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By HR Works


At HR Works, we take pride in saying we are not your traditional staffing company. While other recruitment agencies do staffing and recruiting for a wide variety of roles and industries, HR Works specializes in HR staffing and placement, connecting clients with fully qualified HR candidates who... Read more »

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By Mercer

Even small HR teams can use technology to manage big loads. New and emerging tools can help you with a wide variety of workplace and people issues: payroll, benefits management, risk avoidance, legal compliance, efficiency and transparency. Let us advise you on the right tools to help you manage... Read more »

By Surefire Way

Ideal for startups or early stage companies who don't know what they need beyond establishing pay and benefits and a recruiting process. Read more »

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By PCS Pro Staff Inc

The HR Support Center with HR On-Demand gives you anytime access to online HR tools and documents, as well as live HR advice from our team of certified HR advisors. PCS, a solutions specialist in California, guarantees premium HR support services for enterprises in Alameda. Its goal is to... Read more »

By Corban OneSource

HR Support Services

An expert approach to human resources. --Proprietary technology to streamline workflows and processes --24/7 access to your HR data --Onboarding, offboarding, compliance and regulatory issues We partner with your existing staff members to furnish customized, scalable answers to your biggest... Read more »

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By HRO Partners

HRO Partners helps companies navigate the maze of workforce technology solutions to solve their biggest HR challenges, automate ongoing processes, and drive organizational results through improved, and efficient HR tech. Why You May Need It As modern businesses evolve, utilizing modern day HR... Read more »

By Orbis Human Capital

Assisting companies plan, search and select the right HR software for their business. Including Payroll, Benefits, HRIS, Employee Experience, ATS, or LMS, etc. Read more »

By HR Technology Advice

Avoid the Wrong Vendor Selection Trap Steer clear of the pitfalls of choosing the wrong vendor. Unfortunately, each year, thousands of companies end up selecting the wrong HR Tech vendors. HR Technology Advice has identified 8 Dimensions of Vendor Fit, which serve as essential criteria for... Read more »

By OQ Consulting LLC

Services related to the selection, implementation and alignment of HR-related technology. Vendor Selection Implementation Project Management Analyses & Reporting Audit, Alignment & Recommendations Read more »

By Corban OneSource

HR Technology

There is no such thing as a “one-size” fits all technology. Get the right technology that fits your organization. Corban OneSource utilizes multiple technology platforms because after 25+ years of designing and implementing HR Outsourcing solutions, we know one technology will not work for all... Read more »

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By PrestigePEO

As a PrestigePEO partner, you have access to many tools to simplify HR online workflow – for a fraction of what you’d pay on your own. We offer complete coverage for all your needs. You’ll have improved communication and automated data recording with secure cloud-based applications that... Read more »

By Information Services Group

ISG provides comprehensive sourcing advisory services to help organizations become digital enterprises of tomorrow. From intuitive and mobile self-service software to predictive analytics and integrated talent management suites, advances in technology are enabling many of the transformational... Read more »

By TalentCulture

The experts at TalentCulture are asked every day about which HR technologies are the best. So we take a careful analyst’s look at the technologies and companies we see, and the brands our community members are speaking to. We do the homework, checking in person and online for a holistic look at... Read more »

By G&A Partners

With HR management software from G&A, you can automate every aspect of human resources, from recruiting and onboarding to time tracking and benefits enrollment. Read more »

By Movo

HR Technology Solutions: Boosting Efficiency with AI-Powered Tools

In today’s complex organizational structures, HR technology is a powerful, yet often overlooked, force. This blend of software and hardware is designed to automate essential HR functions. From streamlining payroll processes to simplifying talent acquisition, enhancing workforce analytics,... Read more »

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By Employers Advantage LLC

HR department of one? We got your back! We know how it is to be a HR department of one and have those times when it would be great to talk to someone that understands and be a sounding board. With the HR thought partner service, a dedicated HR Business Partner works one on one with internal HR... Read more »

By XpertHR

We put policy templates, how-to guides, authoritative legal guidance—and much more—in plain English—at your fingertips so your team can spend less time on paperwork and more time with human capital. Read more »

By HR Technology Advice

Companies often select a HCM solution primarily based on product functionality and may have overlooked critical aspects of vendor fit. They checked every functionality box but missed other criteria such as implementation quality, the vendor's support team, or how difficult it is to create their... Read more »

