup/diagnostic approach to ensure compliance. We help our clients build... Read more »

By iHire

HR Services & Consulting

With 20+ years of experience in recruitment, iHire delivers fully customized HR services. Develop and promote an organizational culture that enables you to hire and retain top talent, empower your employees, and meet your company goals by partnering with our team of certified HR outsourcing... Read more »

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By HR 2 People, LLC

Empowering Businesses & Elevating People through utilization of Human Capital – HR 2 PEOPLE Where Culture Meets Success! We partner with our clients to improve HR services, productivity, organizational alignment, organizational development, change management, company culture, employee... Read more »

By Compare HRIS

Technology, compliance, employment… we talk about it all and more! Read more »

By POPS Enabled

There are thousands of new apps and tech solutions being added to the marketplace. Our team invests in staying up to speed with the latest offerings so you don't have to. We know what solutions play nice with one another and we know how to negotiate, implement, and seamlessly integrate them in... Read more »

By Compare HRIS

Quickly find and compare HRIS products in less than 5 minutes, filtering by the features you desire. Compare only the systems that match your requirements, saving you time and research. Read more »

By OneSource Virtual

With over 800 HCM customers, OneSource Virtual’s Human Capital Management services are delivered within your Workday application, and include Benefits Administration, comprehensive Payroll and Payroll Tax support, and Workforce Administration, freeing up your time to focus on creating a... Read more »

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By HR Learning Center LLC.

HR Learning Center can provide HR speakers and/or HR keynote speakers to deliver presentations on-site to your company or organization on various HR and employment law topics including Workplace Violence Prevention Training, Sexual and Unlawful Harassment, FMLA, ADA, Labor Relations, Employment... Read more »

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