By HR Technology Advice

Here is an 'At a Glance’ comparison featuring 11 top Small and Mid-Market HRMS solutions (5 top Mid-Market HRMS solutions -Best Fit Over 500 employees and 6 top Mid-Market HRMS solutions -Best Fit Under 500 employees). Based on customer reviews, the HR VendorFit Matrix delves into 7 key areas... Read more »

By Vubiz

HR, Ethics & Compliance

Ensure your organization complies with the latest laws and regulations with Vubiz's customizable online compliance training courses. Our modern courses are designed to provide employees with the knowledge in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Our comprehensive course library is recognized by... Read more »

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HRA • One-on-one consultation for new HRA clients • Variety of HRA designs & features • QSEHRA available for small businesses • B3PA keeps up with updated rules/regulations • Benefit card as a possible option HSA • HSAs are triple-tax advantaged • Participants own their HSAs • HSAs can become... Read more »

By PDR Benefits

Our experience and knowledge coupled with the intuitive Cloud9HR Software make achieving minimum compliance with your employees quicker and more accurate than ever before. Speed up up your new hire process and move employees from complete(legal)profile into payroll processing using minimal set-up. Read more »

By McCambley Consulting

With this package, I will act as your company HR Director and Payroll Administrator! For a small business, having one contact for all HR and Payroll questions/concerns is a wonderful option. Let me help you with this, so you can spend time growing your business! Read more »

By HR365

Streamline the Employee Experience Seamlessly Enhance your team's journey from welcome to farewell with ease Discover Develop Grow Manage Read more »


Expert HRA plan designs, administrative flexibility, and high quality administration. Read more »

By HR Source Staffing

Our consultants can help you manage your in-house system or make recommendations on the appropriate platform for your company. Read more »

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By GTM Payroll Services

HRIS & HCM Implementation Services

Payroll & Human Capital Management Support Service If you need help implementing a new payroll or human capital management system (HCM), our service offers you the advantage of combined knowledge and expertise in the implementation of a payroll and HCM solution for your company. As leaders in... Read more »

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By HRIS Consultants

Design and deployment of Human Resource, Benefit and Payroll systems Data workflow set up and HRIS system integration Updating current efficiency of HRIS processes Corporate structure needs analysis and security tree system design HRIS system comparisons and recommendations Implementation of... Read more »

By TalentReef

The TalentReef Employee Sync integration synchronizes new hire and employee data between TalentReef’s talent management platform and your payroll and back-office solutions, ultimately decreasing the time it takes to add a new in or oversee existing records. With a near real-time bi-directional... Read more »

By Matchr

HRIS Resources

Matchr's selection of HR payroll software (HRIS/HRMS) articles are designed to help HR professionals through the different phases of the HRIS system buying process. We are HR’s #1 resource for vendor-neutral HRIS articles that provide information on how to evaluate and select the right HRIS... Read more »

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By Triton Benefits & HR Solutions

HRIS Technology

Triton HR understands the value of human capital and the continuous and growing burden of managing and supporting various Payroll / HR tasks. Our technology offering gives you the ability to easily track, manage and analyze your workforce, so you spend less time administrating, and more time on... Read more »

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By Vintage Hill Consulting, LLC

HRIS/HCM Support Services

Did your implementation go as planned or did you make sacrifices? Were all functional areas configured or are there some capabilities you want to deploy? Have your business processes evolved and, if so, has your system evolved with them? Did you acquire a new business or develop requirements... Read more »

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By HRlogics

HRlogics ACA: Affordable Care Act Software & Compliance Management

Hands-On Support.Full-Service ACA Guidance from Tenured Experts. ACA compliance is not a one-time task; it’s an ongoing commitment that requires time, expertise, and robust tools. Let the tenured experts at HRlogics ACA lighten your load, ease your mind, and hold your hand to compliance success... Read more »

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By HRlogics

HRlogics Clear I-9 Compliance

Conveniently Complete Remote I-9s Complete Form I-9s and re-verifications from virtually any location, without the need to log in to a separate application or system for remote hires. Easily choose an authorized I-9 representative for Section 2 completion. You can even build your own reusable... Read more »

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By HRlogics

HRlogics Clear Verify: Employment & Income Verifications

Simplified and Transparent, Employment & Income Verification Services As an integrity-first verification partner, Clear Verify's easy to use employment and income platform offers the easiest and most efficient verification process in the market. Our cutting edge technology benefits all users —... Read more »

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By HRlogics

HRlogics Unemployment Cost Control

Personalized Cost Management by Industry Leaders. Led by a seasoned team of UI experts, our customized approach to cost management is the key to our effectiveness in improving our clients’ unemployment compensation program performance and ultimately, in the reduction of the related unemployment... Read more »

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By HRlogics

HRlogics WOTC: Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Be Rewarded for Hiring: HRlogics is your premier solution for maximizing the benefits of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program. Our expert-driven approach simplifies the WOTC process, helping businesses of all sizes leverage this valuable tax credit to its fullest potential. By... Read more »

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By PayNorthwest

HRLumina is a part of PayNorthwest’s Lumina platform – a web-based, single sign-on, single database, single user interface system to manage payroll, HR, and Time and Labor all in one place. HRLumina lowers the cost and time needed to manage critical HR-related tasks. Benefits include: -Easy... Read more »

By HRMC - Human Resource Management Center, Inc.

What Can Acclaim Do For You? -Reduce interview process “bail-outs” with one seamless interaction -Cast a wider recruiting net, especially among passive job candidates -Increase the overall quality of hires -Reduce time spent on administrative tasks -Reduce recruiting cycle times -Lower overall... Read more »

By ASL Consulting

ASL provides #HireToRetire Software including Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Payroll, HR Analytics, Human Capital Management and Workforce management to companies of all sizes. ASL's Software is Multi-lingual, Multi-currency & Multi-country. Our solutions are efficient and... Read more »

By Pocket HRMS

HRMS Software is a new-age HR technology that seamlessly manages and automates all crucial HR tasks. It helps in undertaking HR operations like payroll processing, attendance tracking, employee information management, on-boarding, and much more. It saves time and boosts the productivity of the... Read more »

By RishiKesh Consultancy Services

We have one of the best & most flexible HRMS solution with us. We also provide NO COST Product demo to showcase the capabilities Read more »

By HRNext Direct

Accurate, thorough background screening is critical. We also make it simple and affordable. Through our partnership with National Crime Search (NCS), we offer you access to a background check solution that not only gives you peace of mind, but also ease of use and control of your budget. The... Read more »

By HRNext Direct

Maximize economic value by optimizing employee excellence. Saving time and money is the goal of every business. By integrating our Time & Attendance, Benefits and Employee Self Service with a variety of payroll software, you can eliminate redundant data entries, produce custom reports to fit... Read more »

By HRNext Direct

Take your business to the next level with on-demand, standard, custom and ad hoc reporting. You might say it’s reporting done the right way. The HRNext Direct way. -A complete Ad Hoc Report Writer allowing you to access and report on any data within the system -Easily and quickly find and... Read more »

By HRNext Direct

Create real workforce visibility. Improve workforce scheduling and management. Avoid overpayments. • Automatically track hours worked, including overtime • Schedule work based on peak needs and hours worked per employee • Produce reports needed to comply with the Affordable Care Act • Fully... Read more »

By HRNext Direct

Accelerate your hiring process and make it easier to identify the right individual for every position. Every time. Our cloud-based applicant-tracking and on-boarding application helps you attract, track and manage the hiring process, all in one place. Our system also makes it easier to identify... Read more »

By Auxillium West HR Software

HRSource™ is a powerful HR database/HRIS for all your employee data from hiring to end-of-employment. Store all your HR data into an integrated easy to use system that will track history, analyze data, and generate reports and letters. Built on Microsoft ACCESS, HRSource™ is an open and... Read more »

By Atlas 401(k) Retirement Solutions

HSA is one of the fastest growing trends for company benefits. With the cost of healthcare going up every year without a cost ceiling in sight, pre-tax savings for healthcare (for current year and the future) is a benefit more people are asking for. HSA is very reasonably priced and easy to... Read more »

By BPC, part of FuturePlan by Ascensus

BPC helps Employers and employees can maximize savings by pairing an HSA with a Limited Flexible Spending Account (LFSA) to help with vision and dental expenses using a single debit card. HSA with a qualified high deductible health plan, makes health care more affordable with lower premiums and... Read more »